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Posted on June 17th, 2010.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, it’s very usefull !

    Ungroup apps.
    Reserve empty space on taskbar for right click ! Very cool.
    And display seconds on the tray dock 🙂

  3. Nuogz says:

    Could you add the “Remember the order of taskbar buttons” option?

    The “Don’t group” option is very useful. I often manually order Taskbar buttons to facilitate switching windows. And I also use Windows virtual desktops for different types of work.
    When I switched virtual desktops, I find that the order I had set manually changed back to the original order by opening time.

    So I thought it would be possible to add an option to remember the order?

  4. Jimi says:


    The download doesn’t work from your website. I get a timeout from the server.

    This is the URL I tried, from two different computers:

    It works from though.

    • Hi Jimi,

      I’m not sure why you’re using the old link (, but it should still work. It works for me. The link will break after the next update though, I suggest downloading the tweaker from the official website.

      As of why the link doesn’t work for you, I’m not sure, perhaps your browser or internet provider blocks it for some reason.

  5. BH says:

    thank your for your work! it’s very useful to me

  6. Sean92m says:


    I have recently installed Numberer onto windows 11 but whenever I run it I get an Error –


    Any suggetions?


  7. Bilal Ahnani says:

    Is it possible to add Arabic?

  8. Andy says:

    Hello guys.
    Please help.
    On my Windows 11 programm is not work.

  9. NVIT says:


    Thanks for this great tool. Is there a way to keep the current taskbar File Explorer items in the current order the next time I logon? Now, I have to reorder the items after each logon. I saw a solution saying to use virtual_desktop_order_fix but that doesn’t work for me.


    • Hi,

      No, there’s no way to do that. It’s tricky, since the next time you login, new windows are created as far as the taskbar is concerned, even if they look similar to the windows you had before you logged out. A tool can try to match properties such as window titles, but the titles can change or there can be several windows with the same title.

      The virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option does something different – it helps keep the order of taskbar buttons when you switch between virtual desktops.

  10. Nick Smith says:


    Can your software fix the taskbar unhide issues when running maximized windows programs?

    Basically, for some lucky people like myself, the taskbar will simply not unhide if there is any maximized programs running. For me, it’s specifically the primary monitor, the auto-hide unhide taskbar works fine in my other 2 monitors.

    Running latest version of Windows 10 as of March 22 2022.

    Thank you

    • Hi Nick,
      I have no solution for this unfortunately. If you’re using 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, you might want to make sure that the disable_topmost advanced option is not enabled. That’s my only guess of what, of all of my tools, can cause the problem.

      • Nick Smith says:

        Hey, Thanks for replying!

        I eventually figured out that hidden applications that take the full display screen (like the GeForce Experience’s FPS Overlay and the Windows Snipping Tool) make the auto hide taskbar stay behind all of the opened maximized windows, that way it does not appear when you put the cursor on it. It’s a bug / glitch.

        When the auto-hide taskbar is hidden and you see that thin taskbar line over open maximized windows, you know that it is working correctly. When the thin line is gone, that means there is an issue happening that is putting the taskbar behind all opened maximized windows.

        The solution to my case was to disable the FPS Overlay from NVIDIA GeForce Experience and, in the case of the Windows Snipping Tool, to reposition (refresh) the taskbar a couple times after using it, then it goes back to normal.

        I hope more people can find this solution and that it helps them. 🙂

        Thank you Michael!

        Windows 10 64 bit

  11. Dan says:

    thank you for this wonderful program!! i’ll be sure to let my friends who are still on Windows 10 know about this! What quality of life improvements!! THANK YOU!

  12. Thomas says:

    How can I backup all Taskbar shortcuts and the order in which they appear into a backup file?

    And restore them later?

  13. Eran says:

    I have Windows 11.
    I was able to restore the Windows 10 taskbar and installed the 7+ tweaker for no grouping icons, however I am not able to get rid of the labels.
    There is no option anymore to do “Always combine, Hide labels” like before.
    I searched all over the web with no solution.

    Can you please add this as feature for the next version / update?



  14. winget says:

    winget install Textify
    Gefunden Textify [rammichael.Textify] Version 1.8.11
    Diese Anwendung wird von ihrem Besitzer an Sie lizenziert.
    Microsoft ist nicht verantwortlich und erteilt keine Lizenzen für Pakete von Drittanbietern.
    Unerwarteter Fehler beim Ausführen des Befehls:
    Download request status is not success.
    0x80190193 : Nicht zul�ssig (403).

  15. NS says:

    Thanks for the great tool! I use it to minimize the size of taskbar which I keep on the left side. I adjusted the format of the short date and time in Windows settings to 4/5/17 format for the date, and 9:40 AM format for the time. These are the shortest display settings for the date and time, which allows them to be displayed even when the task bar is narrow. Do you know of any way that I could remove the year entirely from the date, and remove the AM/PM entirely from the time so that I could minimize the taskbar even further? This would probably involve a registry change.

  16. pharaun12 says:

    I am not sure I am the right person, but if you need anyone to contribute to start the project on vanilla win11 contact me via email, ty.

  17. Kenneth Johnson says:

    I noticed that the “taskbar-button-click” mod actually behaves slightly differently than the “Middle click: Close” feature in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. If I had multiple windows up (especially noticeable when working with multiple VSCode windows), 7+ would only close that one window. Windhawk tries to close every VSCode window at once!

    Was this intentional? Is it possible to change to one-window?

    I’d love to help with a PR, if I could. But I’ve gone through the C++ code and can barely understand it. I’m a Python/Typescript developer.

    • Kenneth Johnson says:

      Aha… New info… If I open 2 VSCode windows on my left screen, and 2 on my right screen, and then middle-click, Windhawk only closes the 2 on that screen, leaving the others still running.

      I have a hunch of what might be happening… When the “Combine buttons” setting (standard Windows setting) is set to Always, and I right-click on the taskbar button, I see “Close all windows on this display”. But when the “Combine buttons” is set to Never, right-clicking each button shows “Close window”. Maybe that “CTaskListWnd::ProcessJumpViewCloseWindow” symbol being hooked is the former (regardless if that menu item is visible when I right-click), whereas 7+ Taskbar Tweaker hooked some other symbol that represented the latter.

    • It’s semi-intentional. I’m aware of this behavior, and I know that some users prefer it to close all windows while others prefer it to close only one. I implemented the option that was simpler which is to close all windows. I’ll look into adding an option to change it in the next version.

    • I’ve just updated the mod, now it’s possible to choose from the following options for closing multiple windows:

      • Close all windows
      • Close foreground window
      • Do nothing

      Note that it was optimized for Windows 11, not all Windows 10 configurations are fully supported in this mod (like “Never group” which isn’t available in Windows 11).

  18. Wasfi says:

    Can you make a command-line for moving a specific button in the taskbar ? Like : -l : list buttons, 5 2: move button 5 to position 2.
    This would allow me to implement a (very) personal logic to taskbar sorting, and maintain it as windows are closed/added.
    A “taskbar change detector” would be a great add to this (trigger a .exe/.cmd upon change).
    I hope it’s not too much to ask, but seeing what TT & Numberer can do, this shouldn’t be that complicated/long to do for you.
    Many thanks for making the great TT, a life-savior.

  19. TarkanLover says:

    Is there a way to make the w10_large_icons advanced setting also apply to the start menu button? Or a separate setting to make the button any% larger?

    I really like this setting making the icons sharp but the small windows flag is really noticeable.

  20. SGvagon says:

    The last version update on 5.13 says, that the installation requires 64bit operating system. But I have Windows 7 PRO X64bit :-/ . Where is the issue?

  21. WBUG says:


    I used Taskbar Tweaker primarily for the following feature:
    Thumbnails (Drag to Reorder)
    Will this be implemented in Windhawk (as a Mod) ?

  22. Josh Wanner says:

    I was enjoying Slick Window Arrangement but now all of a sudden it no longer has the sliding animation or the quick snapping effects.

    It still works with the window key and different sizing of window with arrow key though.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t work

  23. Josh Wanner says:

    I just started Aquasnap to see something and now the sliding animation and snapping to edges is working.

    Windhawk seems to make Aquasnap work on both monitors and ads the sliding animation because I don’t remember Aquasnap doing that on it’s own.

    I don’t have the pro version of Aquasnap so I’m surprised that Windhawk and aquasnap work together on both monitors.

    I’m not really sure but it seems to me that Windhawk enables the free version to work with both monitors and works with Aquasnap to enable sliding and snapping…

    Ok problem solved I think.

  24. Thomas F Sweeney says:

    I know you said you probably wont do an update for windows 11… just curious.. how much money do you think it will take to do it?

    • It depends on what you really mean. If you want to use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker with Windows 11 while having the exact same behavior and features you had in Windows 10, you can use Windows 11 with Windows 10’s taskbar. Then the answer is $0.

      On the other hand, if you’d like to use the new Windows 11 taskbar, then not all of the options of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can be implemented without extra prior work. For example, for the decombine options – the new taskbar has no notion of decombined items, and has no notion of labels. So these have to be implemented first. All in all, it’s a huge amount of work, especially for somebody who doesn’t have access to the source code. It’s difficult for me to assess the amount of money for this kind of project, but a wild guess would be that it can be six figures or more. At this point, perhaps it’s easier to create a taskbar clone from scratch. It was done before, but it has its own challenges and drawbacks.

      That’s also why I decided to take a different route and start by implementing the most requested features. Check out the Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar blog post, perhaps some of the options you’re looking for are already implemented for Windows 11.

    • Rob says:

      id love to see it done

  25. M says:

    Can you please add an option which would it make more clear which tab is active? (Windows 10.)
    Contrast between the active tab and inactive tabs is extremely low; you can hardly see any difference. Microsoft screwed up there.
    Currently, I have black tabs with white letters. Old style (wide) tabs. Not those way-too-small and information-less default buttons. I don’t use pinning or any grouping.

    Possible change to the active tab:

    1: A thick bright yellow border of the active tab. Preferably: border color and thickness configurable.

    2: Invert colors of the active tab

    3: Quadripple the blue line under the tab. Preferably: thickness configurable, and/or change the color of the line.

    4: Display a special icon in or over the active tab.

    5: Quadripple the contrast (only for the active tab. Not for any other objects. I’m not gonna use the default hideous Windows ‘High contrast’ options, which changes many objects.

    6: Make the active tab wider (configurable).

    7: Move the active tab automatically to a dedicated extra toolbar (you can add a toolbar via: right-click on the Toolbar, Toolbars, New Toolbar…).

    8: Pressing a combo key to make active tab blinking (although that would not be as good as the other options).

    I don’t want any other things to change simultaneously: I only want to change the active tab.

    BTW, if you mouse-over the tabs, they get slightly brighter. That’s also doing next to nothing for the contrast.

  26. JohnSmythe says:


    The option to control volume when mouse is over
    “The taskbar”is not working, though I have it checked.

    My system:
    Win10Pro version: 21H2
    OS build: 19044.1889
    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

    What to do?


  27. Nicolas Reid says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been using TT for some months on a 3-monitor Windows 10 system, and today the taskbar on the primary monitor is underneath apps (not on top as it should be) and therefore will also not unhide with mouseover at the edge. Any tweak or fix for this?

    • Nicolas Reid says:

      Never mind. Weirdly, this solution works: On the affected screen put Chrome in full screen mode with F11, then back out of full screen mode with F11 again. Voila!, now the taskbar will be back on top.

  28. Vaughn says:

    The “Taskbar Labels for Windows 11” mod does not seem to function on newer builds – 25231.1000 for example. ExplorerPatcher doesn’t work either – I can’t launch the Start Menu anymore, but the labels still work.
    Microsoft needs to get their heads of the same and just implement this natively. I would be deploying Windows 11 everywhere if not for this lame restriction…

  29. wmorg says:

    Just to inform that 7+ Taskbar Tweaker works on Windows Server 2019.

  30. Nik says:

    I just updated to win 10 22H2 (OS build 19045.2251). At startup I get a 7+ Taskbar popup saying:
    “An unsupported build of Windows 10 was detected, probably an insider build. Proceeding will lead to unexpected results: the tweaker might fail to load, Windows Explorer can crash or hang. Proceed anyway?

    If the tweaker fails to work, try the latest beta version.”

    I am not running an insider build.
    Additionally, I proceeded and at some point later the taskbar became unreachable (I could not left/right click on it and had to restart). But I cant know if it was a coincidence. Anyways, the warning message does not make sense since it is not an insider build…

    PS: thanks for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

  31. Nik says:

    please ignore the previous msg, I noticed I was running v5.12.3. I will upgrade and if the problem persist I will repost…

  32. michael clyde says:

    Does your program allow adding new toolbars to the W10 taskbar as with W7 and 8.1?


  33. Steve says:

    Hi, after updating windows 10 (now: 22H2 Build 19045.2364) 7+ Taskbar Tweaker doesn’t work any more. Errormessage: Library initialization failed, perhaps your Windows version is not supported. But it is still Windows 10 not Windows 11. Is there a solution? Thanks a lot!

  34. Eddie says:

    Thank you so much.

    The “Disable grouping on the taskbar” looks like it is a life saver (bit dramatic!) for me.
    Using the “Taskbar Labels for Windows 11” as well – pictures on their own don’t work for me and are necessary of course with disable grouping.

    I have been using the quick launch bar in all version since …
    and really miss it. This seems to give an implementation that reproduces it – wonderful.

    Looked for a “contribution facility” but couldn’t find one.


  35. Eddie says:

    “contribution facility” – contribute to costs – I am going through the open source software I rely on and making a small payment. Now I am retired I have the time.

    Q? Might it be easyish to put items of the same programe next to each other on the task bar (so they are grouped together a bit). But not next to any originally pinned to the task bar (or else the pinned ones tend to move!).

  36. Eddie says:

    Ah – was on the Windhawk site only.


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