A new website name – Ramen Software

The website just got a new, proper name – Ramen Software, and a new address – ramensoftware.com.

The rammichael.com domain was registered on April 2007, picked after my nickname which I came up with a year or two earlier – RaMMicHaeL. The nickname came to mind as a combination of a band name I liked back then and my personal name, all in mixed case which I found to be cool.

The website’s home page presented a collection of small utilities I made in my free time, and there was also a forum for discussing these utilities and other random topics. The website’s name was simply RaMMicHaeL’s home page. Some historical snapshots can be found on the Wayback Machine:

And I was even able to find a local copy of one of the earliest versions of the website’s home page.

In June 2010, I moved the website to WordPress. Here’s a snapshot from July 2010. You can see that aside from new content, the website has been mostly unchanged since then.

Today, the website gets a new name and a new address. In addition, there’s a new home page which lists the available software, just like in the old days. All the rest stays the same – the website is still about my software and I, Michael, am still its sole owner.

We’ll see what the future brings, but for now, I hope the new name will be easier to type, remember, and reason about for new visitors.

P.S. Why ramen? Well, ramen is a great dish, and I also got to keep the first three letters of the old name.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

This is actually my first post here, all the older ones are imported from the old forum, which I wanted to get rid of for some time already but didn’t have the time to.
Now, as my previous hosting crashed, and WordPress 3.0 was released, I decided to give it a try.

Enjoy your stay 🙂

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