Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar

A few weeks ago, Windhawk, the customization marketplace for Windows programs, was released. You can read the announcement blog post for more details and for the motivation behind creating it. One of the sections of the blog post was dedicated to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Regarding the future of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker: It will keep existing as a separate program which supports Windows 7 to Windows 10. As mentioned in a recent blog post, most parts of the taskbar were reimplemented in Windows 11, and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can’t be made to work with the new taskbar without a huge amount of work. My plan, at least in the short term, is to implement the most demanded customizations for Windows 11 as Windhawk mods.

Below is a table with features that are available in Windows 10 but are missing in Windows 11. Some of the features are part of Windows 10 (marked with the Windows icon icon) and some are part of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (marked with the Tweaker icon icon). Please vote for the features that you’d like to have back in Windows 11. I’ll prioritize implementing the most requested features as Windhawk mods. For each implemented feature, the page will be updated to reflect the current status.

Voting can be done in two ways, simple voting and a donation. I added the donation option to be able to give extra priority to votes of users who wish to support the project with a donation. To vote with a donation, add the feature hashtag to the donation comment like this. Donations are a great motivating factor (thanks!), and I think that letting supporters decide where to focus first is a nice perk.

Feature Votes Donations Status
Tweaker icon Right click: Standard window menu
Tweaker icon Middle click: Switch to / Minimize / Close ✔️ Partial
Tweaker icon Dropping: Open with
Tweaker icon Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Drag to reorder ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Left click on the active thumbnail minimizes the window
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Remove extra gap between items
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Open with double click ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: When not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group pinned items ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Drag within/between groups using right mouse button
Tweaker icon Left click on combined item: Cycle through windows
Tweaker icon Mouse wheel: Cycle between taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Minimize/restore when mouse is over: Taskbar buttons / Thumbnails ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Control volume when mouse is over: The taskbar / The notification area ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Customize double/middle click on empty space
Tweaker icon Hide the Start button
Tweaker icon Hide the “Show desktop” button
Tweaker icon Display seconds on the tray clock ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Reserve empty space on taskbar
Tweaker icon Change the size of taskbar icons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Taskbar Inspector
Tweaker icon Change padding between tray icons
Windows icon Decombine taskbar buttons
Windows icon Show labels in taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Windows icon Taskbar on the top of the screen
Windows icon Taskbar on the side of the screen
Windows icon Open Taskbar Manager via right click
Windows icon Taskbar with multiple rows

If a feature that you’d like to see in Windows 11 is not in the table, please let me know in the comments below.

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182 Responses to “Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar”

  1. Gomez Golez says:

    please make a mod for remove the gap between items, when i reduce the icon size, it looks hideous. thank you.

  2. Marc says:

    I still use to classic context menu in the Taskbar because “x Close” is directly where I need it.
    Could you add a mod to move the modern context menu closer to the mouse like the classic context menu?

  3. George says:

    Appreciate this might be a bit out of scope for Windhawk, but it would be ace if you had a mod that does something similar to Mouse Jiggler

  4. Sebas says:

    I need the option “Drag To Reorder” for the Thumbnails. Actually is not working con windows 11. Is it possible that you can fix it to work on win 11?

    Ty in advanced


  5. KrisK says:

    Can you confirm that “Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing” would show a text list of opened windows of the app icon hovered over, like 7+TT in Windows 10?

    Especially important for Firefox (show windows list, not tabs list). I’d gladly donate for that!

  6. Leafblower says:

    Previously when Shift-Rightclicking on a group (e.g. File Explorers) and choosing minimize, it would minimize all windows of the group.
    Currently only one window (I think the last active one) will be minimized.

    Feature Request:
    Grouping: Minimize in group context menu minimizes all its windows.

  7. crazycat says:

    Could you add a feature to support a multi-line taskbar like in prior versions of Windows, so that when there are many programs open their buttons can spread across multiple lines? I’d like to make a donation and vote for that one while I’m at it.

    Regardless, thank you for the work you’ve done on both 7TT and Windhawk. I’ve been using 7TT for a long time.

    I tested using 7TT with Start11, but the 7TT options didn’t work until I also installed ExplorerPatcher. Is that what you’d expect? I was confused as Start11 and ExplorerPatcher seem very similar so I thought either one would suffice for 7TT to work.

    • Could you add a feature to support a multi-line taskbar

      Thanks for the suggestion, added it to the list so it’s now possible to vote for it. It’s not a simple feature to implement, but I’ll consider looking at it if there’s enough interest.

      I tested using 7TT with Start11, but the 7TT options didn’t work until I also installed ExplorerPatcher. Is that what you’d expect?

      I’m not familiar enough with Start11. I only know that by default ExplorerPatcher restores the old Windows 10 taskbar and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can work with it.

  8. Timothy says:

    Would it be possible to add tray_icons_padding to the wishlist? I used that advanced setting on Win10 to reduce the space between tray icons. The taskbar label mod lets you set padding around the taskbar items, but not tray items.

  9. Brandon Craig says:

    Can you add the ability to bring back the Windows 10 “People” icon in the taskbar? You forgot to add this to the table.

  10. napo says:

    plz add option to add taskbar on the side and to be NOT on top of other windows

    that means that a window can be dragged OVER ON TOP of taskbar

    also when a window lets say a game is double clicked and switch to full screen window it will take the whole screen and not just the screen minus taskbaer

    i believe these options exist in the right click advanced settings of 7tt with a bunch of optioons as numbers

    default is 0 and u can try 1 for on top and 2 for on top and allow full screen


    • Thom says:

      You are right, the ‘always on top’ behavior of win11 taskbar is very annoyng.
      It will be a great thing if could be disabled with WindHawk, without installling any other programs or be forced to change the bar appearence. I wish you good work with that, Micheal.

      And great thanks for your old 7tt tool 😉

  11. Marcin_PL_ says:

    Please make taskbar like in macOS. No taskabr on left and right from Start menu and pinned programs. Just wallpaper.

  12. Sudhir says:

    I reinstall Windows 11 today and downloaded 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, but to my surprise, it is not working now, all the settings are greyed, I can not select them. Although until yesterday, it was working fine on Windows 11 for me.
    Do I need to install some earlier version of 7+ taskbar tweaker? If yes, please share the link.

    I read the above articles and according to my understanding, I need to install Windhawk now, and for each setting I need to install extra mods.
    In some replies it was mentioned to use Explorer patcher also.
    Please clarify what to use now and share the proper download links of them. I still don’t understand why suddenly 7+ (great work) is not working today inspite you are doing regular updates for it.

  13. Ed Hard says:


    after last update of “Disable Grouping”-Mod, not only the bug is solved, it finally behaves in most important details same as with 7taskbartweaker on indows 10 and I simply want to say THANKS!

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