Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar

A few weeks ago, Windhawk, the customization marketplace for Windows programs, was released. You can read the announcement blog post for more details and for the motivation behind creating it. One of the sections of the blog post was dedicated to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Regarding the future of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker: It will keep existing as a separate program which supports Windows 7 to Windows 10. As mentioned in a recent blog post, most parts of the taskbar were reimplemented in Windows 11, and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can’t be made to work with the new taskbar without a huge amount of work. My plan, at least in the short term, is to implement the most demanded customizations for Windows 11 as Windhawk mods.

Below is a table with features that are available in Windows 10 but are missing in Windows 11. Some of the features are part of Windows 10 (marked with the Windows icon icon) and some are part of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (marked with the Tweaker icon icon). Please vote for the features that you’d like to have back in Windows 11. I’ll prioritize implementing the most requested features as Windhawk mods. For each implemented feature, the page will be updated to reflect the current status.

Voting can be done in two ways, simple voting and a donation. I added the donation option to be able to give extra priority to votes of users who wish to support the project with a donation. To vote with a donation, add the feature hashtag to the donation comment like this. Donations are a great motivating factor (thanks!), and I think that letting supporters decide where to focus first is a nice perk.

Feature Votes Donations Status
Tweaker icon Right click: Standard window menu
Tweaker icon Middle click: Switch to / Minimize / Close ✔️ Partial
Tweaker icon Dropping: Open with
Tweaker icon Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Drag to reorder ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Left click on the active thumbnail minimizes the window
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Remove extra gap between items
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Open with double click ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: When not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group pinned items ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Drag within/between groups using right mouse button
Tweaker icon Left click on combined item: Cycle through windows
Tweaker icon Mouse wheel: Cycle between taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Minimize/restore when mouse is over: Taskbar buttons / Thumbnails ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Control volume when mouse is over: The taskbar / The notification area ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Customize double/middle click on empty space ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Hide the Start button
Tweaker icon Hide the “Show desktop” button
Tweaker icon Display seconds on the tray clock ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Reserve empty space on taskbar
Tweaker icon Change the size of taskbar icons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Taskbar Inspector
Tweaker icon Change padding between tray icons ✅ Done
Windows icon Decombine taskbar buttons
Windows icon Show labels in taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Windows icon Taskbar on the top of the screen
Windows icon Taskbar on the side of the screen
Windows icon Open Taskbar Manager via right click
Windows icon Taskbar with multiple rows
Windows icon Taskbar toolbars

If a feature that you’d like to see in Windows 11 is not in the table, please let me know in the comments below.

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379 Responses to “Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar”

  1. Gomez Golez says:

    please make a mod for remove the gap between items, when i reduce the icon size, it looks hideous. thank you.

  2. Marc says:

    I still use to classic context menu in the Taskbar because “x Close” is directly where I need it.
    Could you add a mod to move the modern context menu closer to the mouse like the classic context menu?

  3. George says:

    Appreciate this might be a bit out of scope for Windhawk, but it would be ace if you had a mod that does something similar to Mouse Jiggler

    • That seems to be less of a fit for a Windhawk mod, as it doesn’t customize another program, it’s a standalone program which does something on its own.

    • kindlin says:

      You can find many small AutoIt3 scripts that do something like this. I’ll copy my 20-ish lines of code below, you can just run the script or compile it for use on a computer without AI3 installed.

      The code itself is fairly self-explanatory, if you wanted to port it over to any other program you prefer.

      $timeStep = 4.9  ; minutes
      HotKeySet("!{CAPSLOCK}", "NoSleep")
      HotKeySet("!+{CAPSLOCK}", "AllowSleep")
      HotKeySet("!+^{CAPSLOCK}", "EndSleepFunc")
      Func NoSleep()
          ToolTip('No Sleep Activated', 0, 0)
          While 1
              Sleep($timeStep<em>60</em>1000) ; miliseconds
      Func AllowSleep()
          ToolTip('Sleep Allowed', 0, 0)
          While 1
      Func EndSleepFunc()
          ToolTip('Exiting...', 0, 0)
  4. Sebas says:

    I need the option “Drag To Reorder” for the Thumbnails. Actually is not working con windows 11. Is it possible that you can fix it to work on win 11?

    Ty in advanced


  5. KrisK says:

    Can you confirm that “Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing” would show a text list of opened windows of the app icon hovered over, like 7+TT in Windows 10?

    Especially important for Firefox (show windows list, not tabs list). I’d gladly donate for that!

  6. Leafblower says:

    Previously when Shift-Rightclicking on a group (e.g. File Explorers) and choosing minimize, it would minimize all windows of the group.
    Currently only one window (I think the last active one) will be minimized.

    Feature Request:
    Grouping: Minimize in group context menu minimizes all its windows.

  7. crazycat says:

    Could you add a feature to support a multi-line taskbar like in prior versions of Windows, so that when there are many programs open their buttons can spread across multiple lines? I’d like to make a donation and vote for that one while I’m at it.

    Regardless, thank you for the work you’ve done on both 7TT and Windhawk. I’ve been using 7TT for a long time.

    I tested using 7TT with Start11, but the 7TT options didn’t work until I also installed ExplorerPatcher. Is that what you’d expect? I was confused as Start11 and ExplorerPatcher seem very similar so I thought either one would suffice for 7TT to work.

    • Could you add a feature to support a multi-line taskbar

      Thanks for the suggestion, added it to the list so it’s now possible to vote for it. It’s not a simple feature to implement, but I’ll consider looking at it if there’s enough interest.

      I tested using 7TT with Start11, but the 7TT options didn’t work until I also installed ExplorerPatcher. Is that what you’d expect?

      I’m not familiar enough with Start11. I only know that by default ExplorerPatcher restores the old Windows 10 taskbar and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can work with it.

    • Pray+Press says:

      ExplorerPatcher is a blessing itself, if you want the Taskbar to look like W/10, and combined with 7TT it enables customization that MS should provide by default, in my opinion.

  8. Timothy says:

    Would it be possible to add tray_icons_padding to the wishlist? I used that advanced setting on Win10 to reduce the space between tray icons. The taskbar label mod lets you set padding around the taskbar items, but not tray items.

    • Added to the list under “Change padding between tray icons”.

    • Greg says:

      Until a more convenient mod is made, this can be implemented using Michael’s “Windows 11 Taskbar Styler Mod” which is in the explore list in Windhawk.

      Copy/merge/overwrite the following xaml rules into the Advanced tab, Mod Settings text box and hit save. (Include the curly brackets. You should not have to restart windows explorer if using the latest version of the mod) You can adjust the values as you see fit. I have my taskbar height at 36px and icon size at 20px so the values i used here may not apply for your use case. I included “comment” fields so you know what the selectors modify. These are ignored when ran.

      (Windows version: 22H2 – 22621.2134)

          "promptForExplorerRestart": 0,
          "controlStyles[0].target": "systemtray:TextIconContent",
          "controlStyles[0].styles[0]": "Width=20",
          "controlStyles[0].styles[1]": "Comment - network, volume, battery: requires systemtray:TextIconContent > Grid",
          "controlStyles[1].target": "systemtray:TextIconContent > Grid",
          "controlStyles[1].styles[0]": "Padding=0,0,0,0",
          "controlStyles[1].styles[1]": "Comment - network, volume, battery: requires systemtray:TextIconContent",
          "controlStyles[2].target": "systemtray:NotifyIconView#NotifyItemIcon",
          "controlStyles[2].styles[0]": "Width=24",
          "controlStyles[2].styles[1]": "MinWidth=0",
          "controlStyles[2].styles[2]": "Comment - regular app icons, doesn't seem to have issue with overflow or arrow icon",
          "controlStyles[3].target": "systemtray:Stack#NonActivatableStack",
          "controlStyles[3].styles[0]": "Margin=-7,0,-7,0",
          "controlStyles[3].styles[1]": "Comment - onscreen keyboard, untested if other icons show up in group?"

      Huge thanks to Michael for creating UWPSpy! – some selectors don’t seem to play nice, but I managed to find ones that work. There may be others that work, but it took long enough to get these ones…

      • Jason King says:

        Im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but would these targets allow for changing the color of the systray icons? I use the light mode in Windows 11 so the text appears black in the systray and I want to change it to a different color.

      • Dook says:

        Styles will not be applied to icons loaded after windhawk.

  9. Brandon Craig says:

    Can you add the ability to bring back the Windows 10 “People” icon in the taskbar? You forgot to add this to the table.

  10. napo says:

    plz add option to add taskbar on the side and to be NOT on top of other windows

    that means that a window can be dragged OVER ON TOP of taskbar

    also when a window lets say a game is double clicked and switch to full screen window it will take the whole screen and not just the screen minus taskbaer

    i believe these options exist in the right click advanced settings of 7tt with a bunch of optioons as numbers

    default is 0 and u can try 1 for on top and 2 for on top and allow full screen


    • Thom says:

      You are right, the ‘always on top’ behavior of win11 taskbar is very annoyng.
      It will be a great thing if could be disabled with WindHawk, without installling any other programs or be forced to change the bar appearence. I wish you good work with that, Micheal.

      And great thanks for your old 7tt tool 😉

  11. Marcin_PL_ says:

    Please make taskbar like in macOS. No taskabr on left and right from Start menu and pinned programs. Just wallpaper.

  12. Sudhir says:

    I reinstall Windows 11 today and downloaded 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, but to my surprise, it is not working now, all the settings are greyed, I can not select them. Although until yesterday, it was working fine on Windows 11 for me.
    Do I need to install some earlier version of 7+ taskbar tweaker? If yes, please share the link.

    I read the above articles and according to my understanding, I need to install Windhawk now, and for each setting I need to install extra mods.
    In some replies it was mentioned to use Explorer patcher also.
    Please clarify what to use now and share the proper download links of them. I still don’t understand why suddenly 7+ (great work) is not working today inspite you are doing regular updates for it.

  13. Ed Hard says:


    after last update of “Disable Grouping”-Mod, not only the bug is solved, it finally behaves in most important details same as with 7taskbartweaker on indows 10 and I simply want to say THANKS!

  14. que says:

    I’ve been using 7 T T for a very long time, but I’m tired of the old win 10 interface. I started using Windhawk on , but I ran into the problem of thumbnails (sketches). When using the “do not group” mod, the thumbnails on the taskbar remain very much in the way. Is it possible to remove them through Windhawk ? how was it on 7TT or did I not find it in Windhawk ?
    I wrote through a translator, if it is not clear, here is a screenshot of the 7tt settings that I do not know how to turn.

  15. Max says:

    Would be great to see some mod, or an option in one of existing mods, to reduce taskbar padding around running apps. Right now each running program’s button has some spacing on top and bottom, which reduces the visual size of it — I would like them to take 100% of taskbar height.

    • Max says:

      Maybe it makes sense to be added to the existing module “Taskbar Labels for Windows 11”, which already provides option for horizontal (left/right) padding between buttons?

      • “Taskbar Labels for Windows 11” does something simple, it allows to control the padding, but it doesn’t affect the rest of the UI. Look at the image below. “Taskbar Labels for Windows 11” allows to control the green spacing, and I assume you want to control the red spacing. Part of it can be controlled in a similar way, but the orange part is more challenging as the button UI has to be changed.

        If you’re OK with only controlling the non-orange part, you can use Taskbar height and icon size and increase the icon size or decrease the taskbar height.

        • Max says:

          Oh, and orange part is the one I was talking about… At first I thought that the new “Windows 11 Taskbar Styler” would allow to easily reduce this vertical padding around tiles, but I couldn’t really find the variable for that

          • Windows 11 Taskbar Styler can help. You can reduce the padding as following:
            Target: taskbar:TaskListButtonPanel#IconPanel
            Style: Padding=2,0,2,0

            The original value is 2,4,2,4 for left,top,right,bottom padding.

            • Max says:

              Wow, this is exactly what I wanted! Huge thanks!!!

              The only problem is, it’s not applied to Start menu button, perhaps it needs a separate style selector?

              • Yes.

                Target: taskbar:TaskListButtonPanel#ExperienceToggleButtonRootPanel

                Default padding: Padding=12,4,2,4

                Note that it will also affect other buttons, if you have any, such as Task View, and they might have different left and right padding, which means that you’ll have to pick a single value for all buttons while using this method.

                • Max says:

                  Super, that’s just perfect! I love my taskbar appearance 100% more now. I wish there was a place where people could share awesome style snippets like this, I could not really comprehed how to get all these selectors…

                  Could you please help me with one last selector — corner radius for the Start menu button? Just to make it fit with the “square task buttons” style included in the mod.

                  • I could not really comprehed how to get all these selectors…

                    I’m working on a tool to help with that. Keep an eye on the blog announcements!

                    Could you please help me with one last selector — corner radius for the Start menu button?

                    Try this. It might also affect other elements since the name “BackgroundElement” is quite generic, but that’s the best that can be done with the current version of Taskbar Styler. I plan on improving it in the future to allow more specific targets.
                    Target: Border#BackgroundElement
                    Style: CornerRadius=0

  16. m says:

    I’ve been using 7+ taskbar for years solely to make the show/hide/peek desktop button larger, would love to be able to do this in win 11.

  17. Mechanic says:

    It’s certainly not the most urgent thing to do, but would you consider setting the time and date in ONE row?

  18. Chris says:

    Sorry if this has already been asked…how about the option to change to classic style task switcher? I like the icon style instead of thumbnail, and I don’t like how it changes what is shown on the screen when cycling through the options. Does any solution exist for this already?

  19. Carls says:

    If I understand correctly, the only way I can currently have the taskbar on the right side in Win 11 is to use 7+Taskbar tweaker combing Explorer Patcher (use the win10 style) right? Since the Windhawk has not implemented this function yet.

    Also, thanks a lot for your effort in developing such amazing tools!

  20. Ed says:

    “Grouping: Don’t group pinned items” should be listed as “Partial” not “Done”, because the “Disable grouping on the taskbar” mod doesn’t let you disable grouping pinned items without disabling grouping entirely.

    • The mod has an exclusion list, and I wanted to add a mode that will allow to use an inclusion list instead, so that no ungrouping will take place except for a custom (possibly empty) list of processes. You’re technically right that it makes the implementation “Partial”, but that also applies to other options, such as the labels mod which doesn’t allow to control it per process. Since most mods re-implement the functionality, there are often small gaps, and I feel that marking most of them as “Partial” is not very productive if they provide the desired functionality for the vast majority of the users.

      • Ed says:

        Even if it was an inclusion list instead of an exclusion list, I still wouldn’t be able to only exclude the pinned icon from being grouped, it would still disable the grouping of running instances of that program. I said it should be listed as “Partial” because 7+ Taskbar Tweaker allowed grouping icons for a program but excluding the pinned icon, so that pinned items could work like they were just the quick launch toolbar. I would just use the quick launch toolbar as a solution but microsoft didn’t include toolbars in the new taskbar.

        • I added a new option to the Disable grouping on the taskbar mod, “Pinned items remain in place, group running instances”, which keeps pinned items separated from running instances, while keeping the running instances grouped together.

  21. Skøllgrim says:

    I am a staunch user of the taskbar tweaker functionality to switch to the window located to the left/right on the taskbar (value 101 and 102 in the advanced settings). I absolutely despise how the default cycling works in windows, so one of the first things I always do after installing windows is to install the taskbar tweaker and setting ALT+tab to cycle right and ALT+caps to cycle left.

    I don’t suppose this can be implemented with Windhawk?

    • Actually, it is implemented as part of the Cycle taskbar buttons with mouse wheel mod. Despite the name, keyboard shortcuts can also be configured. Note that the mod only works for Windows 11. For Windows 10, it’s best to keep using 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

    • Victor says:

      How did you do this? I tried the name-data pair (0x09|alt, 102), but it did not work.

      • Skøllgrim says:

        Hi Victor, from what I can tell you seem to have done the correct steps.

        Just to be sure, I’ll write what I’ve done: In the 7+ taskbar tweaker go under advanced settings (right click systray icon) – keyboard shortcuts and add:
        Name: 0x09|alt-norepeat
        Data: 102

        What I believe might be your problem is that it seems to depend on which type of task switcher you have enabled. I remember using ExplorerPatcher and switching window/task switcher to classic for it properly work. A simple search for “enable classic alt+tab dialog in windows 11” seems to yield results as to how to achieve this with a simple regedit as well.

        Best of luck!

  22. Yves says:

    The feature “Hide the “Show desktop” button” is already included in Windows 11 now, so probably no need to redo this here.

  23. Twisted_Code says:

    Longtime user here (and I think one time donator? I know I’ve at least contributed half decent threads on the user voice):
    what exactly is WindHawk and how do I get started with it? I just heard about it now when trying to find an alternative to ExplorerPatcher for my Windows 11 laptop (it came with Windows 11 unfortunately, and more unfortunately an automatic update broke the taskview button. I commented about this here:, and if that works better for you, I’m all for it, ESPECIALLY if it’s less likely to make Windows start imitating a laptop-shaped mass of silicon dioxide building material (otherwise known as a brick) in the event of another nonconsensual update :rolling_eyes:

  24. Andy Lewis says:

    Possibly replace the infuriating taskbar internet icon & options in win 11 with those from Win10?


  25. Quesito says:

    Can you add the mod add Disable taskbar thumbnail preview.?
    Thank you.

  26. Claudio says:

    Hello everyone,
    I don’t know if it has already been requested, but would it be possible to change the virtual desktop icon to show the number of the desktop I’m currently in? Or any other indication in the taskbar with the name of the desktop? I can change the desktop background so that it is different between desktops, but if a window is maximised it would cover it and I often get confused.

  27. m1lhaus says:

    Hello Michael,
    thank you so much for your work. I don’t know whether it was already discussed, but would it be possible to implement “Show all tray icons” feature? The feature that was removed in Windows 11. I absolutely hate having to go to taskbar settings every time the system sees a new tray icon to make it visible. Thanks

  28. kindlin says:

    I just want to comment here and say thank you for all the hard work on this. Taskbar Tweaker is one of my top required softwares for using my computer the way I want to use my computer. After reading all of these comments, it seems like when/if I move on to W11, I’ll have to fight windows even more than in W10.

  29. Marco says:

    “Minimize/restore when mouse is over” doesn’t work anymore in Windows 11 22H2 22621.2361… Why?

  30. MIKE says:

    I’m very sad to see that 7+TT isn’t compatible with Win 11 without using the old taskbar. One function that I used daily in 7+TT was the double-click taskbar to mute and unmute sounds. That’s been extremely useful and I don’t see it on the update list. Is there any chance it might be implemented in Windhawk?

    Thank you for all you do to make things easier 🙂

  31. Francis says:

    Thanks so much for your work on this—my workflow relies heavily on the ability to reorder thumbnails.

    Two requests, if possible:

    (1) I know this is a heavier lift, but it would be amazing if the taskbar could be moved to the side. On Windows 10 I used this all the time on landscape monitors to maximize vertical space, and I really miss it now that I’ve moved to Windows 11.

    (2) This is less important to me, but is there any chance of restoring the ability to pin files to taskbar jump lists by drag-and-drop (rather than having to open each one and then pin)?

    Thanks again for doing all the work that Microsoft should have done…

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      (1) I have plans to look at it at some point, but as you mentioned, it’s not a simple task so it’s difficult to say how easy it’s going to be.

      (2) I might look at it one day, but it’s not a priority, there are many things that I’d like to look at before this one, including the vertical taskbar.

      • Daniel says:

        Vote for (1).

        Hi Michael,

        I understand that this is a big task but also highly voted and donated. I hope this helps. Currently, I only know StartAllBack can do it, but I don’t want to pay for it as dev is in Russia.

        Anyway, thanks for any effort and your support.


        • Hi Daniel, thanks for the feedback. As far as I know, StartAllBack uses the old Win10 taskbar code. You can as well use ExplorerPatcher if you’re OK with that method.

          • Daniel says:

            I don’t know how StartAllBack does it technically but it moves the new taskbar (at least visually)

            • Marshall Brooks says:


              I’m not the expert that Michael is, but I’ll explain a little of what I understand of what he is telling you.

              I haven’t used StartAllBack. I have briefly used Explorer Patcher under Win10, and I’ve used 7TT since Win7 and recently used Windhawk under Win10.

              My understanding is Windows never removes the old taskbar code. They modify it sometimes (often), but the old code is still there.

              If you run Explorer Patcher, you can choose from the Win10 taskbar, the Win8 taskbar, the Win7 taskbar, etc. If you choose the Win10 Taskbar, you get the ability to move the taskbar to the side of the screen and you get the ability to run 7TT. You lose the benefits (if any other than centering the icons) of the Win11 Taskbar.

              Pros and minuses between 7TT/Windhawk and Explorer Patcher.

              + Generally 7TT/Windhawk uses the current windows taskbar.
              + 7TT/Windhawk work solely in memory (with a few exceptions that the modifications will mention before/when you install them.) – More below.
              + 7TT/Windhawk often offer more additional features that were never part of basic Windows.
              – If there is some feature that you absolutely couldn’t do without from 7TT or a previous Windows version and it hasn’t made it into WindHawk yet, you pretty much have to use Explorer Patcher or StartAllBack, etc.

              Things I am leery of:

              Both programs affect core items of Windows. I don’t start 7TT automatically with Windows. I start it from a shortcut after Windows Opens. There have been times that I haven’t updated 7TT and Windows ran an update and Explorer would restart every few minutes (all the taskbar items vanished and then came back). Once I figured out what was happening, I just restarted, did NOT run my shortcut file, updated 7TT and continued.

              Explorer Patcher (as far as I know), uses a .dll file and changes the system registry. If you install it, it will startup with Windows. You can’t start Windows without it unless you uninstall it. There have been reports of it getting into a loop b/c Windows updated before EP could be updated. See this thread and the recommended solution:

              When you got a EP Explorer crash loop just disable ExplorerPatcher using Task Manager to rename the hook file.
              (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), Run new task > Browse > goto C:\Windows, change to All files and rename dxgi.dll to any other name e.g. dxgi.disable.dll.

              I’m by no means trying to discourage Explorer Patcher or create FUD, but I think you should be aware of the potential issues. That said, I’ve seen EP highly mentioned on places like ElevenForum and PC World, so I think many of the risks are over-rated.

  32. Baron says:

    Hi Michael

    Firstly I need to add mine to the plethora of voices singing your praise and thanking you so much for the fantastic work you have and continue to put in to improving the experience that so many regularly have upon their PCs. I have used 7+tt for many years and you have turned the teethgrinding qualities of several aspects of interaction for me into a much appreciated pleasure. Thank you for all you do.

    I have just switched to Win11. On the 21H2 version I found the loss of the Start Menu tiles grouping feature had me disliking Win11 immediately. But I became aware of the OS version update which supplied a return in a different form of that useful ability by the self creation of folders.
    But I still have big Win10 loss issues and resultantly found out about your Windhawk project. Brilliant! Have now installed several of the mods. And I am loving their existence. If ever accomplished the reduction of space between the pinned icons it would once again be welcomed with arms wide open.

    But i would like another feature that has been lost in the transition from Win10 to please be included in your aspiritional mods list:

    the Taskbar Toolbars facility.

    I have used the Desktop toolbar frequently and on a daily basis appreciated an external prog that was integrated into the Taskbar thanks to that Toolbars enablement/inclusion facility.
    That toolbar most missed by me is Networx, a data monitor prog with a customizable real-time in&out data flow graph that I permanently embedded in the Taskbar. It was so helpful/informative. If you are unfamiliar with this prog, it is here:

    Please add the Taskbar Toolbars facility to your list of potential mod implementations if it is possible for that feature to be returned for users.

    And thanks once again for your amazing valued work.

    • Hi Baron,

      Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad that you like Windhawk!

      Unfortunately, reimplementing toolbar support for the Windows 11 taskbar will require a significant effort, and since it’s not a highly requested feature and there are so many other things I’d like to accomplish first, it’s unlikely that I’m going to look at it anytime soon, sorry.

      • Marshall Brooks says:

        Hi Michael,

        I’ve been a fan of 7+TT forever – basically since Taskbar Shuffle stopped working after WinXP. Excellent work on the project and glad you are still supporting it and also transitioning it to Windhawk.

        I also was going to request toolbar support. I still use the Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 10.

        @Baron – I haven’t tried it, but from what I have read, toolbar support IS available in Win11 with Explorer Patcher, if that is an option for you.

        Michael – Would you be willing to add toolbar support to the list of potential windhawk mods and donations above, so it can be requested. It would save others like me from searching the comments for it, and I’m not sure that many people know it is missing. (I previously basically scanned the list of things I use 7TT for and which of them were going to WindHawk and wouldn’t have thought of toolbar support b/c I wouldn’t have known it was being removed).

        Possibly new request – with some work and hunting, I found a registry change that would allow the active item to be a navy blue and the taskbar to be black when not grouping items. I’m hoping this works with Explorer Patcher and would like it to work with Windhawk, as well as removing the line under the items. More info/links: (See Elle Q’s reply). (See replies 44, 50, and 67)

        Never tried this one. Basically needs an edit to aero.msstyles and probably frequent updates with Windows updates. Not sure if this could be done through WindHawk.

        Thank you as always!

        • Hi Marshall, thanks for the feedback!

          Would you be willing to add toolbar support to the list of potential windhawk mods and donations above, so it can be requested


          would like it to work with Windhawk, as well as removing the line under the items

          That, and many more can be achieved with the Windows 11 Taskbar Styler mod. It’s not as simple to use as just selecting a color, but it allows to do a wide range of visual customizations.

          • Marshall Brooks says:


            Okay – let me ask a few more questions!

            Essentially, I’m fairly happy with Win10 – didn’t like the line under each icon. Like the apps and tiles on the start menu, like the quick launch toolbar, love 7TT and am using WhiteTiger’s version of T-Clock.

            I was thinking of using ExplorerPatcher for that, but this is a work-PC and I’m leary of breaking the OS. (I’ve had 7TT not be compatible after an upgrade, but I don’t start it with the OS (I use a batch file, so I can just start without it if I don’t want it active or need to troubleshoot.)

            I saw that there is now Taskbar Clock Customization for WindHawk, which can probably replace T-Clock, or there is 11-Clock.

            I see there is Start Menu Styler and I think I can do what I need with that. I’ll have to get used to small icons instead of tiles, but I can live with that.

            For the Quick-Access Toolbar, I’m assuming if I pin the apps to the taskbar and don’t group the icons, I essentially end up with the same functionality, so that will work also.

            Is there a way to set the background color of the active application (Not all of the running applications, but the one the mouse cursor is inside)? The Link I posted explained how to do it with an accent color. I’m thinking there is, but I’m not sure which properties would control it.

            Thank you again!!!

            • Marshall Brooks says:

              Follow-Up question. In the Quick Launch Toolbar, I have applications like Outlook, Calculator, Notepad, Etc. I can pin these to the taskbar and they should work about the same way as under Win10.

              I also have shortcuts, i.e. open a specific Access Database, open Chrome with certain command-line options. I don’t see a way to pin these in windows 10. Is there a way in Windows 11? (Short of possibly creating a batch file to open them and pinning that to the taskbar?)

              Thanks again!

              • You can create a shortcut with the relevant command line flags and just drag it to the taskbar to pin it. Should work on both Win10 and Win11.

                • Marshall Brooks says:

                  Doesn’t quite work.

                  To explain – I don’t always have command line flags. In some cases, I have shortcuts to a file. For Example: CommandLineOptions.txt. Text files open with Notepad, so that works, but if I pin that to the taskbar after I open it, I have Notepad.exe pinned to the taskbar, not “CommandLineOptions.txt”. What I think I can do, but haven’t tested it is create a shortcut to “Win\Path\Notepad.exe CommandLineOptions.txt” and pin that shortcut to the taskbar and that should work.

                  One thing that works differently (under Win10), unless WindHawk works around it: If I have Notepad in my QuickLaunch Toolbar and click on it, I get Notepad.exe open in the main taskbar, outside of the quick Launch bar. If I pin Notepad to the Taskbar and click on it, the Notepad icon gets wider and says Notepad next to the icon, but doesn’t create a second icon – but middle-clicking still closes it.

                  More info:
         – This lists registry keys that it says will allow you to create Toolbars and pin to the taskbar in Win11, but I have no idea if they still work or ever did work. It mentions a program called FreeLaunchBar, that didn’t seem to work for me, and WinAero Tweaker that doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

         – Reply #6 should work, but not quite as convenient as the QuickLaunch bar. For one thing, I can’t click the 8th icon directly, I have to click the icon, then it opens explorer, then I can click the 8th icon. I also couldn’t figure out how to pin it to the taskbar, and after opening it a few times, it opens to the C:\Drive instead of the Quick Launch folder and I don’t know why.

                • Marshall Brooks says:

                  I have it ALMOST working (pseudo Quick Launch Taskbar). I found a lot of the items in the Quick Launch Taskbar I could Right-Click on and select Pin To Taskbar. For the ones that were file shortcuts, I had to modify this procedure: – Basically, I changed the shortcut to .exe, dragged it to the taskbar, right-clicked on the line above the file and selected Properties, and pasted in the Properties from the shortcut.

                  Issues remaining:

                  – Some items open with a new icon, many just make the existing icon wider. I can live with that, and Windhawk might have an option that prevents this.

                  – I can’t seem to open multiple instances with this method. For example, I have a shortcut to Google Chrome. If I open it twice from the QLT, I get two instances of Google Chrome. If I open it twice from the pinned taskbar icon, it either minimizes or sets focus to the existing instance. I can live with that.

                  – I no longer have a “hard” border” – i.e. with the QLT, I can drag icons over without them going into the QLT. With pinned icons, I can’t do this. I may try moving the pinned icons to the right instead of the left side of the taskbar.

                  Found a plus also. With Pinned icons, I can right-click and use the Jump List. With QLT, I had to open the program and then use the jump list.

                • Marshall Brooks says:

                  Not your issue, but I thought I would mention it here. I ran into a major snag:

                  I didn’t realize WindHawk could be run in Win10. Recommend adding that somewhere. (Some mods you say Win11 only, but the intro blog and this page don’t mention running it in previous versions.)

                  I decided to test it before installing Win11, and it is blocked by our IT anti-virus. It works fine in safe mode, but of course that isn’t very useful. I thought it was odd the WH (portable) is blocked, but 7TT portable is permitted with no issues.

                  I’m trying to get it approved since the source code is available, and if that succeeds, I should be able to get IT to add an exception for it.

                  • WH (portable) is blocked, but 7TT portable is permitted with no issues.

                    Windhawk injects code into all running processes, which is not something an average program does, and is a technique that’s often misused, that’s probably why it’s being blocked. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker only injects code into explorer.exe, and it’s a well known tool that’s available for many years, more than Windhawk.

                    What you can try is excluding all processes but explorer.exe in Windhawk’s advanced settings.

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      How would I do that? I see how to add Explorer.exe to the Process Inclusion list and I see how to add to the Process Exclusion list. How do I add “Not explorer.exe” to the Exclusion list.

                    • How would I do that? I see how to add Explorer.exe to the Process Inclusion list and I see how to add to the Process Exclusion list. How do I add “Not explorer.exe” to the Exclusion list.

                      You set “*” as the exclusion list, and “explorer.exe” as the inclusion list.

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      Issue now may be that it’s been flagged, so it might be on IT’s radar even if it would have otherwise worked. I’m hoping they will approve it.

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      It’s working!!! Thank you so much!!!

                • Marshall Brooks says:

                  Sorry for all the comments. Maybe WindHawk already does it, but if not, could there be an option to “Keep pinned Icons from Moving.”

                  This would help mimic the Quick Launch Toolbar.

                  As it is: I like to have my E-mail app, followed by Windows Explorer, followed by my Web Browser.

                  I kill Windows Explorer to reset the systray icons, so I have to manually re-order these.

                  If I put the pinned icons on the left of the taskbar, I can drag the open apps through and past them, even with the taskbar locked. If I put the pinned icons on the right of the taskbar, any new application I open opens to the right of them and shifts them to the left.

                  • No, there’s no such mod in Windhawk. I’ll consider looking into it, but it’s not trivial to implement, and not a popular request, so it’s not likely to happen in the near future.

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      I think WH may do something similar with Disable Grouping On the Taskbar mod setting “Pinned Items Remain In Place.”

                      I found a setting in Explorer Patcher for “Advanced – Pinned Items act as quick launch (don’t group with active apps) and that works VERY well for a QLT workaround. I still can drag active apps past the pinned apps, so it isn’t EXACTLY the same, but it is workable.

                    • Yes, I mentioned the “Pinned Items Remain In Place.” mode in one of my replies to you.

            • Is there a way to set the background color of the active application (Not all of the running applications, but the one the mouse cursor is inside)?

              I believe that it’s possible, yes, check out this comment:

              • Marshall Brooks says:

                Thank you – that looks perfect for what I am trying to do.

              • Marshall Brooks says:

                Hopefully I’m running out of questions.

                In the github link above, I downloaded his setting file, but it’s a .reg file. How would I change it to work with the portable installation of WindHawk?

                Thanks in advance!!!

                • I added a JSON format for the settings, check out the bottom of the linked comment. The JSON settings can be imported in the mod’s advanced tab.

                  • Marshall Brooks says:

                    Thank you!!! – You really have gone over and above.

                    Perhaps not the proper place to ask, but I do have two additional questions:

                    Right now, I’m trying to get used to pinned icons since toolbars aren’t supported in Win11 without using Explorer Patcher. I’m using large icons b/c the Outlook icon changes when I have new E-mail. It works fine on an external monitor, but not on the laptop with 125% scaling. With the QLT, the icons are smaller and closer together. I think I can fix it under Win11 with either Taskbar Height and Icon Size, Taskbar Labels for Win11, or Windows 11 Taskbar Styler, but none of these work in Windows 10. Is there any similar setting for 7TT? I didn’t see it in the advanced options. I do have Remove Extra Gap Between Pinned Icons set and it does help some. (I know the obvious answer is to go back to using the QLT in Win10 and then use WindHawk in Win 11, but that means unpinning and then re-pinning all of my items.)

                    Second question: In Windows10 (and previous) the systray is not updated – i.e. if you use a batch file to kill a program, it will still be shown in the systray until you hover over it. Is this still an issue with Win11? I’ve tried a few free apps over the years, and nothing worked consistently. What has worked is restarting explorer, but that shuffles my icons and now they get mixed amongst the pinned ones. If it is still a Win11 issue, would it be possible to either:

                    – Add a tray icon refresh option for WindHawk, probably with a selectable interval, so that every 1 minute, or 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, it removed inactive icons from the systray?

                    – Add an option for Windhawk that would remember and retain the taskbar order when explorer was refreshed – probably somewhat similar to Virtual Desktop Preserve Taskbar Order? (The issue I see here is that Explorer can be reset many ways, and/or can just crash AND the taskbar icons change often, so either the mod would have to somehow log the current icons and order somehow, or there would need to be some type of manual process that would snapshot the icon locations, restart explorer (and clear the systray), and restore the icon positions. I’m thinking this could be done with a command-line option for WindHawk (or a standalone app). (It still wouldn’t protect unplanned explorer crashes, but …

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      Answering some of my previous reply. Systray MIGHT be updating automatically correctly as of Win 10 22H2.

                      Minor suggestion for Pinned items. This is based on 7TT and Win10, but I’m thinking WindHawk works the same way:

                      If I have selected:
                      – Group by Application ID.
                      – When not Grouping place new items next to existing ones.
                      – Don’t group pinned items.

                      Now – I have Word pinned. I open a Word Document and it opens next to the pinned Word Icon – I’d prefer it to be on the far right, so I drag it there. Any new Word doc will open next to the moved Word doc.

                      Could you either have “Don’t group pinned items” always open on the right, or have a sub-option for Don’t group pinned items for “Open first new item to the far right instead of by pinned item”.

                      I assume there is no way to drag between groups in Win11? I saw the right-mouse button was not done and voted for it, but didn’t know if there was another way to do it.

                    • Could you either have “Don’t group pinned items” always open on the right, or have a sub-option for Don’t group pinned items for “Open first new item to the far right instead of by pinned item”.

                      You can disable the “When not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones” option, then each new item will be created on the far right.

                      I assume there is no way to drag between groups in Win11? I saw the right-mouse button was not done and voted for it, but didn’t know if there was another way to do it.

                      You can use the Taskbar Thumbnail Reorder mod.

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      I wanted to post some possible Quick Launch Toolbar replacement options:

                      First off – In Win10, I have 13 apps in the QLT and 28 in the start menu tiles. I use large icons in the task bar and small icons in the toolbar.

                      Perhaps the best option would be to use Explorer Patcher or similar and stay with the Win10 Taskbar until WindHawk or MS enable toolbars on the taskbar in Win11.

                      The first thing I tried was pinning my start menu shortcuts to the taskbar. That somewhat works, but has two issues: Running apps often open next to the pinned apps, so it doesn’t really work like a toolbar. The pinned apps take up a LOT of space. I can probably reduce it with some of the WH mods, but I don’t think I’ll get it to the size it is in Win10. It’s not an issue with a large monitor, but it will be with the laptop screen.

                      Another solution was to add a shortcut to the folder for the QLT items that opens in File Explorer. This works and only adds one pinned icon to the taskbar, but it is somewhat cumbersome. Instead of clicking the icon to open my desired app, I have to click the folder icon, find the app, double-click it, and close File Explorer. Four mouse clicks instead of one.

                      What I am probably going to end up doing is pinning my quick launch apps to the Win11 Start Menu. I’m not sure how many Start Menu apps Win11 allows or how many ways you can arrange them, but it is probably more than 41. I can likely figure something out with a 6×7 grid. It’s still two clicks instead of one previously, but it’s the same amount of effort it takes for my apps that I don’t use almost daily.

                      I appreciate all the suggestions and hope this helps others as well.

                    • Is there any similar setting for 7TT? I didn’t see it in the advanced options. I do have Remove Extra Gap Between Pinned Icons set and it does help some.

                      No, “Remove extra gap between items” is the only option on Win10.

                      Add a tray icon refresh option for WindHawk, probably with a selectable interval, so that every 1 minute, or 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, it removed inactive icons from the systray?

                      As it seems to be fixed in Win11, I’m not too motivated to work on a mod that will fix that for Win10. Especially since that’s not an easy task.

                      Add an option for Windhawk that would remember and retain the taskbar order when explorer was refreshed

                      It was suggested before. You can see one of my replies here:

                  • Marshall Brooks says:


                    Sorry if I missed it, but can you please explain the color format for the background colors.

                    For example, in the link, #a000F000 seems to be bright green, but how is this determined? Is it Hex, RGB, etc?

  33. Ryan Penfold says:

    Hey Michael,

    Thank you so much for your work!

    A feature I would like to see on Windhawk, is the equivalent of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker’s “when not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones”. (Forgive me if you’ve listed this already with a different name.) I hope you are able to implement this in the near future.

    Kind regards,


  34. blish says:

    Thank you for the progress you’ve done since I last checked the mods.I’ve been using 7+tt with classic taskbar to keep the functionality, and I just checked the mods and almost everything I used is already here.

    If I could make a request here regarding one of the mods, the one which allows middle/double click on empty taskbar space is great, but It’s missing the ability to also use other mouse buttons, like mouse4/5, and to run custom command, which we do with the help of registry in 7+tt.

  35. blish says:

    I already commented once, but figured I should make a new comment for another request.

    I use eartrumpet, which replaces the functionality of the native volume slider, so it would be great if it was possible to decouple or selectively hide the wifi/volume icons. Actually now that I think about it, beign able to actually move the wifi/volume, language bar and so on, would be a great feature also.

    Thank you for your work.

  36. Leonelsr says:


    I miss being able to hide labels in a per program basis. Would be great to know that’s on some roadmap, or this list, or something….

    That’s something to expect on Taskbar Inspector, sure. But could we have it earlier? Do we at least know it’s feasible?

    Best regards, thanks!

  37. Yaniv says:

    Hey Michael,

    Thank you so much for your work!

    A feature I would like to see on Windhawk, is the “sort group items”

    Thanks again,


  38. Cor says:

    I really only used 7+tt for one feature: remove space between QuickLaunch icons.

    Please ad this to your list!

    • Some of it can be achieved with the Taskbar height and icon size mod. For more fine-tuning, you can use Windows 11 Taskbar Styler.

      • Cor says:

        Thanks, but neither of these mods can do it. Nor can the Taskbar Labels for Windows 11, which you suggest elsewhere in the comments. So, noo dice.

        It seems like it should be a simple thing to achieve. PLEASE!

        Also, where is the reset button in the mod settings page? I had to remove + reinstall mods to get back my original settings.

        • I believe it can be achieved with Windows 11 Taskbar Styler, although it’s not as simple as a clicking a checkbox. Currently there’s no simpler way to achieve that, I may look at implementing something like this in the future.

          Also, where is the reset button in the mod settings page? I had to remove + reinstall mods to get back my original settings.

          There’s no such button. You can either change the settings manually or, if you have too many changes, remove and reinstall as you did.

  39. Carl Johnson says:

    Meh, the only reason i use Windhawk is the option to close apps with middle click but that no longer working :/

  40. Your software (Windhawk) is great, specifically the Taskbar Height and Icon Size mod; I just wanted to say thank you for building something that used to be quite available strictly within Windows. Without curious, clever, and tenacious people like you, my 23+ professional years in IT would be a much more frustrating place. 🙂

  41. Guy says:

    I’ve been using 7tt for many years (and also StartAllBack after upgrading to Win11) and it all works perfectly but I thought I would try Windhawk to have it as a possible fallback in case the combo of 7tt/StartAllBack stop working.

    I managed to find some Windhawk solutions for what I have set up with those 2, but some things are missing/different so I thought I’ll bring them up here in case other people would also want to see them available in Windhawk 🙂

    -Classic context menu for the taskbar/taskbar items/systray (I think it’s the “Right click: Standard window menu” suggestion but I’m not sure)
    -Text alignment to the left in taskbar items/buttons (not sure if it’s only in my case but I couldn’t get the text to be aligned to the left, it starts from around the center of the button)
    -Remove empty space to the right and left of the taskbar
    -Hide volume and network systray icons
    -And though not specifically related to the taskbar – a classic start menu

    • Hi Guy, thanks for the feedback!

      -Classic context menu for the taskbar/taskbar items/systray (I think it’s the “Right click: Standard window menu” suggestion but I’m not sure)

      Yes, that’s it for taskbar items (not systray, which would be a different task).

      -Text alignment to the left in taskbar items/buttons (not sure if it’s only in my case but I couldn’t get the text to be aligned to the left, it starts from around the center of the button)

      What do you mean? Can you post a screenshot?

      -Hide volume and network systray icons

      You can actually do that with the Windows 11 Taskbar Styler Windhawk mod, see here. It might help with the empty space, too, but it will require some experimentation (UWPSpy can help).

      • Guy says:

        Thank you for the response!

        > Can you post a screenshot?

        I’ve since uninstalled Windhawk so I don’t have a true screenshot but a recreation of that would look something like this –

        > You can actually do that with the Windows 11 Taskbar Styler Windhawk mod

        Nice, thank you!

        • something like this –

          This may happen with some uncommon option combinations. The gap between the icon and the label can be adjusted via the options of the Taskbar Labels for Windows 11 mod.

          • Guy says:

            This may happen with some uncommon option combinations. The gap between the icon and the label can be adjusted via the options of the Taskbar Labels for Windows 11 mod.

            For some reason the relevant Taskbar Labels options didn’t work for me, but I may try it again in the future

  42. Marshall Brooks says:

    Very minor priority, but I think a fairly easy suggestion which has bothered me since Win10:

    Could you add another drop-down item to Taskbar Labels for Windows 11 for Running Indicator Style “Collapsed.”

    I know it can be done with Windows 11 Taskbar Styler and I’ll most likely use that, but it would be useful for more casual users.

    Thank you as always!

  43. Mark Hanover says:

    Running on Windows 11, I am using the portable version of Windhawk, and I installed the mod “Thumbnails: Drag to reorder.” Windhawk indicates that the mod is “installed,” and the blue slider is set to “on.” But mod is not working, and the Windhawk toolkit indicates that the mod’s status is “unloaded.” I cannot figure out how to “load” the mod if it is already installed. Do you have any suggestions? (I have also installed the mod “Slick Window Arrangement,” and it works great.) Thank you.

  44. Marshall Brooks says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m having more issues that I just can’t figure out. I have Windows 11 Start Menu Styler somewhat working.

    If I select one of the default themes, it turns the start menu transparent and I can’t see anything (well, I see the icons, but I can’t read what they say).

    If I go to and import the settings under advanced, it works fine.

    And if I go to and import the settings under advanced, that works fine as well.

    What I want is a combination of these – i.e. I want no recommended section, the pinned apps at 504 px, and the All Apps shown on the left.

    If I try to paste both sets of settings in, I get invalid JSON error, even if I try to re-number the controlstyles so that they are sequential.

    Thank you again!!!

    • Hi Marshall,
      It makes sense that pasting both configurations won’t work, both configure the same elements in different ways. Combining both in a way that makes sense will require some effort, and is not something that can just be done with a couple of clicks.

  45. Marshall Brooks says:

    Mistyped – Side-by-Side Minimal works if I manually import it and is close to what I want. Originally, I was trying to combine Side-by-Side2 and NoRecommendedSection (ideally with 6 columns of Pinned items).

    Can that be done?

  46. Marshall Brooks says:

    And I’d like to keep the search box and the user name label. …

  47. Marshall Brooks says:

    Unless I had the correct JSON for it, that is.

    I’ll play around with it some more. Let me ask a couple of follow-up questions, since I am new to Windhawk:

    The advanced tab just combines (by default) the settings on the settings tab, correct? So if it remove something from the default tab, it will be removed from the advanced tab code as well?

    Essentially, Side-by-Side Minimal is VERY close to what I want, but it only includes 3 columns of icons. Side-by-Side2 has 5 columns of icons, but includes the recommended section that I don’t want. Originally, I was thinking I wanted to modify Side-bySide2 to remove the recommended section, but it might work better to modify side-by-side minimal to change the margins for each setting.

    Question: Off-the-shelf, Windows11 have six columns for pinned icons, and I would prefer 7. Q1 – would it (in theory) be possible to modify SbS2 to reduce the width of All Apps and increase the width of pinned apps and come up with six columns of icons? Q2 – is 7 colums even possible.

    Finally, if I come up with something like I want, should I post the JSON here so you can add it later if you think others might want to use it?

    • The advanced tab just combines (by default) the settings on the settings tab, correct? So if it remove something from the default tab, it will be removed from the advanced tab code as well?


      Originally, I was thinking I wanted to modify Side-bySide2 to remove the recommended section

      I think it’s fairly easy to achieve, you can set SidebySide2 and then apply the relevant styles from the readme.

      Q1 – would it (in theory) be possible to modify SbS2 to reduce the width of All Apps and increase the width of pinned apps and come up with six columns of icons?


      Q2 – is 7 colums even possible.

      Sure, why not.

      should I post the JSON here so you can add it later if you think others might want to use it?

      Yeah, go ahead.

      • Marshall Brooks says:

        Not sure 7 columns is possible. I saw how to expand the window and the list width, but it seemed like i had plenty of space for another column of icons and it wouldn’t go beyond 6. Six is the Win11 default, so I have the default width plus the all apps menu.

        As you said, instead of using SBS Minimal and trying to add columns, I ended up using SBS2 and hiding the recommended items and playing with the margins and offsets.

        Also – I couldn’t figure out what is moving the user menu button to the right instead of next to the power button. I prefer it to the left, but it’s not a big deal.

        Here’s the modified code:

        “controlStyles[0].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#UndockedRoot”,
        “controlStyles[0].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Visible”,
        “controlStyles[0].styles[1]”: “MaxWidth=750”,
        “controlStyles[0].styles[2]”: “Margin=175,0,0,0”,
        “controlStyles[1].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#AllAppsRoot”,
        “controlStyles[1].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Visible”,
        “controlStyles[1].styles[1]”: “Width=300”,
        “controlStyles[1].styles[2]”: “Transform3D:=”,
        “controlStyles[2].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Button#CloseAllAppsButton”,
        “controlStyles[2].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[3].target”: “StartDocked.StartSizingFrame”,
        “controlStyles[3].styles[0]”: “MinWidth=850”,
        “controlStyles[3].styles[1]”: “MaxWidth=850”,
        “controlStyles[4].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#ShowMoreSuggestions”,
        “controlStyles[4].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[5].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Button#ShowAllAppsButton”,
        “controlStyles[5].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[6].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.GridView#RecommendedList > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Border > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ScrollViewer#ScrollViewer > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Border#Root > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ScrollContentPresenter#ScrollContentPresenter > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ItemsPresenter > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ItemsWrapGrid > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.GridViewItem”,
        “controlStyles[6].styles[0]”: “MaxWidth=220”,
        “controlStyles[6].styles[1]”: “MinWidth=220”,
        “controlStyles[7].target”: “StartDocked.AllAppsGridListView#AppsList”,
        “controlStyles[7].styles[0]”: “Padding=48,3,-36,32”,
        “controlStyles[8].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#AllAppsPaneHeader”,
        “controlStyles[8].styles[0]”: “Margin=97,0,0,0”,
        “controlStyles[9].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#SuggestionsParentContainer”,
        “controlStyles[9].styles[0]”: “Height=168”,
        “controlStyles[10].target”: “StartDocked.NavigationPaneView#NavigationPane”,
        “controlStyles[10].styles[0]”: “FlowDirection=1”,
        “controlStyles[10].styles[1]”: “Margin=30,0,30,0”,
        “controlStyles[11].target”: “StartDocked.PowerOptionsView#PowerButton”,
        “controlStyles[11].styles[0]”: “FlowDirection=0”,
        “controlStyles[12].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ItemsStackPanel”,
        “controlStyles[12].styles[0]”: “FlowDirection=1”,
        “controlStyles[13].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ListViewItem”,
        “controlStyles[13].styles[0]”: “FlowDirection=0”,
        “controlStyles[14].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ItemsStackPanel > Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.ListViewItem”,
        “controlStyles[14].styles[0]”: “FlowDirection=0”,
        “controlStyles[15].target”: “StartDocked.SearchBoxToggleButton#StartMenuSearchBox”,
        “controlStyles[15].styles[0]”: “Margin=23,1,23,14”,
        “controlStyles[16].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.TextBlock#NoSuggestionsWithoutSettingsLink”,
        “controlStyles[16].styles[0]”: “Margin=11,0,48,0”,
        “resourceVariables[0].variableKey”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#ShowMoreSuggestions”,
        “resourceVariables[0].value”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[17].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#ShowMoreSuggestions”,
        “controlStyles[17].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[18].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#SuggestionsParentContainer”,
        “controlStyles[18].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[19].target”: “Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid#TopLevelSuggestionsListHeader”,
        “controlStyles[19].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
        “controlStyles[20].target”: “StartMenu.PinnedList”,
        “controlStyles[20].styles[0]”: “Height=504”

        • Marshall Brooks says:


          Another Start Menu Styler question. I like the layout I came up with above, but I notice that sometimes the “All Apps” menu won’t fully load – i.e. I’ll see the A and B apps and than just the background, although the scroll bar continues down the full list. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn’t, and I can predict which it will do.

          It happened also with the default Side-by-Side and Sbs minimal themes as well.

          Is this normal, have you seen it before, could it be caused by using portable WH and not loading it at startup?

          Thanks again!

          • Surely it’s not normal. I encountered it in the past, but like you, I couldn’t determine what caused it. It’s unlikely to be related to the portable version.

            I only noticed it while playing with the styles, so hopefully after adjusting the customizations and restarting the computer, it will no longer happen. If you find a way to reproduce it, let me know and I’ll try to investigate more.

            • Marshall Brooks says:

              Confirmed – seems to be working fine after a re-boot. I’ve been doing lots of tweaking in WH and haven’t re-booted in between and I jumped the gun on “The sky is falling…” with this one.

            • Marshall Brooks says:

              Not sure it’s reproducible, but I have a theory. Earlier today Explorer crashed and restarted. I somewhat now what happened there – I was playing with Taskbar Styler and adjusting the width of the Show Desktop button and I set it to 30 to see that it worked and it moved the systray wider than the taskbar items and I don’t think Win11 liked that.

              Anyway, it’s not working again, so I think possibly after an Explorer restart the custom start menu is broken – but I’m not sure why they would be related.

            • Marshall Brooks says:

              It’s not related to an Explorer crash – i.e. I re-booted and it was fine and I restarted Explorer and it was still fine.

              It’s also not ONLY related to changing the Start Menu styles, b/c I didn’t change those at all today and it still was broken.

              It MIGHT have been related to that I was changing settings in Taskbar styler when Explorer crashed, so that affected Start Menu styler – somehow …

  48. Marshall Brooks says:

    Another question. I’m using the portable version of Windhawk and not loading it at startup, and when I first load it, it does a restart of Windows Explorer. However, once started, I can enable/disable Mods without it restarting Explorer.

    Is this normal? I can live with it, if it is …

    • That’s not normal. Perhaps Explorer crashes for some reason. Does it happen again if you exit and then run Windhawk again? Can you disable some of the mods to try and find the mod that causes it, if any?

      • Marshall Brooks says:

        Just tested. I’m launching from a batch file with command line so I don’t see the splash screen, but just exiting and double-clicking it, it does an Explorer Restart. I turned all the mods on and off individually and it doesn’t happen. I suspect some of the mods aren’t playing well together – i.e. some mod is trying to change things while another mod is also changing things.

        I’m using the following mods:
        Fix Basic Caption Text
        Middle Click to Close on the Taskbar
        TaskBar Clock Customization
        TaskBar Notification Icon Spacing
        TaskBar Thumbnail Reorder
        Win11 TaskBar Styler
        Win11 StartMenu Styler

        It is something to do with Win11 Taskbar Styler … I disabled ALL mods and didn’t have the issue, then enabled them one at a time and didn’t have the issue until I enabled TaskBar Styler, then ONLY enabled Taskbar Styler and had the issue with only Taskbar Styler enabled. Odd thing is that I can enable and disable it when WH is running with no problems.

        Here is my JSON, if that might show anything odd:
        {“controlStyles[0].target”:”systemtray:Stack#ShowDesktopStack”,”controlStyles[0].styles[0]”:”\”MinWidth=16\””,”controlStyles[1].target”:”systemtray:ImageIconContent > Grid#ContainerGrid”,”controlStyles[1].styles[0]”:”Padding=3,0″,”controlStyles[2].target”:”taskbar:TaskListLabeledButtonPanel@CommonStates > Border#BackgroundElement”,”controlStyles[2].styles[0]”:”Background=#FF000000″,”controlStyles[2].styles[1]”:”Background@InactiveNormal=#df002020″,”controlStyles[2].styles[10]”:”BorderThickness=1,1,1,1″,”controlStyles[2].styles[11]”:”BorderBrush=#1fffffff”,”controlStyles[2].styles[2]”:”Background@InactivePointerOver=#ff004040″,”controlStyles[2].styles[3]”:”Background@InactivePressed=#ff004040″,”controlStyles[2].styles[4]”:”Background@ActiveNormal=#0078D7″,”controlStyles[2].styles[5]”:”Background@ActivePointerOver=#ff006cc1″,”controlStyles[2].styles[6]”:”Background@ActivePressed=#ff007020″,”controlStyles[2].styles[7]”:”Background@RequestingAttention=#ff900000″,”controlStyles[2].styles[8]”:”Background@RequestingAttentionPointerOver=#ffb00000″,”controlStyles[2].styles[9]”:”Background@RequestingAttentionPressed=#ffb00000″,”controlStyles[3].target”:”taskbar:TaskListLabeledButtonPanel@RunningIndicatorStates > Rectangle#RunningIndicator”,”controlStyles[3].styles[0]”:”Visibility=Collapsed”,”controlStyles[4].target”:”SystemTray.NotifyIconView > Grid@ > Border#BackgroundBorder”,”controlStyles[4].styles[0]”:”Background@PointerOver=#ff006060″,”controlStyles[4].styles[1]”:”Background=#00000000″,”resourceVariables[0].variableKey”:””}

        I just did a copy and paste from the mod, not sure if there’s a way to get a more readable format.

        Thank you again!!!

        • Marshall Brooks says:

          Tested Windhawk Taskbar Styler a bit more. The issue is something with the JSON code.

          I removed ALL the code on the advanced tab, so the mod was not changing anything. Exited and restarted WindHawk with no issues.

          Then I manually imported the WinXP Theme from – VERY cool theme, but not what I am after. It installed fine. Exited Windhawk and restarted with no problems.

          Then, I manually input your JSON code from here: That has issues. It did an Explorer restart. Interesting theme, but not what I’m looking for – transparent background, clock customizations are gone clock is white on transparent so unreadable.

          Now the odd things: I applied my custom theme settings and the transparent background remained. Exited WH and the transparent background remained. Had to do an Explorer restart myself to get back to the normal background.

          Here is my code in a more readable format:
          “controlStyles[0].target”: “systemtray:Stack#ShowDesktopStack”,
          “controlStyles[0].styles[0]”: “\”MinWidth=16\””,
          “controlStyles[1].target”: “systemtray:ImageIconContent > Grid#ContainerGrid”,
          “controlStyles[1].styles[0]”: “Padding=3,0”,
          “controlStyles[2].target”: “taskbar:TaskListLabeledButtonPanel@CommonStates > Border#BackgroundElement”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[0]”: “Background=#FF000000”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[1]”: “Background@InactiveNormal=#df002020”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[10]”: “BorderThickness=1,1,1,1”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[11]”: “BorderBrush=#1fffffff”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[2]”: “Background@InactivePointerOver=#ff004040”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[3]”: “Background@InactivePressed=#ff004040”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[4]”: “Background@ActiveNormal=#0078D7”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[5]”: “Background@ActivePointerOver=#ff006cc1”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[6]”: “Background@ActivePressed=#ff007020”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[7]”: “Background@RequestingAttention=#ff900000”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[8]”: “Background@RequestingAttentionPointerOver=#ffb00000”,
          “controlStyles[2].styles[9]”: “Background@RequestingAttentionPressed=#ffb00000”,
          “controlStyles[3].target”: “taskbar:TaskListLabeledButtonPanel@RunningIndicatorStates > Rectangle#RunningIndicator”,
          “controlStyles[3].styles[0]”: “Visibility=Collapsed”,
          “controlStyles[4].target”: “SystemTray.NotifyIconView > Grid@ > Border#BackgroundBorder”,
          “controlStyles[4].styles[0]”: “Background@PointerOver=#ff006060”,
          “controlStyles[4].styles[1]”: “Background=#00000000”,
          “resourceVariables[0].variableKey”: “”

          Basically, all I did was remove things from the linked code that I knew I didn’t want to change, collapsed the running app indicator that I didn’t want, and changed the active application indicator to blue instead of green.

          So there must be something wrong in the JSON with my other settings that is being carried over to the modified code.

  49. Marshall Brooks says:

    I have another really odd issue also.

    I have nothing pinned to the taskbar (except True Launch Bar’s shortcut).

    I have the taskbar set to not combine icons – ever.

    I really like Taskbar Clock Customization, which I am using as a replacement for TClock.

    If I have Taskbar Clock Customization enabled, when my icons get to about the middle of the taskbar, new apps go into the “overflow” area. If I disable Taskbar Clock Customization, I can open 4 or 5 additional programs before I hit the overflow …

    • Marshall Brooks says:

      Falsely accused WindHawk. This isn’t a taskbar Clock Customization issue. Seems to be something squirrely with Windows 11. I disabled Taskbar Clock Customization and it still does it SOMETIMES. I re-enabled it and sometimes it works properly.

  50. Marshall Brooks says:


    Basically, I got rid of the System Tray items:

    “controlStyles[0].target”: “systemtray:Stack#ShowDesktopStack”,
    “controlStyles[0].styles[0]”: “\”MinWidth=16\””,
    “controlStyles[1].target”: “systemtray:ImageIconContent > Grid#ContainerGrid”,
    “controlStyles[1].styles[0]”: “Padding=3,0”,
    “controlStyles[4].target”: “SystemTray.NotifyIconView > Grid@ > Border#BackgroundBorder”,
    “controlStyles[4].styles[0]”: “Background@PointerOver=#ff006060”,
    “controlStyles[4].styles[1]”: “Background=#00000000”,

    I think those were likely conflicting with the Taskbar Notification Icon Spacing mod.

    Anyway – seems to be working fine now!!!

    • Thank you! I believe I found the problem that causes this, and I’ll get it fixed in the next update of the mod. For now, if you’re interested, I can post a test version for you to verify the fix.

      • Marshall Brooks says:

        Hi Michael,

        Yes, I’d definitely be interested in a test version.

        Also, I’m not convinced my changes resolved the issue. It doesn’t restart explorer as often (it originally was every time I started WH, but I’ve still seen it do it occasionally – maybe 1 time out of 5 and I’ve probably only exited and started WH 5 times since I modified the code.

        Thank you again!!!

        • Here it is:

          To install it, disable the existing mod, then click the bottom right button to create a new mod, replace the code with the content from the link above, click “Compile Mod”, then “Exit Editing Mode”.

          Let me know if explorer restarts with this version. Hopefully, it’ll fix the issue completely.

          • Marshall Brooks says:


            Thank you so much. I learned how to create WH mods, if I ever get so inspired.

            Some info on the new mod.

            First off – Explorer restarts seem to take much longer in Win11 than in Win10. I’ve done them a lot. I know how they work.

            Second – With the old mod, I didn’t get an explorer restart this morning – it didn’t happen all the time. So you can’t prove a negative. Not getting an Explorer restart (and I didn’t) doesn’t necessarily prove the issue is fixed.

            Third – last night, I was playing around with taskbar overflow and I installed Taskbar Height and Icon Size and Taskbar Labels for Win 11. So todays configuration is different from yesterdays. Last night I was getting a LOT of explorer restarts – seems like basically when the taskbar would overflow and not overflow.

            Finally – Test results. No Explorer restarts. I closed and re-opened WH a couple of times. I also opened enough programs to overflow the taskbar.

            I did see one thing odd – maybe it’s by design, but I wanted to mention it, in case it was not. With the previous version, if I didn’t get an explorer restart, it worked basically seamlessly – i.e. the taskbar just changed from the default to the new setup. With the new test version, if I restart WH, the taskbar changes from black to transparent. Disregard – Test mod seems to be working fine. I figured out what the issue is and have a possible fix for it:

            I think the default Win11 Taskbar is 48 pixels. I changed mine to 32 pixels. I also have True Launch Bar above the taskbar. When I disable or enable Taskbar height and size, it pulls the taskbar UP and then repositions it, which I think makes the briefly visible gap. i.e. instead to the taskbar staying at the bottom and the height changing from 48 to 32 pixels, the taskbar is pulled UP by cutting 16 pixels off the bottom and then moved down to the bottom of the screen. Probably can’t be changed and not worth worrying about.

            Also – somewhat odd but I don’t think you can control it either. In Win7, I used 16x icons in the taskbar (small icons). In Win10, they added badges so I got an envelope over the Outlook icon when I got a new E-mail, but it only worked with large icons.

            With WH – it works, but with 16px icons, the overlay goes to the right of the icon. I see it mainly with Skype for Business and mainly because SfB uses a different 16px icon in the systray for status, but a badge in the taskbar.

            Disregard the icon badge issue also. Seems to not work in Win11 – Well, it works but. Somehow, in WH, if I enable Taskbar Labels for Windows 11, the “badge” for the icon gets shifted a few pixels to the right of the actual Icon. I can live with this and I don’t see a setting that changes it.

            Thank you again for all your support of the mods!

            • So you can’t prove a negative.

              That’s true, but I can check the origin of the crash to make sure it’s the one I fixed. You can enable dump capturing as following and enable the non-fixed mod again, then post the crash dump for me to check.

              You should be able to get it with the following steps:

              • Open regedit
              • Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting
              • Create a key named LocalDumps
              • Create a DWORD value named DumpType with value 2
              • Trigger the crash
              • Go to the %LocalAppData%\CrashDumps folder, you should see a dump file in there

              Last night I was getting a LOT of explorer restarts – seems like basically when the taskbar would overflow and not overflow.

              That might also be a different crash, a similar issue was reported a while ago:

              See my latest reply in the issue. Unfortunately, that one is more difficult to fix as it isn’t caused directly by the mod.

              In any case, a crash dump can shed more light on the origin of the crash.

              with 16px icons, the overlay goes to the right of the icon

              Sounds like this issue:

              It’s on my list to fix, but, as I also commented in the issue, meanwhile you should be able to adjust it with a Taskbar Styler rule.

              • Marshall Brooks says:

                If the dump file is 800MB, I’m not sure how I can get it to you?

                Dumb question – I added the DWORD, the key was already there. Normally, I would restart Explorer to load the registry change, which would create a dump file, which I would delete before intentionally triggering one. Is this correct?

                Overflow crash does seem like issue 478. My goal is to reduce the button size so that I don’t hit overflow (or rarely). Agree with your comments, I wouldn’t focus too much on it and would make the fix optional.

                Badge issue is exactly like issue 610. Three questions:
                – How would I adjust it with Taskbar Styler? What do I target? “Taskbar Badge Offset” “Space Between Badge and Icon” ???
                – What do I target for start button padding?
                – Chrisf-pilot was talking about the SIZE of the start button, not the padding. I noticed that as well, but the padding bothers me more. I assume the size can be targeted with Taskbar Styler, but I don’t know what the target would be called.

                Guess it’s past time for me to learn about UWPSpy, correct?

                • Marshall Brooks says:

                  Okay – I found a good many of the customizations here: but not the three issues related to the above and one other one:

                  I don’t know or see the way to set the icon badge spacing, padding or offset – not sure what it is called.

                  I found how to hide the start button by setting Taskbar.ExperienceToggleButton#LaunchListButton[AutomationProperties.AutomationId=StartButton] and Visiblity=Collapsed. I don’t see how to resize it or change the padding around it. Height=X Width=X or Size = X or Padding=x,y didn’t seem to have any effect.

                  I ended up turning off Taskbar Notification Icon Spacing and setting those values in the Taskbar Styler – didn’t want them to conflict.

                  I set my tray icons to 20 with SystemTray.NotifyIconView#NotifyItemIcon minwidth = 20

                  The volume and battery indicator icons now seem smaller than them, but the guide says they are 32 and they can be changed (if I read correctly) with SystemTray.TextIconContent > Grid#ContainerGrid > SystemTray.AdaptiveTextBlock#Base > TextBlock#InnerTextBlock Fontsize=, but that didn’t seem to have any effect.

                  The padding for the tray icons only seems to work for the active icons – not the ones when I click the up chevron – it didn’t seem to change with the tray icon spacing mod either.

                  Thanks in advance!!!

                • If the dump file is 800MB, I’m not sure how I can get it to you?

                  You can zip it and upload it to Google Drive or a similar service, then post a link.

                  I added the DWORD, the key was already there. Normally, I would restart Explorer to load the registry change, which would create a dump file, which I would delete before intentionally triggering one. Is this correct?

                  Just restarting explorer doesn’t cause a dump file to be created, only a crash. Either way, you can just grab the most recently created crash file from the folder after the crash.

                  Guess it’s past time for me to learn about UWPSpy, correct?

                  Yes, play with various properties, and look at examples in the styling guide.

                  • Marshall Brooks says:

                    Dump file sent via E-mail.

                    Also – there seems to be a minor issue with Taskbar Labels for Windows 11. For some of my buttons, the background of the label seems to “clip” the right side of the icon. It doesn’t do it for all the icons. Chrome is very noticeable, as is Access and Windhawk. Adobe doesn’t seem to be affected. Space between icon and label doesn’t seem to affect it. That moves the text of the label to the right, but the background of the label still blocks the icon. Thanks for looking into this!

                    Also – you posted earlier how to set the padding for the Start Button, and I figured out how to set the width and height for it:

                    • For some of my buttons, the background of the label seems to “clip” the right side of the icon.

                      I never noticed it with the mod, can you post a screenshot, and try to figure out whether it happens with the default options, and if not, which options cause it?

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      Closing the issue… I sent Michael a screenshot and he replied that the icons were too far to the right (I was aligning them with the overlay which at the time I didn’t know how to move left). I think either reducing the left padding or increasing the space between icon and label would have fixed it.

                  • Marshall Brooks says:

                    Okay, I somewhat have UWPSpy working.

                    I’m trying to reduce the padding on the overlay to line up with the icon.

                    I tried:
                    Taskbar.TaskListButton>Windows.UI.XAML.Controls.image – OverlayIcon

                    But it didn’t work.

                  • Marshall Brooks says:

                    Getting there …

                    For the overlay icon, I want to target:

                    I found that from UWPSpy – and I had to replace ” – ” with “#”.

                    I know that is the correct icon b/c I can change the Height= and Width= and the overlay size changes.

                    Using Taskbar labels, I changed the padding from 20 to 2, so I need to move the overlay 18 pixels to the left.

                    I’m not sure how to achieve this. The settings shown in UWPSpy (besides Height and Width) are:
                    Horizontal Alignment=1
                    Vertical Aligment=1
                    CenterPoint=0.000000, 0.0000000, 0.00000
                    TransformMatrix {1,0,0,0},(0,1,0,0},{0,0,1,0},{0,0,0,1}
                    Translation= 0,0,0
                    Handout Visual = (data; Windows.UI.Composition.Visual

                    Does anyone have suggestions?

                    • Marshall Brooks says:

                      Solved – I was close.

                      For what I wanted, it was

                      Then I set the padding in Taskbar Labels for Windows 11 to 2.

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