Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar

A few weeks ago, Windhawk, the customization marketplace for Windows programs, was released. You can read the announcement blog post for more details and for the motivation behind creating it. One of the sections of the blog post was dedicated to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Regarding the future of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker: It will keep existing as a separate program which supports Windows 7 to Windows 10. As mentioned in a recent blog post, most parts of the taskbar were reimplemented in Windows 11, and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can’t be made to work with the new taskbar without a huge amount of work. My plan, at least in the short term, is to implement the most demanded customizations for Windows 11 as Windhawk mods.

Below is a table with features that are available in Windows 10 but are missing in Windows 11. Some of the features are part of Windows 10 (marked with the Windows icon icon) and some are part of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (marked with the Tweaker icon icon). Please vote for the features that you’d like to have back in Windows 11. I’ll prioritize implementing the most requested features as Windhawk mods. For each implemented feature, the page will be updated to reflect the current status.

Voting can be done in two ways, simple voting and a donation. I added the donation option to be able to give extra priority to votes of users who wish to support the project with a donation. To vote with a donation, add the feature hashtag to the donation comment like this. Donations are a great motivating factor (thanks!), and I think that letting supporters decide where to focus first is a nice perk.

Feature Votes Donations Status
Tweaker icon Right click: Standard window menu
Tweaker icon Middle click: Switch to / Minimize / Close ✔️ Partial
Tweaker icon Dropping: Open with
Tweaker icon Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Drag to reorder ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Thumbnails: Left click on the active thumbnail minimizes the window
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Remove extra gap between items
Tweaker icon Pinned items: Open with double click ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: When not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Don’t group pinned items ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Grouping: Drag within/between groups using right mouse button
Tweaker icon Left click on combined item: Cycle through windows
Tweaker icon Mouse wheel: Cycle between taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Minimize/restore when mouse is over: Taskbar buttons / Thumbnails ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Control volume when mouse is over: The taskbar / The notification area ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Customize double/middle click on empty space ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Hide the Start button
Tweaker icon Hide the “Show desktop” button
Tweaker icon Display seconds on the tray clock ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Reserve empty space on taskbar
Tweaker icon Change the size of taskbar icons ✅ Done
Tweaker icon Taskbar Inspector
Tweaker icon Change padding between tray icons ✅ Done
Windows icon Decombine taskbar buttons
Windows icon Show labels in taskbar buttons ✅ Done
Windows icon Taskbar on the top of the screen
Windows icon Taskbar on the side of the screen
Windows icon Open Taskbar Manager via right click
Windows icon Taskbar with multiple rows

If a feature that you’d like to see in Windows 11 is not in the table, please let me know in the comments below.

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276 Responses to “Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar”

  1. Алексей Долматов says:

    “Hide the “Show desktop” button” разве эта не та опция, которая управляется в окне параметров?
    Параметр TaskbarSd со значением 1 или 0.

  2. Add a way to customize the icon size of the taskbar..

  3. Peter G says:

    Two requests please:

    “Notification area: Remove extra gap between items” (recently added, major annoyance for some)

    “Notification area: Drag to reorder items” (recently removed)

    • “Notification area: Remove extra gap between items” (recently added, major annoyance for some)

      Please vote for “Pinned items: Remove extra gap between items”, it’s related, and I’ll look at controlling the gap in the notification area too when I’ll look at it.

      “Notification area: Drag to reorder items” (recently removed)

      What do you mean? I think you can reorder the icons in all Windows 11 versions, except for the volume and network icons which are implemented differently. Or did you mean reordering these two?

      • zakius says:

        in newer insider builds you can’t drag and drop tray icons anymore, though as it’s insider it may not be intentional

        • Peter G says:

          Yes, insider builds. Was introduced along with the new gap, which is there for tablet mode touch interactions. That the gap is also in desktop mode suggests standardization of UI appearance. But on desktop it doesn’t make sense so feels forced upon us. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the loss of drag and drop ordering is similarly forced and intentional: maybe via touch it’s easy to drag icons accidentally, so it’s universally gone. That would make sense since some users toggle both modes and need a consistent experience.

  4. Crosshead says:

    The only option I need is this:
    show_desktop_button_size which was in the extended options

  5. Marcin says:

    How about the “Left click on combined item: Open last window if inactive, otherwise open thumbnail preview”? I don’t see it on the list. Didn’t realize how much I’d miss that feature. Thanks!

  6. Lei says:

    Can you implement again the possibility to ctrl+middle click in order to kill an application?

    Currently I have a “Mouse Button Control” in the advanced options defined as : “taskbaritem|ctrl+mclick = 8”

  7. Yuri says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL,
    Is it possible please to implement keyboard shortcuts for such things like:
    – Move the button group containing the active window to the left\right
    – Switch to the window which is located on the left\right to the active window on the taskbar (skip minimized windows)

    This is my favorites!

    • Hi Yuri,
      Thanks for the suggestions!

      – Move the button group containing the active window to the left\right

      I’ll consider it, but currently it’s not a priority.

      – Switch to the window which is located on the left\right to the active window on the taskbar (skip minimized windows)

      You can vote for “Mouse wheel: Cycle between taskbar buttons”, I’ll consider adding keyboard shortcuts too.

  8. Believe it or not, but some visitors voted for some of the features more than once. It’s not difficult to cheat and vote more than once, but please don’t do that, it just creates an incorrect representation of what most users want to see implemented, and it creates extra work for me to clean it up.

  9. v1tesse says:

    First of all, thank you for the continued work on these added features that, honestly, should have been (at least partially) included in Windows by default.

    For me, the most used features are:
    – Middle click to close (which I see is already implemented)
    – Ctrl+middle click to force close (taskbaritem|ctrl+mclick = 8)
    – Mouse button 6 to open a new instance (taskbaritem|x2click = 4)
    – Dragging within/between groups using the right mouse button

    As far as showing label go, I’m seriously considering using Start11 when switching to Windows 11. It would be really cool if you could somehow make some features work with that (like dragging within/between groups with right click), instead of only trying to implement everything from scratch.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      – Dragging within/between groups using the right mouse button

      Not exactly it, but now Windhawk has the Taskbar Thumbnail Reorder mod:

      Dragging within/between groups using the right mouse button would require to be able to decombine items, something that isn’t possible in Windows 11 and is not easy to implement with a mod.

      For the rest of the features you listed, I’ll consider implementing them as mods, too, when I have some spare time.

  10. Marco says:

    Any way to implement a fix on the borders of the clock? To make it wrap around the actual size? I mean this:
    I like the shorter clock format but the extra space bugs me

  11. Foxscotch says:

    Windows 11’s new taskbar broke the ability to drag files/images/etc. onto taskbar icons in order to open a different window. Now you have to have both windows visible in order to drag something between them, which is maddening.

    If this is possible to fix with Windhawk, would you add it to the table?

  12. Toni says:

    Drag to reorder Windows is obviously top feature. Can we have profiles or layouts to save the positions of the tabs accross virtual desktops ?

    This would be amazing when u have 100 tabs.

  13. Fatih says:

    I would like to donate for the Reserve empty space on taskbar feature, but paypal is not available in my country and I also don’t have bitcoin. I was the one who requested this feature (huge thanks to the developer for making my request) and maybe no one is using it. Honestly, I’m still using windows 7, but I’d like this feature already in case I have to upgrade in the future. I hope i can use windows 7 until i get old. Hoping to make a big donation in the future…

  14. Mervin says:

    Would be nice to be able to drag things to the taskbar and it would open the window/folder. For eg if you wanted to drap something from one folder to another. Thanks

  15. Patrick Albano says:

    Thanks so much! You’re making it really difficult for me staying on win10. I only need left orientation for taskbar, or the ability to save virtual desktops (shutdown makes me have to reorder programs)

  16. Mike R says:

    Vertical taskbar omitted?

    On a 4K 40″, the horizontal taskbar is no issue.
    But on a 16:9 laptop with a 15″ screen, the inability to preserve every pixel of vertical real estate is a major encumbrance.

    I imagine it’s beyond too difficult to implement as the codebase for the new taskbar doesn’t yet exist in the vertical format.

    Will continue to use Explorer Patcher & 7+TT on my laptop for the no_width_limit vertical taskbar.

    Many thanks for all your efforts

    • It’s not omitted, you can vote for “Taskbar on the side of the screen”. It’s indeed not easy to implement, and given that it’s also not one of the highest voted feature requests, it’s not a high priority for me at this point.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Is there a way to show the labels for running programs. If I use the don’t group add-in they are still just an icon. Thanks for all your great work!

  18. Hale says:

    Somehow, “Taskbar Volume Control” mod does not work in 21H2 (22000.739).
    Hovering above the volume icon and scrolling the wheel produces nothing. It works only after clicking the icon. But if you have clicked, there is no point in the mod; since it is a standard 21H2 feature to scroll volume after clicking.
    It maybe related to the laptop configuration, where the battery is also in the bunch with the speaker icon, I don’t know.

    • Hale says:

      oh.. it seems it does not work when WinHawk window is open. But starts working when focused on other windows.

    • Techie007 says:

      Seconding this issue, but further clarifying that it seems to act up only when the focused window belongs to a 32-bit application. As long as the foreground program is 64-bit, hovering over the Taskbar and rolling the mouse wheel works fine. I believe this has something to do with the hooking code intercepting the mouse wheel messages.

  19. Oleg says:

    Does Taskbar Numberer work in Windows 11?
    I believe it is one of the main things which keeps me from trying switching to Windows 11.

  20. freedrome says:

    Hi Michael, one other VERY useful feature missing in the Windhawk list is mute volume by middleclick on the taskbar. That was a quick and a very efficient if you need to mute down volume quickly. I’d vote for that. thanks

  21. Mandy says:

    Could you fix drag and drop to the taskbar in Windows 11?

    Microsoft claim they will fix it but didn’t do it yet.

    It should not a big deal to make a Windhawk mod since it is already done by other developers such as:

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I’m not sure how much of a big deal is it, but it’s not something that that takes five minutes. The code you linked has about 4,500 lines of code.

      Since it’s going to be fixed in the next Windows 11 version, and since a tool that solves this already exists, and since there are many other mods which are more requested by users, it’s unlikely that I’m going to take the challenge. But perhaps you can ask the author of the project you linked to create a mod out of their tool. You can suggest it in their issues section. I will try to provide any necessary help with the porting if needed.

  22. Hanjo says:

    I’m missing the “Aero Peek” (where you hover over the “show desktop” button right of the clock in the taskbar and the desktop is revealed) functionality in Windows 11 dearly.

    Would it be possible to add this feature to the list above?

  23. SciFiJunkie says:

    Adding toolbars for Win 11. I use desktop and custom tool bar for folders quick access.

  24. Qualdan says:

    Is it a problem with Windhawk or Windows 11 that custom folder icons are not shown on taskbar?

    Before we get “Show labels in taskbar buttons” its quite difficult to know what folders I have open when there are 10 identical folder icons (and hovering them gives the name after a short delay).

    • It’s a bit of both, and in fact this also happens in Windows 10 if taskbar preferences are set to “Combine taskbar buttons: Always, hide labels”.

      In Windows 10, when labels are shown, each taskbar item uses the icon of the relevant window. When labels are hidden, icons of the programs, not the windows, are used instead (so all folders use the same icon).

      In Windows 11, there’s no option to show labels, and program icons are always used. It can be implemented as a mod, but it’s not simple since this functionality is missing and has to be implemented from scratch.

  25. Tim Heymans says:

    Second most-used feature for me is show/hide labels on scroll (while pressing right mouse button)
    I think it is currently missing in the overview.

    • Yes, I didn’t include advanced options in the table since they’re less popular (one exception is “Change the size of taskbar icons”).

      Regarding your request, first there has to be a way to show labels on the taskbar. So you can start by voting for “Show labels in taskbar buttons”.

      • Tim Heymans says:

        I see there is a fix for “Show labels in taskbar buttons” now?
        Great news!

        So can we move on to the advanced options already, or is it still too early? 🙂

        • It’s too early. There’s the labels mod, but it’s rather buggy at this point and it requires more work. For example, when there are many items, they just go off screen instead of shrinking in size like in Windows 10, which is a rather serious limitation. I have a list of many other things that I’d like to accomplish before going for (most) advanced options.

  26. Ilia says:

    Thumpnail Reoder works perfectly in Windows 11!

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker has this option that I’m also missing very much to keep the order of the taskbar icons (both pinned and unpinned) when switching between virtual desktops.

    Thank you very much!

  27. Timur says:

    Can you add the “disable_topmost” feature for windows 11 via windhawk mod please ?

  28. Fabio Pagano says:

    Hello. I need in Windows 11 that the icons in the taskbar (already not grouped) automatically appears in the order of opening. For example, I open in sequence “Notepad”, then “Chrome”, then “Notepad”: I would like to see in the taskbar the icons in the following order: “Notepad”, “Chrome”, “Notepad”, instead I see “Notepad”, “Notepad”, “Chrome” (which is not the opening order, they are shown in app order). Is it already achievable in some way? Thank you.

  29. Linus says:

    I may be blind but I don’t see an entry for “Mouse Wheel: Minimize/restore when mouse is over: [x] Taskbar buttons [x] Thumbnails”.

    That’s my most wanted feature. I’m willing to donate for this feature if it’s added to the list 🙂

  30. ChaorruptedX says:


    A feature called virtual_desktop_order_fix is available in 7++ Taskbar Tweaker, where we can preserve the order of taskbar icons while switching between virtual desktops.

    Is it also available in Windhawk?

  31. Wesley says:

    Hi I love the taskbar ungrouping and always showing labels! The applications’ notification badges are near center and not on the right, as if it thinks the taskbar icon is still just an icon.

  32. Wesley says:

    Is the “Hovering: List / Tooltip / Nothing” feature the same as Jumplists from Windows 10?

    • It’s not about the jump lists, it’s about thumbnails. Here’s the relevant page in the help file of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker:

      • Wesley says:

        Thanks. I thought this would show recent files opened in an app when you hovered over the app’s icon. I miss that feature a lot but this is cool too I guess 😀

        • You have jump lists in Windows 11. You can right click on a taskbar item and see the history and other actions, depending on the program. Unlike Windows 10, dragging the taskbar button up doesn’t bring up the jump list. And, in case you’re using it, the “Disable grouping on the taskbar” mod causes jump lists to stop showing extra items such as recent files.

          • Wesley says:

            Right but that requires that I open the app first, then I could choose which file I to open. I also still have to right click to see it. It’s actually not all that helpful because most if not all apps show their historical items anyway.

            In W10 and earlier I could see it from the Start menu by hovering over the app icon (or there might have been an arrow next to the app). So I didn’t have to open the app first.

            It’s less clicking and waiting; I can get to my file in one click, directly from the Start menu.

  33. ElCapitan says:

    Is there any way to run Taskbar Inspector as a separate program? Really need this feature

    • Not yet, but it’s planned to be ported to a Windhawk mod. Meanwhile, feel free to vote for Taskbar Inspector on this page.

      • A says:

        Thanks! Taskbar thumbnail hovering Lists combined with Drag to Reorder are already very useful!

        Then the real thing would be reusable custom grouping of individual windows across apps (e.g. by project, sub-project, activity). If only it were possible to quickly regroup, (auto)save, and restore that in a tree view like Taskbar Inspector… Even better if it could be integrated into the taskbar itself (vertical or horizontal)…

        Still cannot find a window manager that would do that properly. Not to mention typical overhead and limitations of virtual desktops e.g. only one level of grouping, loosing overview, too siloed…

        Basically, it should be like the popular Tree Style Tabs or even better Sidebery v5, just supporting all the application windows/tabs, not only the browser.

        There’s still substantial room for OS improvement ( e.g. in terms of quickly and reliably restoring and switching working sessions across different sub-projects with dozens of apps and many documents. To minimize the time/effort overheard of context switching and quickly get back into focused ‘flow’…

  34. Jay says:

    Not sure the diff between “Grouping: Don’t group” and “Decombine taskbar buttons” so I voted for both. Basically, I really want to see individual windows in the taskbar again, instead of just app groups. I think that’s probably “decombine”.

  35. Mehmet says:

    Can you add “15 – Alphabetically sort group items” advanced option please? I happen to open many windows in an app, so I would like them to be sorted. I use this with taskbaritem|ctrl+rclick.
    Thank you very much.

  36. Lum says:

    I’d really like to see the vertical taskbar come back, especially a narrow one like with no_width_limit set on 7TT

  37. Sebastian says:

    You said
    “In Windows 7/10, you can’t truly disable grouping – even if you choose “Never combine taskbar buttons”, if you open several browser windows, they’re stuck together, you can’t reorder them and you can’t separate them”

    I’m not sure what you meant, but as you can see in the picture, fortunately you can have that.

    Is it possible to still have the small/thin taskbar in Windows 11 ? Like in the picture ? In windows 10 you activate that by going to Taskbar Settings/Use small taskbar buttons.

    • I’m not sure what you meant, but as you can see in the picture, fortunately you can have that.

      Right, you can if you use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. I meant that Windows doesn’t offer such an option out of the box.

      Is it possible to still have the small/thin taskbar in Windows 11 ? Like in the picture ?

      You can try the Large Taskbar Icons mod, which allows to configure the size of the icons and the height of the taskbar. Despite the name, it can also make the icons smaller.

      • Sebastian says:

        As far as I saw in your screenshot, the icons were smaller, but the taskbar was still big. Maybe was that big on purpose in that screenshot ? And in fact you can make the taskbar as small as you can in the above picture ? I hope.

  38. Steve says:

    I’d love an option to quickly toggle Taskbar autohide on and off. I make a lot of training videos and prefer to hide the Taskbar during those. Right now, I have to go into settings to turn it off, then go back again, multiple clicks each time. For me, the ideal scenario would be to middle-click on an empty part of the taskbar to turn autohide on/off.

    This is a feature I would definitely donate to upvote!

  39. Sanjay says:

    Multi-row taskbar. We used to be able to resize the taskbar to 2 or 3 rows by dragging the top. Incredibly useful for when there are many programs open.

    • Tom Honermann says:

      +1. I couldn’t find a way to navigate to taskbar items that aren’t visible on the Windows 11 taskbar! Is there a way to scroll to them?

    • crazycat says:

      +1. In prior Windows versions, I would display labels on my taskbar icons and to have my taskbar sized to display at least 2 rows based on the number of programs I usually have running.

  40. George says:

    Hi Michael (and other contributors eg. translators), thank you for your support and developing such a great app and the new windhawk mods.
    I’ve used the the 7+ taskbar tweaker for several years now and can’t imagine how it feels when using the standard config from Windows…

    The following is a long shot regarding a feature wish.
    The past week I’ve been searching for a different kind of taskbar tweaker app, yet couldn’t find one. It deals with my hoarding of tasks, I’ve got two rows of tasks (uncombined with labels, ungrouped), up to 30 tasks or more (W7 and W10). Mostly at work as an application administrator (ok, at home I bring my work habit as well…): at one time I am doing an action which requires several windows (=tasks at the taskbar), yet during that action a second or a third action pops up, ending with multiple windows/tasks, while the actions may not have been finished.
    I would like to see a “visual grouping of tasks per action”; for instance one action has a task for a search in Outlook, a task for Excel with an issue list; second action has a task for Outlook inbox, Excel with a sql output, Notepad for notes, browser for the application; third action has Notepad, browser window.
    I know I could work with virtual desktops from Windows (should be good for focus time I’ve heard), but I still would like to have the full overview.
    You could mirror it as having 3 browser windows, each having tabs for which each tab represents the task; or 3 Excel windows with tabs etc. But with all the tabs in eye sight.

    I think of the following ideas as to put it in action:
    So perhaps a seperator between “action-tasks”-groups or a color scheme per each “action-task”-group.
    It just would increase my productivity, desktop organisation/overview and workflows.
    This approach feels more logical in the way of working, instead of searching through a stacked/combined list of tasks from an application button.

    Or should I look for a different OS? Ubuntu with workspaces etc? ;^]
    Thanks in advance from the Netherlands.
    Best regards,

    • George says:

      Or perhaps another visitor has any ideas if such an app exists?
      Thanks in advance.

    • Hi George,

      That would be great, I’d also be happy to have a solution similar to that you described. For now, I’m not familiar with such a solution, and I mostly use virtual desktops to stay organized.

      I had the idea that taskbar groups similar to Chrome’s tab grouping might work well, but I don’t think anyone ever implemented something like that for the taskbar.

    • Tom Honermann says:

      I’ve had a similar desire; I think my workflow is pretty similar to yours. I’ve used 7+ taskbar tweaker for many years (thank you, Michael!) to enable (manually) co-locating windows on the taskbar that are related to a common task (I use KDE settings for similar purposes on Linux). Though I’ve used virtual desktops in the past, I’ve never successfully integrated them into my workflow; the desktop switch feels too jarring to me and I appreciate being able to keep an eye on windows for other tasks (or ones that aren’t specific to a task).

  41. Tom Honermann says:

    I just got upgraded to Windows 11 and have been playing with the “Disable grouping on the taskbar” mod. There is an interesting behavior that I’m guessing is a current limitation as opposed to an intentional design. When the mod is enabled or disabled, it doesn’t impact the appearance of existing windows (e.g., new entries don’t appear on the taskbar for existing windows when enabling it; per-window entries added when it was enabled are not re-grouped when disabling it).

    As I’ve been enabling and disabling the mod, I’ve ended up in a mixed state where, for a specific app like Firefox, some of the Windows appear as thumbnails for the pinned app while other windows appear on the taskbar. I think it would be very useful to be able to manually select which Windows appear on the task bar and which ones appear as thumbnails; either by dragging the thumbnail/icon or a right click menu option. The mod could then have an option for what the default should be for new windows. It would be extra cool if the configuration could be persisted across reboots such that, for example, when a Firefox session is restored, windows would be grouped or ungrouped to match the prior state.

    • There is an interesting behavior that I’m guessing is a current limitation as opposed to an intentional design. When the mod is enabled or disabled, it doesn’t impact the appearance of existing windows

      That’s right. I wanted to add a notice about that, but didn’t want to issue an update just for updating the readme. I’ll add it along with other updates in the future.

      I think it would be very useful to be able to manually select which Windows appear on the task bar and which ones appear as thumbnails

      Selective grouping, e.g. per program, could be nice. I’ll consider it for a future version of the mod.

      • Tom Honermann says:

        Selective grouping, e.g. per program, could be nice. I’ll consider it for a future version of the mod.

        That would be nice too, but I don’t think it is what I was suggesting. What I was suggesting was the ability to have some windows appear as thumbnails for a pinned program while other windows (for the same program) appear on the taskbar. Essentially, to be able to drag a thumbnail to the taskbar to ungroup just that window and to be able to drag a window on the taskbar over another window or pinned app on the taskbar in order to group their windows. Of course, I have no idea how feasible that is.

        If it is (or could be made to be) possible to group windows for unrelated apps, then this would enable the kind of manual task-based grouping that George requested.

  42. Calvin says:


    Windows 11 cannot peek the desktop preview when the mouse is over the “Show desktop” button. It is appreciate if this feature can be added.


  43. Mahdi says:

    Please add ability to move the taskbar to on top or side.

  44. Tom says:

    Hi, I love your software for years.

    My request is 1. vertical status bar together with 2. “no_width_limit” (which was really important to me in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker’s Advanced Options.)
    Thank you

  45. Tryout says:

    Приветствую, в Windows 11 22H2 при использовании Volume control появляется вот такая черная рамка:

    в прошлых версиях Windows 11 такого нет
    чтобы вызвать такую рамку в прошлых(включая win10) нужно зажимать CTRL
    в настройках специальных возможностей – клавиатура: галочка “подчеркивать клавиши доступа, когда они доступны” отключена, в реестре тоже “0” в этом параметре.
    у экранного диктора другая рамка, другого цвета (он тоже отключен)
    рамка появляется также если использовать 7+ tweaker и explorer patcher, и тоже только на 22H2
    физический клавиша на клавиатуре не залипла
    рамка появляется как на msdn дистрибутиве, так и на сборках

    • Приветствую,
      Да, я тоже заметил эту рамку, и она мне тоже не очень нравится, но пока не настолько, чтобы для этого искать решение. Вообще-то у меня была мысль попробовать научить мод использовать новый индикатор.

      • Tryout says:

        Новый индикатор, к сожалению, не имеет быстрого переключения устройств воспроизведения (с наушников на колонки и обратно в два клика)

        • Снова привет! Наконец-то сделал и то и другое – и добавил новый индикатор для Windows 11, и получилось убрать рамку в версии 1.1.

  46. Piskas says:

    Are we supposed to use 7+TT or Windhawk for Win11?

  47. Synomenon says:

    Can we please have a mod. that will hide the “Recommended” section in the Windows 11 Start Menu?

  48. Jerry says:

    Windhawk looks nice, at least they hook into the windows system, but they have the same limitations when it comes to the clock: no week numbers. So it’s back to the Win10 taskbar plus 7+Tweak plus YTracyClock. Would have been nice to be able to use just one tool.
    So much looking forward to going back to linux fulltime…

    • Thanks for the feedback. I added the option to add the week number in Taskbar Clock Customization v1.0.7.

      • Jerry says:

        Really? That was quick. 🙂 “Taskbar Clock Customization v1.0.7”, that is part of Windhawk?

        Note that there are different ways of calculating the week number. ISO (first week with four days is number 1) is the most used, but not in the USA. I’ve seen so many problems with Microsoft being a US-based company and not being aware of anybody living outside the US using a different system, even if that system is used more than in the US.

        • Really? That was quick.

          It was also requested here a month ago, so I had this planned.

          “Taskbar Clock Customization v1.0.7”, that is part of Windhawk?

          Yes: Taskbar Clock Customization. To use it, install Windhawk, and then install the mod.

          Note that there are different ways of calculating the week number.

          I didn’t find a way to get the week number from the system, so I implemented it manually. I hope that I got it right.

          • Jerry says:

            I am not sure, but from what I read, that code makes week number 1 the first week that has the first day of the week in it. That is not following the ISO way.

            ISO has Monday as the first day, and ISO says week number 1 is the first week that has 4 days in it. That means that week 1 is the week that has 4th of January in it. The week before would be week 53.


            • Yes, that’s slightly different. Do you think the ISO week date definition is more useful?

              Unless the week number needs to correlate with other systems/calendars, it seems to me that using the user’s customized first day of the week is more useful.

              • Jerry says:

                Well, a huge part of the world uses the ISO system. If Windows would have had a setting to use ISO, the first day of the week (set to Monday on my machines) and week numbers (week with Jan 4 in it) would be set implicitly. But for some reason, it took US software companies a long time to realise this.

                I think the best way to go is to implement to variables: week_num (you need to find the most-used style there) and week_num_iso. I believe that is what the good old TClock did. That way you would serve most people.

            • From the article:

              Other week numbering systems

              A mix of those, wherein weeks start Sunday and “containing 1 January” defines the first week, is used in US accounting, resulting in a system with years having also 52 or 53 weeks.

              That seems to be what the mod implements, except Sunday follows the user’s configuration for the first day of the week.

  49. Synomenon says:

    Any update on the bug with “Taskbar Labels” where the right-most items become unreachable?

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