7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker
7+ Taskbar Tweaker allows you to configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
Most of the configuration options it provides can’t be tweaked using the taskbar properties or the registry.
The tweaker is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


exe 7tt_setup.exe (1.78 MB, changelog)
Latest version: v5.15.1
Note: The installer can be used to extract a portable version. Refer to the FAQ below for details.

Beta version
exe 7tt_setup_beta.exe (1.79 MB, changelog)
Latest beta version: v5.15.1.2
More info about beta versions.

Windows 11 Support Status

  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker doesn’t support the Windows 11 taskbar, and probably never will. See this blog post for more details.
  • Some of the tweaks are available in Windows 11 as Windhawk mods. See here for the list of mods, and vote for missing mods that you’d like to see implemented. Read more about Windhawk here.
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker works on Windows 11 with the old taskbar which can be restored with third party tools. See this blog post for more details.

Demo video

Here is a video that demonstrates some of the tweaks:

Source code



Q: Which registry keys does 7+ Taskbar Tweaker modify? I don’t need extra processes in my system.
A: The only registry keys the tweaker modifies are its own settings. There are no registry keys for the options it provides. The tweaker does that by injecting a DLL to explorer, hooking/subclassing/some other methods of the dark side.
As for extra processes, the tweaker is a native program, and is very lightweight. It shouldn’t slow down your system, and uses an extremely small amount of memory. Also, you can hide the tray icon if you want.

In case you want to remove the tweaker’s settings from the registry, look for them here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (“7 Taskbar Tweaker” value)

P.S. if you’re a programmer, you might want to take a look at the 7+ Taskbar Tweaking Library.

Q: My antivirus complains about 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.
A: It’s a false positive. I guarantee that the tweaker binaries (and any other files on this site, unless specifically noted) are 100% clean.
Also remember that the tweaker injects into explorer and modifies its memory, which is indeed suspicious.

Q: Can I Group/Combine/Label only some of the items on the taskbar?
A: Yes, use Taskbar Inspector.

Q: May I use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker in a commercial environment?
A: Yes, feel free to use it wherever you want.

Q: Where is the portable version?
A: When installing the tweaker, choose the Portable type of install, as shown on the image below.
The portable version will be extracted to the selected folder.

Selecting the portable installation type

Note: If the tweaker is already installed on your computer, the option won’t be visible. You can launch the setup with the /portable command line switch to force a portable installation.

Q: I want to report a bug/suggest a feature! What is the best way to do it?
A: Post it on the UserEcho page.

Q: I want to translate 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to my language.
A: The archive below contains the files needed to be translated.
Please read readme.txt before proceeding.

zip 7tt_translate.zip (758.63 kB)

If you are brave enough to translate the help file, contact me for the required software and files.

Posted in Releases, Software by Michael (Ramen Software) on September 30th, 2009.

6,620 Responses to “7+ Taskbar Tweaker”

  1. Alexander FRanke says:

    the most recent beta version ( is falsely detected as a Trojan by Panda Antivirus (I assume because it has the exact number of file size). More info here:

    • Looks like a false positive. Please contact the company and ask them to remove the detection. Alternatively, use the non-beta version.

      • Vreemd says:

        It should be you who has to ask the virus companies to remove your product from their black lists. It’s your w=product, not ours.
        Using a non-beta version is not an option when using Windows 10 Creators Update.

        • I do that from time to time, but it’s very difficult to keep up with the 50 scanners on VirusTotal. Also, some don’t have a sane way to report false positives for non-customers. In any case, I believe that getting a report from a customer is going to accelerate the false positive removal, even if I report it independently.

    • Vreemd says:

      Scanners don’t look only at the file size. There are 8 scanners that mark the latest beta as a risk. Must be a reason for that, other than file size.

  2. Dave Bian says:

    Hi RamMichael;

    I want to make a report about 7TT… It stopped working after Windows 10 Creators Update.

    I’ve updated my Surface Pro 4 and when I turn it on, a warning appears reading something about “missing libraries” (sorta)… I have to disable 7TT from autostart.

    Please let me know if you know it already.

    Best wishes from Argentina.


  3. John says:

    Oh dear, just upgraded to creators update using the update assistant tool then found out taskbar tweaker doesn’t work. Please release fix soon, thanks.

    • thatdude says:

      the middle click and double click an empty taskbar space features (to mute, etc) are broken since recent windows 10 update

    • Bryn says:

      Also just updated and discovered that 7+ no longer works. Would also appreciate an update. Really hate stacking apps.

    • Jacob says:

      Yes, this is a really cool tool! A fix for Creator’s Update would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
      And I still really wish there was some other donation channel than PayPal… 🙁

    • KEALHOVIK says:

      Yeah, this tool is essential!
      Also what i really wait for in new updates to be fixed is reseting of button positions on virtual desktop changes. I like to use many instances of programs, so for example i have 2-5 opera browsers open and i arrange them so i know which is which, but i also want to use another desktop, when i come back all of those buttons are in one spot and arranged with time of opening.

      • John says:

        Yeah, i wanted this too. It was added a while ago. If you mean the problem where on different virtual desktops if you rearranged the icons, changing virtual desktops messed up the order of those icons?

        This was fixed. The option is kinda hidden and probably not everyone realizes the option is there (i didn’t for some time) but if you right click on notification area icon for taskbar tweaker and click advanced options, then look for virtual desktop order fix and change to 1.

        I did the creators update and completely forgot about taskbar tweaker, but it was one of the first things i noticed when the update completed. The update is actually quit good, but it sucks not having taskbar tweaker functioning.

        This is my number one essential program and i’m sure it is for many others also. Just hoping for a quick fix so we don’t have to suffer for too long!

        • KEALHOVIK says:

          Oh, wow, thanks, i didn’t realized there are “Advanced options” cause i hide it from tray)) But did it help with a problem that already opened apps (pined to taskbar) don’t show up on new desktop?
          And yeah, it would’ve been really cool to hide some tray icons when “Always show all icons in the notification area” is turned on.

    • Tuan Agile says:

      me too!

  4. Tom says:

    Same problem as John here 🙁 damn creators update

  5. John Mack says:

    Yep same here, getting Could not load library (104) error

  6. John Doe says:

    Ditto on the same.

  7. Daniel says:

    Please update the taskbar tweaker program to work in the creators update. I am already missing it after updating my PC.

  8. Blue Bird says:

    Please, we need 7ptt working with the Creators Update…

  9. John says:

    Pinned items aren’t affected, so default behavior for those. The change was to preserve taskbar order only. Personally, this is a major feature for me as i’m always reordering things!

  10. george says:

    Any Creators Update version??

  11. Ara says:

    How to backup 7+ Taskbar Tweaker configuration in case I have to clean install my PC?

  12. Clint says:

    Hi Michael,

    I am also getting the error with taskbar tweaker and the creators update. Are you able to provide any info of if/when an update can be released? Windows 10 just isn’t the same without it! Thanks

  13. Georg Hausmann says:

    same here, getting Could not load library (104) error like others reported already

  14. John says:

    Does anyone know if i roll back the creators update i will have to enter any of my login details again? such as password? Or can i just use my pin? I haven’t rolled back an update before and was wondering what this would involve?


  15. Gil Bar-shlomo says:

    My name is Gil and I’m from Israel.
    I would love to translate your wonderful software (7+ taskbar tweaker) into Hebrew, I’m sure it will help all Israelis who use your software.
    Please email me if you’d like to.

    Best regards,

  16. Yves says:

    Updated to latest version of Windows 10 creators update, and now get this error


    7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Could not load library (104)


  17. Thiago Henrique says:

    Hi! The 7+ tweaker is not working on windows 10 PRO version 1703 build 15063.138 (creator’s update). It says “it was not possible to load library(104)”.

  18. SorryBadEnglish says:

    7tt and Win7 with classic view:

    7tt changes the icons from directories.
    I set the icons with “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons\3 and 4.

    If I finish 7tt, then MY icons come back.
    If then I start 7tt again, icons change.

    Is there a 7tt setting for “dont change my icons” ?

  19. Baxer says:

    Автору покую, как я понял. Забейте. А еще донатил в своё время…

  20. Rathik says:

    I get the same:

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Could not load library (104)

    It seems microsoft doing what ever it takes to brake programs that are actually useful.

    Looking forward for the update


  21. CoproManiac says:

    After the new Windows 10 update, Taskbar Tweaker stopped working.
    I get a ‘Could not load library (104)’ error.

  22. Jacker says:

    Bitdefender, no more false positive! 🙂

  23. Amaury says:

    7tt doesn’t work any more on my windows 10, version 1703 (build 15063.250). Missing a library (104).
    Coul you tell me what to do ?

  24. evilC says:

    Looks like 7tt no longer works in the Win10 creators update? Are we likely to get a fix?

  25. Honey says:

    Thank you very much for the latest update.

  26. Alex says:


    Can you add feature with tray icon duplication when using 2 or more displays? At win10 taskbar visible at all displays, but second display taskbar without tray, only time 🙁

  27. jms says:


    really appreciate.

  28. rabelais says:

    thank you very much works really good with last win 10 update

  29. Alex says:


    I am trying to achieve the following:

    All programs/icons should not display label, except when there are 2 or more windows/instances of a specific program/icon. Icons with 2 or more instances should automatically decombine.

    So, everything which has 0 or 1 instance is without label, everything which has more than 1 instance is decombined and shows label.

    I have not found any way to do this. Is this possible?

  30. Talkingjazz says:

    Hi, I just got my Windows-Update installed. 7+ worked BEFORE, but doesn´t now. I´ve latest beta-version installed. There is NO 104-error (doesn´t appear), but the tweaker doesn´t work properly (icons stay small).

  31. Matt says:

    Thank you!!

  32. Max says:

    Since MS released Windows 10 and therefore started to mainly focus on catching up with all the other information suckers I do not wonder that tiny smart design ideas is the last we can expect from them. So thanks for people like you. I just stumbled over your tweaker while searching for a tool that allows me to place the pinned items under the frequent items, which makes just so much more sense because you open the pinned list with a right mouse click on the task bar and the pinned item are the ones you use much more often than the “frequent” items. I don’t see that setting in your tweaker options, but maybe it’s not much work to implement this? Sincerely, Max

  33. guayabita de perro says:

    you could to create a classic network flyout from windows 7 to 10. classic clock.
    please rammichel

  34. Shelly says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL,

    Do 7+ Taskbar Tweaker versions 5+ work with Windows 8.1?


    • Hi Shelly,

      Yes, it should be supported.

      • Shelly says:

        Something in Windows 8.1 Update for May broke my installed version of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, resulting in a “Could not load library (107)” 7+TT error message. I installed the latest 7+TT beta for Windows 10 Creators Update (v5.2.9.5). It fixed the above-mentioned error, and it appears to be running normally in Windows 8.1.

        • You were probably using a very old 7+ Taskbar Tweaker version. See here.

          • Shelly says:

            RaMMicHaeL, thanks for your reply.

            Yes, I had been using 7+TT version Sometimes, I adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to software, as I had done in this case. So, I did not upgrade from version until it “broke.”

            I was happy to see that the latest 7+TT beta fixed the “Could not load library (107)” problem, and I was also happy to see that a 7+TT beta written for the Windows 10 Creators Update also works with Windows 8.1.

  35. Rodney Baker says:

    I’ve downloaded both the release and beta versions but both give an error stating, “Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.”

    Both downloads appeared to complete successfully with Chrome but were shown as “failed” in Firefox. I’ve tried several times to download them with the same result.

  36. Alex says:

    Symantec (Norton) and maybe others always detect your portable EXE as a virus. Could you please look into that? Thank you.

    • Alex says:

      BTW< right now I’m trying to modify your EXE adding different manifests. editing version info, and HEX editing various values – nothing helps. This detection is pretty hardcore. And it’s not going away.

    • Thank you for the information. I’ve reported the false positive to Symantec. Hopefully the detection will be removed in the near future.

  37. V@no says:

    Are there any chances 7TT will ever be able reorder vertical taskbars?


    With monitors moving away from 4:3 aspect ratio, more and more people realize width is wasted now and vertical real estate is more important, moving taskbar on a side makes more sense.

  38. GioveFi says:

    Magic !!

    The only thing we really need from Windows 7 to 10 Creator Update… !

    Thanks a lot !

  39. N says:

    One big fucking thank you.

    By the way, is there something alike for Vista?

  40. Drey says:

    You are a genius, sir. Very well done

  41. Great program. It makes Windows 7 usable. However is an annoying problem (v5.2.1) – Sometimes the taskbar stays over full screen videos. To remove it I have to click on the taskbar, then click on the video, but after a while the problem returns. This problem happens all the time. Watching online videos is not easy.
    And another problem – the taskbar disappears below programs. To access it I have to minimize all programs or open the start menu. This is fixed when I exit 7+ taskbar tweaker and then start it again. This problem is very rare, but it happens sometimes

  42. Jupiter says:

    Is there a way to change application ID according to your choice/input instead of “random_group”?

  43. Craig says:

    Hi, Michael,
    One other little bug I just noticed on re-installing after my PC died last week… Attempting to select a different installation destination (specifically C:\Program Files) seems to fail with a complaint about being unable to load the .exe. Let me know if you want to fix it and can’t reproduce it for some reason, and I can give more system details.
    Thanks again for an awesome app!

  44. Stamimail says:

    Dropping = Open with
    It seems only files can be dropped.
    I tryed to drop folders and it didn’t work.
    Is this something can be solved?

  45. Alfonso says:

    Hi – the portable Beta version does not work on my win 10 + Creators Update.

  46. Win10User says:

    Is it possible to “left click on combined item” to show list, and “middle click on combined item” to show thumbnail preview?

  47. Jeff says:

    When I try to download the latest beta, the file takes a very long time to download and results in an exe that is not 1.32MB. The last time I downloaded, I got a 79KB file, the time before that it was a little over 200KB. Is the server possibly having issues?

  48. Ivan Pantic says:

    Thank you for keeping this updated.

    I thought the Creators Update will be the end of the road.

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