7+ Taskbar Tweaker and Windows 10 insider builds

With the release of Windows 10 in September 2014, Microsoft announced the Windows Insider program, which allows participants to test pre-release Window 10 builds. Unfortunately, due to the tight coupling of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker with the internals of Windows Explorer, every new Windows 10 build may break compatibility, and it often does. While working on compatibility with the initial release of Windows 10, I tried to keep it working with every build as it releases, which was a lot of work. I realized that I’m chasing a moving target, doing the same adjustments again and again. So since then (and until today), I decided support only non-insider Windows 10 builds.

A compromise

Even though polishing the tweaker to work on a new Windows build is a lot of work, having it to not crash while maintaining some/most of the functionality is usually much easier. So I decided to resume limited support for Windows 10 insider builds. I’ll try to fix critical incompatibilities when I find out that a new build breaks 7+ Taskbar Tweaker completely, provided that I’m able to allocate time for it. Just like previously with alpha versions, support for insider builds will be only available to those who supported the project with a donation.

No more alpha versions – from now on, beta and access codes

Another change that I had in mind for some time, and finally had the chance to implement, is getting rid of alpha versions of the tweaker. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker has official release versions and beta versions, and alpha versions felt redundant and confusing given the size of the project. One of the reasons I kept using alpha versions is to be able to provide early access to a limited amount of users as soon as possible, before it’s ready for the masses.

Starting from 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.5.0.3 (beta), experimental support for new Windows builds will be released with public beta versions, but will be locked with an access code. The access code will be available to those who decide to support the project, just like it was previously with alpha versions.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.5.0.3 provides experimental support for Windows 10 version 1809, based on insider build 17713. You can get it here.

Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on August 6th, 2018.

19 Responses to “7+ Taskbar Tweaker and Windows 10 insider builds”

  1. Will those of us who previously donated automatically get a code, or do we have to donate again?

    If it’s the former, can I have mine? 🙂

  2. Poopoorakookoo says:

    FYI the October 2018 update has been released to everyone.

  3. Moisés Freire says:

    Windows 10 Release 17763.1 not working.
    I’m waiting for new alpha.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi again
    I had to delete 7tL(beta) from my machine. I now wish to install again.

    When I tried to find your conformation and code email to me, I could not find it. Can you plase resend me an access code.

    Thank you

  5. Brad Hodges says:

    Sorry, I’m not seeing the 2404 beta, and the automated email just sends me the code but no link. Can you please confirm the link?

  6. bsdaddict says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL, I completely understand your position regarding insider builds and beta versions, but now that 2004 is no longer an insider build would you consider making the beta publicly available? Even if it’s not 100% ready for prime time I’m sure that most non-insiders who upgraded to 2004 after it was released, like I did, would prefer a beta version of 7+TT over no version of 7+TT and be willing to put up with a bug here or there. Heck, you might even convert more users to willing donators…

  7. Raki says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL, can i get a beta code as well, please?

  8. GlopGlop31 says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL, can i get a beta code as well, please?

    Merci @ toi

  9. Ryan says:

    Not sure where to report: Crash bug in beta: If you use multiple monitors and Disconnect one using ‘Disconnect this display’ in Display Settings, 7+TT crashes. Can be restarted after that just fine.

    • Thanks for the report. I couldn’t reproduce it on my computer. Can you provide a crash report from Event Viewer?
      How do I find event logs when a program crashes?

      • Ryan says:

        Please disregard. It appears to have been a misunderstanding on my part, as a consequence of having turned of the program from starting on windows boot (while troubleshooting other issues post-2004 update) .

        I am unable to reproduce, now. I think perhaps I thought it was crashing because i had not really been using the main feature I was using it for, after reboots (the ability to rearrange tasktray without grouping)

  10. Acardien says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL, can i get a beta code as well, please?

  11. denis says:

    I just backtracked my Win10 to version 1909. Before they accepted, they asked me “Why”. So I just checked Other with “7+ Taskbar Tweaker officially incompatible and a necessity” as my sole reason. If other people do the same, I hope Microsoft will buy you!

  12. Muriel Hykes says:

    The June 18th, MANDATORY Microsoft Edge update screwed up several of my programs big time. I’ll reinstall the regular version of TT but if that doesn’t work, I’ll be back for the beta.

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