7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker
7+ Taskbar Tweaker allows you to configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
Most of the configuration options it provides can’t be tweaked using the taskbar properties or the registry.
The tweaker is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


exe 7tt_setup.exe (1.77 MB, changelog)
Latest version: v5.13
Note: The installer can be used to extract a portable version. Refer to the FAQ below for details.

Beta version
exe 7tt_setup_beta.exe (1.76 MB, changelog)
Latest beta version: v5.12.3.5
More info about beta versions.

Windows 11 Support Status

  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker doesn’t support the Windows 11 taskbar, and probably never will. See this blog post for more details.
  • Some of the tweaks are available in Windows 11 as Windhawk mods. See here for the list of mods, and vote for missing mods that you’d like to see implemented. Read more about Windhawk here.
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker works on Windows 11 with the old taskbar which can be restored with third party tools. See this blog post for more details.

Demo video

Here is a video that demonstrates some of the tweaks:

Source code



Q: Which registry keys does 7+ Taskbar Tweaker modify? I don’t need extra processes in my system.
A: The only registry keys the tweaker modifies are its own settings. There are no registry keys for the options it provides. The tweaker does that by injecting a DLL to explorer, hooking/subclassing/some other methods of the dark side.
As for extra processes, the tweaker is a native program, and is very lightweight. It shouldn’t slow down your system, and uses an extremely small amount of memory. Also, you can hide the tray icon if you want.

In case you want to remove the tweaker’s settings from the registry, look for them here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (“7 Taskbar Tweaker” value)

P.S. if you’re a programmer, you might want to take a look at the 7+ Taskbar Tweaking Library.

Q: My antivirus complains about 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.
A: It’s a false positive. I guarantee that the tweaker binaries (and any other files on this site, unless specifically noted) are 100% clean.
Also remember that the tweaker injects into explorer and modifies its memory, which is indeed suspicious.

Q: Can I Group/Combine/Label only some of the items on the taskbar?
A: Yes, use Taskbar Inspector.

Q: May I use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker in a commercial environment?
A: Yes, feel free to use it wherever you want.

Q: Where is the portable version?
A: When installing the tweaker, choose the Portable type of install, as shown on the image below.
The portable version will be extracted to the selected folder.

Selecting the portable installation type

Note: If the tweaker is already installed on your computer, the option won’t be visible. You can launch the setup with the /portable command line switch to force a portable installation.

Q: I want to report a bug/suggest a feature! What is the best way to do it?
A: Post it on the UserEcho page.

Q: I want to translate 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to my language.
A: The archive below contains the files needed to be translated.
Please read readme.txt before proceeding.

zip 7tt_translate.zip (758.63 kB)

If you are brave enough to translate the help file, contact me for the required software and files.

Posted in Releases, Software by Michael (Ramen Software) on September 30th, 2009.

6,282 Responses to “7+ Taskbar Tweaker”

  1. Enkidu says:

    I have a simple suggestion for the next version of the program. How about an option to remove the extra gap between separate windows in the taskbar when grouping is disabled ? So they’re spaced closer together and not spread apart as individual groups. It would save space in the taskbar.

  2. greg says:

    i am unable to uninstall this program its very aggravating any suggestions ?

  3. anon says:

    You’re probably trying to install to program files. Just go with default installation path.

  4. neosix says:

    Works like a charm in Windows 8 professional. Tnx mate 🙂

  5. jerzamot says:

    This program is literally one of the reasons I switched to Windows 7. Thanks!

    There is one feature, though, that would make my year. Is there any way you could get Aero Peek to work while hovering over taskbar icons instead of previews? If not, do you know of any programs that can do this?

    Right now, I have nothing grouped, so Aero Peek could serve as a much better alternative to tiny window previews.

  6. ruben says:

    what am I doing wrong – never can update automatically – its always download from webpage

    Installed taskbar tweaker as admin

  7. jerzamot says:

    I’m getting a notification that there’s an update, but if I click on it, the program crashes. :/

  8. Albert says:

    I try to update from 4010 to 4100 but windows says ‘a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.’ Then I close the program. Its the 3rd time in a row so I’ve decided not to update !

  9. UnShame says:

    It says new version’s available but when i press Update it crashes. Version 4.0.10

  10. imad says:

    Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 detect: ( Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU.dm0@aG63M9ni.) can’t update fix it please 🙁

  11. ­­­­­­ says:

    Hi, I did translation of the program, but I was unable to get any info where to send it… So what I’m supposed to do with it? 🙂

  12. Roel says:

    I’m having problems with updating to the last version. Never had problems with updating before.

    See screenshots:

  13. Merlin says:

    Where is the portable version please?

  14. Emmi says:

    this thing work on windows XP or vista OS?

  15. Efim says:

    Please add in Taskbar Inspector window button or link for opening Options window (7+ Taskbar Tweaker window). This will be very useful is “hide tray icon” used.

    Thank you!

  16. Akuhano says:

    Would there be a way to lock a taskbar preview open? So that I can keep the window open, but when I do anything, to keep the preview open as well?
    When I hover over it, that is.

  17. Jacker says:

    my Bitdefender antivirus detected spyware, is that a false positive???

  18. Livven says:

    Hey, see your website is back up again. Thanks a lot for this useful tool, makes my taskbar so much more useful. Sent you a small donation 🙂

  19. John Kieff says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL –
    I have a suggestion that I think would be a great addition to 7TT. How about an option to always activate or keep active any clicked taskbar button? Windows 7 standard behavior for when you click an active task button is to minimize its window. This drives me nuts because it is hard to tell which taskbar item is active by looking at it since active buttons look very similar to inactive ones with the only difference being a bit of highlighting. And since I also keep the 7TT don’t combine and don’t group options checked I can easily click by accident an active taskbar button when several are of the same program. I googled a bit and I found others are out there wishing for the same feature. So I don’t think I’m alone in asking… No… Begging – please, please, please can you add this feature?


  20. Gaz says:

    I love this program. I used it with Win7 and now using it with Win8. Simple yet brilliant solution for the annoying Win7/8 taskbar. Many thanks

  21. Livven says:

    When “dropping” a file on a taskbar icon, I’ve chosen “open with” as the default action. However this means there’s no way to pin a file anymore which I occasionally need to do. Dragging and dropping with the right mouse button only produces a menu with “open with” and “cancel”.

    So, any chance you could add an item to the context menu after dropping a file over a taskbar icon with the right mouse buttom that does the opposite action of what’s chosen as the default?

  22. JohnM says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL,
    I have just found this program and think it’s great. Many thanks for your efforts.
    A question, if I may: when the Win7 taskbar is set vertically (left or right) and gets full a scroll bar appears and the button(s) at the bottom of the taskbar disappear and are only visible after scrolling. Is there an option to shrink the buttons instead so that are all visible and there is no need for the scrolling? If not, may I humbly request such a feature? This scrolling behaviour is my single biggest bugbear with Win7.

    • Hi JohnM,

      As far as I know, there’s no such option. Also, such option is not planned for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

      What I can suggest you is combining taskbar buttons of related tasks when the taskbar is full to avoid the scroll bar altogether.


  23. Mike says:

    Glad to see the website back again.

    Is it possible to regularly publish the MD5, SHA-1 checksums for the release?


  24. V10R37 says:

    I don’t know why, but after the last update every time I start my PC, the settings window opens.

    • You might want to try unchecking and checking again the “Run at startup” option in the settings window.

      • V10R37 says:

        When I did what you said, nothing changed. So I decided to see what happens if I live it unchecked. Now it starts the way it should.
        I think the cause of the problem is Glary Utilities (I used the start up delay and now I think there is something wrong with the start up)

  25. blackbird says:

    How do I uninstall this program?

  26. Rob Fawcett says:

    This is an exceptionally useful and well-thought-out addition to Windows. Thank you!

  27. Stamimail says:

    Why translations built into the software, so you updates software for translation?
    Look here:

    • Why translations built into the software, so you updates software for translation?

      Why is this an issue?
      Usually I try to push translation updates together with other software updates, but for v4.1.3, there were no other updates planned, so I just released it. If you’re not interested in this particular translation, choose to not notify about this update, very easy.

      Look here:

      What do you want me to see here? They show translation percentages and below it they write how to submit translations.

      They push translations with other updates as well, e.g.:

      2012-01-02 (
      Support for both Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0.
      Updated translations.
      Minor tweaks.

      • Stamimail says:

        There is no isuue. It’s only suggestion.
        Put translations files on site. Who wants will download his language translation file via the site.

  28. Eric says:

    Thanks! This is great.

    Do you know where I might find something similar for Explorer in Win7?

    The specific annoyance with Explorer is: double-clicking in the left pane to expand sub-folders sometimes moves the folder to the bottom of the pane instead of the top, thereby hiding the sub-folders.

  29. Guillaume says:

    I just discover your program. I install it on W7 Pro (x86). No problem. It works fine :-)).

    So, i try a “Standard” install on W7 Ultimate (x64) and at the begining of install, the program said to me than he had problem to write “c:\ Program Files (x86)\7 Taskbar Tweaker\7+ Taskbar Tweaker.exe”. Why ? :-((
    Peraps the “+” in the file name…
    Guillaume (from france)

  30. Guillaume says:

    Thanks a lot. Sorry for my stupid question. Now, I return to discover what is exactly your program

  31. tuman says:

    I’ve searched for solution to turn off thumbnail preview, grouping on taskbar by ID was turned off (I don’t know how it was done – but it was). So i found 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and it’s really disable thumbnail preview, but later i found how to do it by local policy. After that I forgot about tweaker and don’t launched it anymore, also my computer was working without reboot. But some time later I must to reboot my computer and since that I found that my buttons on taskbar now grouping by process and any logical system settings don’t turn them to previous state. There was no windows (7 x64 by the way) updates at this time, as well as I don’t did any registry changes, just installed new amd chipset drivers for usb – so I think only possible causer is tweaker itself. Any ideas how I can now undo grouping on taskbar by ID without necessity to keep running tweaker all the time (I have fad on the number of running programs)? Thanks in advance.

    • Grouping by AppID cannot be disabled without the tweaker.
      Also note that the local policy option doesn’t completely disable thumbnail previews – they still show up from time to time. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I think you will soon.

  32. Jacker says:

    If I double clicked on empty space taskbar, sometimes task manager doesn’t want to show up, any problems to fix it??

  33. Jacker says:

    It probably causes a problems if I install Classic Shell start menu and classic explorer, that’s why if I double clicked on empty space taskbar, sometimes task manager doesn’t want to show up, any solutions to fix it??

    • Anything more specific than sometimes?
      Also, does the problem only show up when the option is set to show Task Manager, or do other empty space clicking options have this problem as well?
      Does it work correctly without Classic Shell?

      • Jacker says:

        It does work well without Classic Shell start menu and classic explorer, but if I installed Classic Shell start menu and classic explorer, sometimes it doesn’t work.

  34. D says:

    Amazing work! Finally the taskbar has some flexibility and sensible setting options. Microsoft really should hire you to fix their lacking designs 😉
    This will make my life infinitely easier… Thank you!

  35. micco says:

    Hey, this is great software.
    I have one question about portable version.

    Is there a way to start 7tt minimized? Every time a start this program from my usb, settings window pops up. Is there a way to fix this?

  36. love your program. i like having my firefox open with 2 different profiles, so make a copy of firefox.exe and then open the 2 profiles with each exe and then use your program to seperate out the windows.

    Wish there was a way to tell your exe to do that for new windows of that exe. meaning anything new from firefox : a. put it in a random group OR (b) put it in the same group as the parent (which will be a random group 7 taskbar made)

    Want both choices – user can select in settings.

    Also is there a way to call Taskbar from the command line with some arguments (like this exe or window with title like ‘%Firefox%profile a %’ -> put to a random group ?

    Thank you

  37. Stamimail says:

    When dragging a button with Right Click, I can’t control always and easily to join or seperate the button to other group (making groups how I like).
    Using Ctrl/Shift with Right Click dragging is needed to control seperate/joining a button from/to a group.
    And, It still can’t be done via Taskbar Inspector (by simple dragging)

  38. Stamimail says:

    On second thought, you can also do this:
    When dragging a button by Right Click from one group to another, before it joins the other group , it will be separated from the first group, so it will be alone. Only if you continue to drag the button it will join the other group.

  39. Eric says:

    I’m a relative newcomer to Windows 7, having just bought my first laptop with it installed and having just gotten a new computer at work. I was a big fan of Taskix for Windows XP and came across Windows 7 Taskbar Tweaker when looking for something to help achieve similar functionality in Windows 7. I love 7TT and all I can do with it. I have it on both work and home computers. Thanks for a great program!!!

  40. Aleksandar says:

    damn kaspersky pure 2.0 if i mark the program to run at startup think its virus ->>
    7+ taskbar tweaker.exe PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic

  41. Aleksandar says:

    7+ taskbar tweaker.exe Detected: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic 2/10/2013 2:20:53PM
    7+ taskbar tweaker.exe Terminated: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic 2/10/2013 2:20:58 PM
    7+ taskbar tweaker.exe Moved to Quarantine: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic 2/10/2013 2:20:58 PM
    kaspersky just remove it in quarantine if i mark the program to run at startup if i click it manually every time when i log in with my win 7 x32 there is no problem

  42. Stamimail says:

    I read the Help File. I’ve a Request for another Target element (Advanced):
    Quick Launch Button
    So I can get Jumplist by Right Click on a Quick Launch Button, and setting shift+RightClick for the standard menu.
    Thank You.
    BTW, I’m not really sure where is to place those code lines in INI file.

    • Quick Launch buttons do not support Jump Lists. I don’t know how difficult it would be to make them support it, and I don’t plan to find out.
      Also, I don’t see why would you use Quick Launch when you could use pinned items with the “Don’t group pinned items” option.

      BTW, I’m not really sure where is to place those code lines in INI file.


      [Mouse Button Control]
      taskbaritem|ctrl+shift+lclick = 3
      emptyspace|x1dblclick = 1

  43. Stamimail says:

    Thank you for the Example.
    >Also, I don’t see why would you use Quick Launch…
    I’ve already explained you once. I’ll send you Email again..
    About my request, Maybe it could be done by Registry tweak?
    When we Right Click on a File/Folder/Shortcut there is Context Menu, and When we Shift + Right Click there is Expanded Context Menu.
    Maybe we can create a Registry tweak that returns Jump List when we Ctrl + Right Click or something similar?

    • I’ve already explained you once. I’ll send you Email again..

      Right, I remember that. I wasn’t sure I had this discussion with you, though.

      Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in the reply above, I do not plan to look at it in the near feature.

  44. RoGeorge says:

    T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H !!!

  45. Franz says:

    First of all, thanks for this great product.
    Now my question: Periodically my antivirus program f-secure warns me that taskbar tweaker wants to connect a server with the ip
    Can you explain what taskbar tweaker tries to do, when connecting this address?

  46. kceenav says:

    Hallo, sehr schönes Progrämmchen!

    Kleine Frage, bei der ich nicht genau weiß, inwieweit sie mit dem Tweaker oder Inspector in Verbindung steht:
    Unter Windows7 hatte ich einen Link “Computer”, der den Explorer in der entsprechenden Ansicht öffnete. Ferner gleichzeitig einen Link “Bibliotheken”. Äußerst praktisch war, dass (bei entsprechender Tweaker-Einstellung) die jeweiligen Explorer-Fenster in der Taskleiste benachbart zum zugehörigen Link dargestellt wurden. Und automatisch das jeweilige Symbol verwendeten – was die Übersicht sehr erleichterte.

    Jetzt in Windows8 bekomme ich dieses Verhalten nicht mehr hin. Wobei ich nicht weiß, ob es an “8” liegt oder womöglich an einem anderen Kommando des Computer-Links…

    Kann man das von mir gewünschte Verhalten mit dem Inspector herbeiführen? Oder woran könnte es liegen, dass es jetzt nicht mehr “von selbst” zustandekommt?

    • Hi,

      I don’t speak German. I tried to use a translator, but I didn’t understand much.

      • kceenav says:

        Sorry, somehow I was under the impression you were german. 🙂

        I’ll try in English: I like your application very much, thank you!

        But since having switched to Windows 8 one thing related to the placement of taskbar buttons doesn’t work as it did before – and as I want it to.

        I use one button to open Windows Explorer in its default view: libraries. And another which opens the “Computer” view. On Windows 7 – and with appropriate 7tt-settings: no grouping, etc. – the representation of windows opened via the “Computer” button was placed next to that button, whereas the representation of the standard libraries-views were placed separately, next to their button.

        And since each window also adopted the symbol of the taskbar button used to open them – different symbols that is – this behavior resulted in a nice, clear arrangement.

        Meanwhile I figured out in Win8 how to get Explorer windows to adopt the differing symbols (configured no grouping in Win8 taskbar menu). But what’s still lacking: “Computer” views are NOT placed next to that button, but next to the standard button (or any “Libraries”-view windows already open).

        Can Taskbar Inspector help me to recreate the separation I had in Windows 7? Or do you have some other suggestion what to do with that little problem?

        • I use one button to open Windows Explorer in its default view: libraries. And another which opens the “Computer” view. On Windows 7 – and with appropriate 7tt-settings: no grouping, etc. – the representation of windows opened via the “Computer” button was placed next to that button, whereas the representation of the standard libraries-views were placed separately, next to their button.

          How did you do that on Windows 7?
          Seems like both “Computer” and “Libraries” have the same AppID, both on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

          • kceenav says:

            The “Computer” button is just a pinned link to explorer.exe, with (a) parameter(s) to specify the view (I have no clue about the parameters).

            Since several slightly different explanations about how to create such a link can be found, perhaps the reason my current one doesn’t work as it did in Win7 might be related to the parameter(s)? I cannot say if the link previously used has been different in some little detail …

  47. Stamimail says:

    AutoMaximize Windows (Maximize automatically each new window that opens)
    Is it a appropriate mission to 7TT?

  48. Mike says:

    I just discovered this program and want to say thanks. I was looking for a way to disable the menu that pops up when I hover over taskbar icons (with Aero turned off) and this worked great.

  49. Martin says:

    Hey there!

    First, I want to thank you for this awesome program! Its features really make the Windows 7 taskbar a lot better! 🙂

    Secondly, I would like to propose a new feature: Upon hovering over the notification area of the taskbar, the hidden notification icons could be shown. There is a program that already has this feature called “Bins”. Bins has an option for this in its settings. But I don’t want to use Bins just for this feature (I don’t need the bins-function itself) and think it would be a great addition to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker!


  50. Roger Huston says:


    When I go to install I get an error that says “7+ Taskbar Tweaker is designed for Windows 7/8 only”

    I’m trying to install on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.


    • The installer shows this message for Windows version other than 6.1 or 6.2.
      All Windows 7 editions should be 6.1. I can’t think of a reason why you see this message. You don’t run it in compatibility mode, right?

      Anyway, here’s a setup that is modified to show what version it detects:
      What does it show for you?

      • Roger Huston says:


        I found the problem. Somehow the permissions on my temp directory were altered. My user no longer had write permissions to that directory. I tried another installer as well and it threw a different error (couldn’t find a necessary dll to perform install.) and a search reveled a permissions problem. A quick fix was to run the installer under admin rights and it worked fine.

        Sorry for the false alarm.

        – Roger

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