Multiline Ultimate Assembler v2.0

Multiline Ultimate Assembler (previously known as MUltimate Assembler) v2.0 is out.

A new name
The plugin is called Multiline Ultimate Assembler now. I never liked the old name, MUltimate Assembler. It could easily be misread as Multi-Mate, while the intention is Multiline-Ultimate.

Note: if you update from an older version, change the section name in ollydbg.ini from “MUltimate Assembler” to “Multiline Ultimate Assembler” to keep the plugin’s optiosn.

An OllyDbg v2 port
The plugin was ported to OllyDbg v2.
Currently there’s one known issue: the data commands (DB, DW, DD, etc.) aren’t supported by the new OllyDbg’s assembler, so you cannot use them.

A help file
I’ve written a help file, which explains the assembler syntax, the editor interface, and the plugin’s options. It should make it easier to get started with the plugin.

Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on October 17th, 2012.
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