7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.2, with support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

As some of you might have noticed, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.2 was released about a week ago. The main feature of the new tweaker version is the support for the new Windows 10 update, known as the Anniversary Update, which was released on August 2. Apart from the support for the new update, v5.2 brought some new features. Below are some of them.

Windows 10 virtual desktops and the order of taskbar items

Have you ever experienced the following taskbar ordering issue in Windows 10?

I encounter it once in a while, and I wanted to have a fix for it for a long time now. Finally, the virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.2 fixes this issue and preservers the order of the taskbar items when switching between virtual desktops.

Windows 10 notification area and the spacing between icons

7+ Taskbar Tweaker v4.4.2, released in December 2013, introduced the tray_icons_padding advanced option. Unfortunately, with the release of Windows 10, the notification area has undergone some changes, and the tweaker couldn’t use the same tricks for implementing the option.
7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.2 restores this option for Windows 10 by using a different implementation. Even though it’s less flexible (e.g. you cannot reduce the spacing below a fixed minimum), it allows to control the spacing size similarly to the way it worked on pre-Windows 10 systems.

More Mouse Button Control advanced options

7+ Taskbar Tweaker v4.4.2 adds the following Mouse Button Control options:
volumeicon – allows to customize actions for volume tray icon click.
showdesktop – allows to customize actions for the Show Desktop button.

That means that you have even more flexibility in customizing mouse button hotkeys. For example, you can now define a custom action for middle clicking on the Show Desktop button.

A note about the taskbar clock in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The internal implementation of the taskbar clock was changed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, probably to aid in implementing the taskbar clock on all monitors novelty. This had the following consequences:

  • The Display seconds on the tray clock option had to be re-implemented. That wasn’t very difficult, as it appears that the new taskbar clock implementation supports this feature out of the box. All is needed is to set the registry value ShowSecondsInSystemClock to 1 (DWORD) in the following branch:

    The tweaker doesn’t modify the system registry, but it uses the existing functionality instead of rolling out its own, as it was for older Windows versions.

  • The tray_clock_fix_width advanced option is not relevant anymore – the issue was fixed.
Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on September 15th, 2016.

75 Responses to “7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.2, with support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update”

  1. wocala says:

    Failed on the new Win 10 OS version 14393.187 and 14393.189 updated on September 13.
    After uninstalling the update, tweaker functioned well.
    Please check the new update. Thanks!

  2. John says:

    Great to see the preserve taskbar order option. Absolutely crazy this hasn’t been fixed by MS yet. Taskbar Tweaker is literally the only program that can preserve taskbar order in Windows 10 when using virtual desktops. I know this because i tried all the virtual desktop programs out there and all had the issue of taskbar icons moving if they were rearranged from their orginal order. The only program i did have some luck with was the ancient Desktops v2.0 by Sysinternals from 2012 on the Microsoft website.

    With taskbar tweaker i can now rearrange my taskbar icons and switch virtual desktops without worrying about my icons changing order. What a great relief this is! Thank you!

    The only issue i have encountered with this which you may not be aware of, is that taskbar order is not preserved for pinned icons. For example, if i pin an icon and change its position, it always goes back to the beginning of the taskbar when switching between desktops.

    As i pin transparent blank icons to my taskbar to use as a seperator for different groups of programs, it would be good if pinned icons could have their order preserved also.

  3. I F Mosley says:

    This may be the wrong place to raise this question; however, please accept my apologies in advance.

    My query is –

    Does Taskbar Tweaker v 5.2.1 work with versions of Windows pre the anniversary issue?

    • Currently, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker supports the three final builds of Windows 10:
      Windows 10 RTM (build 10240), Threshold 2 (build 10586), and Redstone (the Anniversary Update, build 14393).

      • Shelly says:

        What version of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker should one use with a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit?

        • The latest version, 5.2.1, should work. The remark was only about Windows 10 builds, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are still supported.

          • Shelly says:

            OK, thanks!

            • Shelly says:

              Recently, due to Windows Update, various third-party programs on my Windows 8.1 32-bit computer did not work correctly. One of them was 7+ Taskbar Tweaker — it could not load a library. One by one, I was able to fix the various problems caused by Windows Update — fortunately without having to make a fresh install. To fix 7+TT, I over-installed its current version with (beta), and that beta version works as it should with Windows 8.1 32-bit (at least for the 7+TT features that I use). So that confirms what you wrote two posts above, RaMMichHael.

              • I assume that you were using a version older than v5.0. In general, I suggest you to enable update checking for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, and to always use the latest version.

                • Shelly says:

                  Yes, I had been using v4.5.1.7 beta, because it was the first version that worked as I needed 7+TT to work. Once I got all the tweaks just right, I stopped updating.

                  Thanks for the suggestions to enable update checking and also to use the latest version.

  4. Me says:

    Wonderful, thank you so much !!!

  5. Mikus says:

    Hello and thanks very much for an awesome and a very useful app. I have a question / request:

    I have several applications pinned to the task bar and each of these apps has pinned jump lists. Pre Windows 10, we were able to re-arrange the order of the pinned jump list items, but since Win 10 we have lost that ability. I was hoping Win 10 Anniversary would fix that, but no cigar.

    Is that functionality something that you can add to Taskbar Tweaker? It’s very useful for me and the team I work with. I imagine it would be useful for all the disgruntled Win 10 users who were able to do that in Win 7.

    Thanks and all the best.

  6. Bernd says:


    let me start by saying that I love the tool you have created! I has improved my daily workflow quite a bit during the last few years.

    However, with the recent update I have run into the following problem:
    After starting my PC the tray icon shows that an update is available (5.2) even though the ‘About’ window shows that I already have this version.
    If I click ‘Update’ it runs a very quick download and afterwards shows that an update is available again (same 5.2) and so on…

    Could re-installing the program help?
    Any ideas in case it does not?

    • Hi,

      I’m not familiar with this issue, you’re the first one to report it. Re-installing might help.
      Also, could you provide a screenshot of the update dialog?

      • Bernd says:

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        Here’s a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/SYgY643.jpg

        Small detail: it shows that 5.2.1 is available but it seems the program is unable to apply the patch since afterwards it still shows that the current version is 5.2

        This is on Windows 7 btw.

        I’ll try re-installing and report back after that.

        P.S.: In my previous post the 2nd sentence was supposed to say “It* has improved…” 😉

        • Bernd says:

          Okay, re-installing seems to have worked in that it now shows that I have version 5.2.1 (although I’m not sure yet whether this problem could happen again in future versions).

          Also not sure if it’s important but just to be safe I also had the uninstaller remove the settings (and then quickly re-applied them by hand after running the installer I freshly downloaded from this page).

  7. Kidmar says:

    Hi, I like your prog but I have a strange behaviour.
    In my taskbar properties I have selected the “Group only if needed” option.
    In 7+ Taskbar I have selected “Grouping – Don’t group” and “Combining – Use taskbar settings”.
    The taskbar is not grouping correctly (I can freely move instancies of the same program), but they never get combined.
    It looks like “Use taskbar settings” does not work with “Combine if needed” option.
    It should combine instances of the same program when there is not enough space
    I’m on Win 8.1

    • Hi,

      I have selected the “Group only if needed” option.

      There’s no such option. You probably refer to “Combine taskbar buttons – When taskbar is full”.

      It seems like you are confusing the “grouping” and “combining” terms. Combining is relevant only for grouped items, and has no effect if grouping is disabled. Please refer to the help file for more details.

      • Kidmar says:

        Hmmm…Yes I’m a bit confused 🙂
        Anyway, I’ll try to explain what I would like to achieve.
        I need taskbar buttons to be combined when taskbar is full.
        And i would like to be able to order combined icons by dragging them.
        In 7+ Taskbar there is an option to do so (drag using right mouse button) but I find it hard to use it because my windows have the same title, so I see no changes while I right-drag them.
        Instead, if they are not grouped, I can left drag them and see the icons swap with an animated transition. But this way they never get combined if they become too many.

        Is there a way to combine when taskbar is full and being able to left click to drag them (or see the same animation when right-dragging)?


        • Is there a way to combine when taskbar is full and being able to left click to drag them (or see the same animation when right-dragging)?

          No, currently that’s not possible.

          In 7+ Taskbar there is an option to do so (drag using right mouse button) but…

          You can also try the option:
          Thumbnails -> Drag to reorder

  8. Meep says:

    So MS pushed out another preview build (14942) and added a button to hide the all apps list, FINALLY! It made me so happy. I installed the preview instantly.

    I totally forgot 7+ might stop working which it did.

    For now I will have to live without it because that hide all apps button is just <3.

    I understand you can’t support preview builds etc but I look forward until I can use 7+ again.

    Thank you for your awesome work :).

    • Samuel Gabriel says:

      Same here I have version 14931 which was installed automatically to the Slow Ring. 7+ stopped working. Same problem as before
      Could not load library (104)

      • jurev says:

        You may disable Windows Insider Previews (I just did, I find them too annoying updating/restarting my computer every week anyway, finding nothing new :). Strange that every win 10 update breaks 7+ (I have the same problem with 14931).

  9. Vulkan says:

    I like your prog but I have a strange behaviour. Thank you so much

  10. Pat G says:

    Yes to Mr Michael or anyone else. I do want to say I donated $15 on 11/23/15 I believe for No Script which I love. I downloaded the 7+Taskbar Tweaker as the Icons on the Taskbar are just to small. I have Win 10 Anniversary 1607. It does have its problems. I have wanted to move my Taskbar Icons from the left side more towards the middle for a little easier clicking on. I have read and read and read the instructions and everything connected to them. I am at least an average or above average user but, I guess I am overreading. I find alot of contradictions in the setup. Just me. My bottom line question is? Does this program allow me to drag a Icon say my Firefox browser Icon more to the middle of the Taskbar and it is on the bottom of my screen or to the right some to the middle say??? I have changed and checked the Taskbar Tweaker all over the place. Change the numbers in the Advanced options etc. Just want to know am I asking for something that isn’t there? Thanks Pat

  11. Pat G says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. It is quite simple what I am trying to achieve although it is really not necessary to do. First, ur program did what I wanted and that was to increase the size of 5 Icons I have in my Taskbar that is on the very bottom of my screen on the very left hand side. Firefox, Skype, Word, Task Manger and File Explorer. I would just like to drag them across more to the center of my Task bar just making it slightly easier to click on when I want to open them in my Win 10 Anniversary 1607. Kinda petty I guess and not important but, I thought by reading ur Manual this is possibly by tweaking ur program settings. If not possible to do this no big deal. if this can be done I’m sure u will instruct me how to do this. If not is ok. Thanks. Love ur programs. Pat

  12. Pat G says:

    Ok great. Thanks for the answer. I was beating my brains out on that trying to figure out on my own. Thanks for the answer. Thanks for ur great programs.

  13. Luis says:

    I have a problem… with win 10 buil 14955



  14. GWK says:

    wow great work Windows 10 notification area and the spacing between icons superrrrr 🙂 thank for every update 😉

  15. Would it be possible to add an advanced setting that on startup sets the taskbar width?

    The reason for this is I’m using a slightly weird AutoHotKey startup script where when my laptop is docked it runs at 150% DPI and when undocked its 100%, this causes Windows to freak out and change the width of the taskbar, saving it to wherever the hell it saves its settings.

    The script is also reading the width of the desktop area to tell when 7TT is loaded and it can start positioning windows, but this fails if Windows has a wider setting saved in the registry.

  16. Ygld1 says:

    Hey, how did you implement virtual_desktop_order_fix? I tried it and it works perfectly as intended with the Windows virtual desktops. However I use a third party program called Dexpot which this fix doesn’t work for, so I’m curious as to how you implemented it so I can try and fix taskbar order when switching desktops in Dexpot.

  17. sa says:

    multirow_equal_width is gone.

  18. Max Alexander says:

    Thank you for creating this lightweight, soothing tool for the minimalist perfectionist! I adore the internet.

    Is it possible to remove the year from the date in system tray? It seems unnecessary, & causes the date to disappear when vertical width is resized to its smallest. I understand if this is a battle against the Windows core programming.

    Also, the distance between the touch keyboard, language, date, & action center is, distant. I love & bless you for the compression of the tray icons, however I did not see this functionality extend to these buttons.

    Is it possible these are upcoming features?

    Thanks for your insight RaMMicHaeL!

    • Thank you for creating this lightweight, soothing tool for the minimalist perfectionist!

      You’re welcome 🙂

      Is it possible to remove the year from the date in system tray?

      See my comment here, and the comment about T-Clock.

      Also, the distance between the touch keyboard, language, date, & action center is, distant.

      I might look at it one day, but currently, I don’t have much time to work on it.

  19. Ivan says:

    BIG thank you!
    Very annoying taskbar tooltips, i can`t remove this ###, you soft helped me.

  20. Anatoly says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL

    Thanks for an awesome product. Been using it for years until the itch for insider builds got hold of me.

    Could you tell us the reason the app always breaks with a new version of Windows? Perhaps we pseudo-developers can fiddle around with some registry keys or explorer behavior to fix it.

    Appreciate your reply!

  21. Pedro Bravo says:


    loosing the order of the taskbar items when switching desktops is still not fixed for me, it’s a big pain since sometimes I work with up to 12 desktops. I have v5.2.1.

    “virtual_desktop_order_fix”: is this supposed to be an option on the UI? I don’t see it.

    I use Dexpot because it allows naming the desktops, but I tried specifically Win10 virtual desktops and even uninstalled Dexpot to test again just Win10’s. Could it be interfering?


    • “virtual_desktop_order_fix”: is this supposed to be an option on the UI? I don’t see it.

      It’s a so-called “advanced option”. Refer to the help file for more details.

      Also, it doesn’t work with Dexpot, only with the native virtual desktops.

  22. Max says:

    Error again im on 15063 creators update 7 taskbar well it refuses to work not even work in compatible mode . Did you force it to break on purpose at higher versions? meanwhile i run a tweak to get rid of the dark tasskbar dialogs that has not been updated for ages and it works!!!

    • Did you force it to break on purpose at higher versions?

      Of course not. Read the following post for an explanation for the reason it breaks:


      …the tweaker depends on the exact structure of many internal elements of explorer. Any small change can make the tweaker break…

      • Hacktheplanet says:

        but howcome other programs like classicshell and the other inject file called http://www.askvg.com/tip-get-rid-of-dark-context-menu-in-windows-10-taskbar/ works on new versions of windows explorer and 7 tweaker refuses to even inject? these other programs also make similar changes.

        • To be fair, 7TT does a lot more changes than both of those. Classic Shell doesn’t need to do much more than hook into a click event for the start button. That context menu tweak most likely just hooks into a call to display the new-style context menu and converts it into a call to display the old style. Both of these are well documented public APIs that would break loads of software if they changed, so MS don’t change them. Even then StartIsBack++ managed to break with the creators update.

          7TT hooks into the resizing, the drawing of the systray, the clock and a whole bunch of other things that are mostly not public APIs and are not documented at all unless you work for MS. Even if you don’t use those features it still needs to inject a DLL that handles them, and RaMMichael needs to find where every single one of these got moved to and what changed, without documentation.

          For a fairer comparison, compare 7TT to Glass8; another program that burrows into places MS don’t want you to in order to add functions. That’s also been broken by the creaturs update and will take a while to sort as things have changed.

          Don’t get me wrong I wanna see 7TT for the creators update as much as everyone else (I hate the 64px wide vertical taskbar soooo much!) but we don’t even know for 100% if the build we’re all running is the final one or if MS may yet push out another RC and change something before the 11th, so I wouldn’t be surprised if work on supporting it hasn’t even started yet!

          • Hacktheplanet says:

            the clock? since i removed all mobile stuff nothing can bring classic clock back 🙁

            • 7TT still has a couple of options that modify the clock.

              Personally I’d recommend TClock Redux for modifying the clock it does a lot more, albiet in a very different way to 7TT, and is currently working on the creator’s update.

  23. Dmitrik says:

    Hi! Thanks for you great job. And when will we be able to expect support of 15063 Creator’s Update?

  24. ampiva says:

    Hi, if you need some donations to get working on the new 15063 update I’d be willing to contribute again. Thanks for all your work!

  25. kykc says:

    I’m also looking forward to support development of Creators Update support (which is officially out now)

  26. RJG says:

    Me too – looking forward to supporting development of a Creator’s Update version of 7++ Taskbar Tweaker. Thanks!

  27. Any plans perhaps for support for the Windows 10 Creators Update?

  28. Grant says:

    +1 for a Creators Update version, please.

  29. David says:

    The extra clicking after the icons returning to being grouped in my taskbar is driving me nuts now i’m on Creators. $10 with your name on it when it’s fixed 😀

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