7 Taskbar Tweaker v3.1

Meet 7 Taskbar Tweaker v3.1!

New in this version:

  • More taskbar item hover options. Now you can choose to show a list instead of the thumbnail preview (see screenshot below), show a tooltip (shows only if the title doesn’t fit), or show nothing at all.

  • More combining options. You can choose to combine (or not) your taskbar items. This, e.g., is how the taskbar looks with the “Always combine, hide labels” taskbar option and the “Don’t combine grouped items” tweaker option:

    Also, you can set per Application ID rules for combining in Taskbar Inspector.

  • New option: Reserve empty space on taskbar. The tweaker has options for middle/double clicking the taskbar’s empty space. It works great except when the taskbar gets full. This option reserves a little square at the end of the task list, where you can always double/middle click.

  • New option: Hide the “Show desktop” button. This option was requested several times, so here you go.

  • Small fixes. The most notable of which is that the thumbnail preview does not get closed when you minimize with the mouse wheel.
Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on November 13th, 2011.

40 Responses to “7 Taskbar Tweaker v3.1”

  1. Carlos says:

    How about automatic update?

    Also, I made two translations of your software. I tried to send them to your captcha protected email, but it isn’t working. So, how should I send them to you?

    Have a nice day, and keep the nice work!

  2. xpclient says:

    Does it set the NumThumbnails value to 1 to show a list?

    Reserve empty space on taskbar=simply brilliant.

    Looking forward to “click to hovering over taskbar thumbnail to minimize instead of hover”.

  3. bobo says:

    What about portable version? I see If I install program, move to other disk, delete post on programs and functions, and clean registry with CCleaner (delete one) your program work fine. What is the point of installation?

    And again, planning to introduce the option to highlight the current application? Look to your screen, difference between active and inactive application is too small. Any chance to repair this gaps? Maybe some frame, stronger shadow, anything more visible.

  4. MainTrane says:

    Thanks, you really did a great job improving the app with this update.

    There are two features I’m hoping will come soon…

    Left clicking a taskbar button always shows the chosen window.
    Left clicking a thumbnail preview toggles always-on-top.

  5. Tri says:

    I set the option to close with middle click + decombine active group and I came across 1 problem

    Everytime I middle click to close 1 of the active windows, it does not close the window under my mouse but the 1st window opened

    Hope you can fix it!

  6. bob says:


    You saved the insanity that is the Win7 taskbar.

    Many Thanks.

  7. OlegYch says:

    Please make it correctly remember the positions of pinned items in taskbar and the order of windows of one application.
    This works particularly badly in multi-monitor configuration. When i move a window back and forth or close/reopen application, its windows may appear in random order and the pinned item appears even though the application is running and its other windows are on taksbar.
    Otherwise you’re doing a great job.
    Thanks, Oleg.

  8. Mark says:

    brilliant work mate! I’m a big fan!!!!!

  9. bobo says:

    Searched long for such app!
    One small problem: it blocks the small envelope icon when new mail arrives (using outlook 2007). Any fix on that?

  10. Matt sg says:

    Thanks for this. I just downloaded the 64bit version v3.1… Outstanding app…. I’ve been googling for months now on how to change pinned app taskbar rows with your scroll wheel… Madding microsoft doesn’t have that feature when the W7 taskbar is the best feature of the whole OS!

    The feature in 7TT that scrolls between open apps with your scroll wheel is close enough to what I want!!! My scroll wheel is probably going to die faster than the rest of my mouse now!

    Keep on improving this, and I will keep on downloading… 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Matt sg says:

    I’ve got a problem to report after i’ve been using it for a few minutes… The ‘leave extra space for clicking on the taskbar’ option doesn’t seem to work for mine. I have my font size bumped up to 170% though. That may be the reason the extra space isn’t responding to my clicks…

    Hope for an update in the future! Thanks!

  12. Matt sg says:

    I would like to request for a feature to simply scroll between rows of taskbar icons (I have mine filled all the way to 150% (and growing) now). 🙂 That feature could be added to the mouse wheel category. 🙂

    • Matt sg says:

      This, just to clarify, is to be able to flip between entire filled up rows of taskbar pinned items by scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel.

      I guess this would negate the ‘scrolling thru open programs with the mouse wheel’ function. But it makes getting from programs on extreme ends of the open program list a whole lot easier.

      • Matt sg says:

        The whole point of this is that i HATEEEE using the up/down arrows in a rectangular bar on the side that the aero theme gives you when you have too many icons!

  13. Matt sg says:

    Another feature request: option to invert the scrolling direction of open programs (like tab mix plus). Somehow I am more used to scrolling up to get deeper into the list of programs… thanks!

  14. noby says:

    how set “always show label” for all open and opened applications???

  15. OlegYch says:

    I’m not sure if my previous comment was published, but i’d like point out that in multi-monitor configuration with UltraMon configured to have separate taskbars per monitor Taskbar Tweaker behaves badly. Same happens when using virtual desktops with VirtualWin application.

  16. ict says:

    I understand that 7TT modifies into memory for its tweaks. How difficult is it to allow an option to store its settings in registry? i.e allowing the settings to work even without 7TT running.

    I love what this tool does, but I don’t necessarily want to keep it running for the settings to be in effect just for some tweaks.

    • Umm, impossible?
      Registry is a bunch of settings explorer uses set configuration it was made to work with. You cannot use the registry to make it do something it wasn’t designed for.

      • ict says:

        Yeah, I understand that many of the settings in 7TT are unique to the program and doesn’t carry over. But aren’t some of them able?

        For instance, the right-click on taskbar items for the standard context menus. The default win7 setting is the fancy menu, while shift+right click will give the classic context menu. Are you saying it’s impossible to make this specific function to carry over into a registry setting?

  17. ict says:

    Ah, well.

    Thanks for replying me. I’ll continue to use this tool in any case. The features are very handy.

  18. Howard says:

    New feature suggestion – sort taskbar buttons alphabetically – I got used to it from KDE (Linux environment) and I realized after many experiments it suits me the best. Is it possible that 7 Taskbar Tweaker could do it?

  19. bru.net says:

    НЕ РАБОТАЕТ циклическое переключение

    Cycle through windows NOT WORK

  20. Marco says:

    My AntiVir 2012 detected Malware in the installer: TR/Krazy.6246

    I trust you more than Avira though 🙂

  21. Matthew says:

    Hi there, i recently found your program and i must say that it is fantastic! i do have a suggestion to make though, is that you could make middle-clicking on the empty space run a keyboard shortcut determined by a user instead of just the listed available.

    that way, reserving an empty space + middle clicking on empty space would prove to be a valuable “invisible taskbar shortcut”

  22. V10R37 says:

    I like to have all the programs in the taskbar in a specific order, but I don’t want to get to many rows on it. So I was thinking about adding in the Taskbar inspector the option to hide the icons of pined programs when not running to get more free space.
    What do you think about this idea?

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