Windows 11 Taskbar Styler v1.2: New styling capabilities

Windows 11 Taskbar Styler is an advanced Windhawk mod to override style attributes of the taskbar control elements. It started as a basic tool to override styles, such as color and size, of elements by their type and name. This simplistic approach was very limited, as many elements don’t have a unique type or name. In the new version of the mod, several new capabilities were added which make it much more powerful:

  • Element targeting: Index, properties and a visual state can now be specified for a target. This enables to target elements which were difficult or impossible to target without affecting other, unrelated elements.
  • Visual states: Styles can now be specified per visual state. This means that different styles can be specified for states such as a hovered or an active element, which is a common requirement.
  • Style definition: Styles can now be specified in XAML form. This is a powerful capability that allows to use advanced styles, such as a gradient or an external image instead of a simple color for styling an element.

The Windows 11 taskbar styling guide

Windows 11 Taskbar Styler enables many commonly requested customizations, and I figured that it’d be a good idea to keep track of various customizations in one centralized place. That’s why I created The Windows 11 taskbar styling guide. The guide is hosted on GitHub, allowing anyone to contribute useful customizations.


Windhawk can export mod settings, which allows to easily share and import multiple style customizations. Such a collection of style customizations can be called a theme. An example of such a theme, which is also featured on the screenshot in this post, is the WinXP theme.

Like single customizations, themes can also be added to The Windows 11 taskbar styling guide.

Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on December 14th, 2023.

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