Windhawk mod: Taskbar Volume Control

In the previous blog post, Windhawk mods for the Windows 11 taskbar, I asked you to vote for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker features that you’d like to see as Windhawk mods that can also be used on Windows 11. One of the highly requested features was the option to control the system volume by scrolling the mouse wheel over the taskbar.

Here’s the mod that implements it, enjoy:
Taskbar Volume Control

Posted in Software, Updates by Michael (Ramen Software) on May 19th, 2022.

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  1. Fatih says:


  2. Orange Utan says:

    This feature is already implemented natively by Windows 11

    (see here:

    • Right, and that’s great, but this mod has more options – you can scroll anywhere on the taskbar, you can choose which volume control is displayed (modern, classic, tooltip, or none at all), and you can customize other settings such as how much volume is changed with each wheel scroll.

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