Introducing UWPSpy, an inspection tool for UWP and WinUI 3 applications that enables to view and manipulate UI elements and their properties in real time.

I’ve been interested in UWP since the release of Windows 11, where the taskbar UI was reimplemented using a new technology called XAML Islands. I created UWPSpy after gaining some experience with UWP. UWPSpy makes it easy to experiment with UWP UI elements and see how various changes behave before making them permanent. One example where UWPSpy comes in handy is with the Windows 11 Taskbar Styler mod, refer to its details page to see examples of UI customizations that are possible.


zip UWPSpy.zip (426.86 kB)


  • Run UWPSpy.exe and select the UWP/WinUI 3 application you want to spy on.
  • A window with the application’s UI elements will appear for each UI thread of the target application.

Source code



Posted in Releases, Software by Michael (Ramen Software) on August 9th, 2023.

11 Responses to “UWPSpy”

  1. Pat says:

    This is amazing! Features I’d like to see are..

    Restore to default, Backups
    Undo, redo
    Color picker
    Dark mode

  2. Dook says:

    Please tell me how to find the property responsible for the spacing between icons in the tray.

  3. Stamimail says:

    Hi Michael :),
    What if someone wants to make the changes permanent?

    Is there a solution for this? Maybe Resource Hacker? A new generator?

    • Hi,

      An equivalent for Resource Hacker could probably be some .pri file editor, but currently, there isn’t even a public tool to parse and view those files properly. Probably the best thing out there is PRIExplorer, but it’s not maintained and doesn’t support new files. Keeping it up-to-date it isn’t simple, and implementing editing is even more challenging. Also, for store apps, normally the user doesn’t have permissions to edit the app files.

      An alternative approach is to do the customization in runtime. For the taskbar, there’s the Windows 11 Taskbar Styler Windhawk mod. For the start menu, there’s Windows 11 Start Menu Styler. For the latter, there isn’t actually anything specific to the start menu in the mod, so you can try and target other processes with it to customize them. It’s not fully tested and supported, but should work. Let me know if you need help with setting it up.

  4. Ivan says:

    is it possible to change the size of the titlebar buttons (minimize, maximize, close)?

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