Multiline Ultimate Assembler Library

This article was written by Mr. eXoDia about the usefulness of the Multiline Ultimate Assembler Library, which is a (dis)assembler library with similar functionality to the Multiline Ultimate Assembler OllyDbg plugin.
Kudos to him!

The Multiline Ultimate Assembler Library
zip Multiline Ultimate Assembler (525.6 kB)

Article files (with the library included)
zip (116.81 kB)

Alright, so what’s the use of the Multiline Ultimate Assembler Library? In my case it was useful as backend for a ‘generic’ API hooking tool. The tool was used to hook various APIs to prevent CRC checks and then the idea was to hook an API (VirtualProtect for example) that was accessed just before the OEP of the protected file was reached.
In our case we will not deal with a real protector, but just with a simple file that mimics a protector. Our protected file must have VirtualProtect in the import table.

Analyzing the file

The file (Hooking_example.exe) is just a simple crackme that does a check on static memory to see if it was ‘registered.’ Look in OllyDbg at 0x00401470 to see the check. Our goal is to patch 0x00404008 to anything other than zero.
At 0x004013E6 we see that the PE header is removed. To change the page protection of the PE Header, the API VirtualProtectEx is used. That will be our hooking target for today.

Writing a hooking template

Alright, so let’s say we’re hooking a DLL. In that case we would need to add relocations, but we’re smart reversers so we write relocatable hooking code. This is an example of such a template:

<0%X> ;00407000
call @f
pop ebp
sub ebp,0%X ;7006
mov ebx,dword ptr ds:[ebp+0%X] ; virtualprotect (standard)
mov esi,dword ptr ds:[ebp+0%X] ; virtualprotectex (api to hook)
call @f
mov eax,0FFFFFFFF
pop eax
mov dword ptr ds:[eax+1],esi
call @f
push 40
push 50
push esi
call ebx
call @skip
call @f
jmp short @hook_back
pop edi
add edi,5
mov ecx,5
rep movs byte ptr es:[edi],byte ptr ds:[esi]
sub esi,5
mov byte ptr ds:[esi],0E9
call @f
push edi
push esi
push ecx
jmp short @original_bytes
pop esi
call @vpex_addr
mov edi,eax
mov ecx,5
rep movs byte ptr es:[edi],byte ptr ds:[esi]
%s ;hooking code here
pop ecx
pop esi
pop edi
jmp eax
pop eax
sub eax,5
sub eax,esi
mov dword ptr ds:[esi+1],eax
jmp 0%X

This template is fully relocatable and we will use it with our tool.

Writing the tool

So the tool is gonna be written in C++. It will allow the user to select the API to hook (this API must be in the import table) and the user can also specify the empty space to store the assembled code in.
The user will only see his/her own code and there will be various quick functions (like argument reading, return address reading, inserting bytes and declaring a relocatable variable). The Multiline Ultimate Assembler library API is well-documented, just see the headers for details.
The rest is just limited to your imagination.

Quick tutorial on Hooking_example.exe

1) Load up hooking example in CFF explorer.
2) Add a section (100h bytes should be enough).
3) Discover code for an inline patch (patch 00404008 to 1 in VirtualProtectEx):

mov eax,dword ptr ds:[esp+38] ; arg1 (imagebase)
inc byte ptr ds:[eax+4008] ; patch address rva

4) Enter data in tool (DLL: kernel32.dll, API: VirtualProtectEx, Free Space: 00407000).
5) Drag & drop file with added section.
6) Click ‘Load Data’ to reparse the file and check if the selected API is in the import table.
7) Click ‘Copy Code’ to copy the complete code (including the template).
8) Click ‘Assemble!’ and save the file to let the program automatically assemble everything (with template), this is what the tool was made for.

Additional Info (buttons)

Argument: Get arg n from the function you hook (pushad, pushfd change ESP).
Bytes: Insert hex bytes in your code.
Variable: Create a ‘variable’ that is full relocatable.
Return: Get the return address (ESP changes because of pushad etc).

Mr. eXoDia

Posted in Reverse Engineering by Michael (Ramen Software) on September 26th, 2013.

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    Good!! the lib is useful ,,!i need the static lib,,,why i can’t use the static lib by VC6.0 and vs2008?

  2. Bronco says:

    возможны варианты тех же статик библиотек но под х64?

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