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Posted on June 17th, 2010.

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  1. paul says:

    I have been a user for MANY years, and have donated on occasion. There are two lingering issues on this wonderful program. Maybe you can review. 1. When I open excel files one at a time, it will move ALL excel open windows to the front of the line in the task bar. I wish it would leave the older sessions where they were.
    2. When I open new Adobe sessions, it places them right to left (newest on the right). Unlike ALL other programs that I open, the sessions line up properly left to right (newest on the right).

    Any reason for these issues, and can it be fixed?

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the feedback and the support, I’m glad that you like the tweaker 🙂

      As for the issues:

      1. Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t play well with the taskbar. A number of issues were reported regarding Excel and the taskbar. This issue looks similar to the one you describe. Here’s another issue, which links to an issue, which links to a comment, which links to a couple of other comments, all related to Excel and the taskbar.

      When I open new Adobe sessions, it places them right to left (newest on the right)

      Did you mean “newest on the left”? Sounds like a bug/mis-feature of the Adobe program. Which program is that? Can you post a screenshot of how it looks?

    • I’d assume that the issue happens when the tweaker is not running, too. That’s clearly an issue of Adobe Acrobat. I’d guess that they open the new document in the current window, then create a new window, and move the old document to the new window for some reason.

      The good news is that the tweaker allows you to re-order the items within the group, either by right-mouse-button-dragging or by re-ordering the thumbnails. Let me know if you don’t know how.

  2. Alexander Repp says:

    Hi Rammichael,
    i been using ur taskbar tweaker for easy controlling the Volume at my PC – very urgent at mixed volumes everywhere.
    All been working nice and quickly, but since u implemented new windows slider all is laggy and needs sometimes nearly a minute to controll volume … k my PC is no i7 (lowest level @ IntelAtomX5-Z8350 & 40″ TV :D) but it been workin so nice before with that old slider :(((
    can u fix that ?

  3. Klass says:

    Please add “Open File Location” to Jump List.


  4. Tarcísio Teles says:

    Hi Michael! I’m from Brazil, and the 7+ tweaker is one of the best software I’ve come to know so far. Thanks for the attention to the details, and mainly for making it free (today I could only donate 5 USD, because here in Brazil, 5 USD equals ~22 BRL….. =/ ).

    I couldn’t make the 7 tweaker work for multimonitors. Can someone help me? I’m using W10 N Education, 64 bits. Thanks in advance and success for all of us.

    • Hi Tarcísio,

      Thank you for the feedback and the contribution, I appreciate it!

      About the issue with multimonitors, can you please provide more details? What doesn’t work for you?

      • Tarcísio Teles says:

        For example:
        I’m using my notebook and a second monitor, both @ 1366×768.

        Although I’m using the second monitor with the “extend screen” mode, I can’t set the 7+ tweaker on the taskbar located at the external monitor, only at the laptop’s native screen.

        • Can you give an example of a feature that doesn’t work on the second monitor? Also, are you using any other customization tools, such as DisplayFusion?

          • Tarcísio Teles says:

            I’ll try to post an image here, so you can see my little problem:


            On the left, my laptop screen, just the way I wanted thanks to your program.

            On the right the external monitor, I want the windows taskbar on the left side of the screen, and with a minimal width (as the laptop screen already is).

            BOTH the screens are at 1366×768, and I’m not using any other customization tools.

            (I know it’s cliche, but sorry for the eventual bad english)

            • On the right the external monitor, I want the windows taskbar on the left side of the screen

              That’s something Windows allows to do. Unlock your taskbar, move it to the left, and lock it again. See this guide for details.

              and with a minimal width (as the laptop screen already is)

              The no_width_limit advanced option of the tweaker can help with that. Since you’ve done it in the main taskbar, it should already be enabled, and you should be able to just resize the secondary taskbar.

  5. ERIC says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this amazing little program! I use it pretty much every day (and multiple times through the day) to easily tweak the grouping/combining options.

    If we could have global shortcuts for fast toggling of these options (or even a context menu in the system tray icon so you don’t have to open the full app window), that would be great!

    Thanks again for an awesome utility!

  6. Leo Gao says:

    Hi Rammichael,

    I just would like to thank you for providing such an awesome tool! I can’t imagin leaving it. Thank you!


  7. Lisa Priepot says:

    Well I installed the latest Windows 10 updates on my PC this morning & it’s totally screwed my Taskbar Tweaker. It won’t let me change the order of multiple open Chrome windows on the taskbar. They’re just stuck together which I assume is grouping. Middle click on my mouse is suppose to take me to my desktop & that isn’t working either. They’ve obviously made some changes to the taskbar which work make sense as to why Tweaker isn’t working right. I’ve been using this for close to 10 years & I’ll go crazy without it working the way I’m used to. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any information. Thank you, Lisa

    • Helmut says:

      Hi Lisa,

      you should check Taskbar Tweaker for an Update. Mine is running fine again after I made the update.

      • Lisa says:

        I did, but I got an error opening file for writing …appdata\roaming\7+ Taskbar Tweaker\inject.dll It gave me the options to abort, retry, or ignore. The first 2 didn’t work, so I did ignore. Any suggestions? Should I try uninstalling & reinstalling? Thanks!

  8. Lisa says:

    I tried reinstalling & got the same pop-up I described in my earlier post. After installing, it said “Could not load library (102)”

  9. Lisa says:

    It worked great! Thank you so much! I was going out of mind without it. Will be making a donation in the next couple days.

  10. Paul says:

    Great work on taskbar tweaker. I have a feature request: it would be great to have a way to save (and restore) the current order of taskbar items. That way the user could restore the order after log out / reboot / updates.

  11. Paul says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I certainly understand that saving/restoring the taskbar order is a more in depth process. I typically have about 30+ apps/folders in the taskbar, and I just hate it when Win10 does its automatic updates, where I lose the order. I’ve often wondered about this option, but never thought to suggest it until now; maybe others would like it too, but have not spoken up?

    • I just hate it when Win10 does its automatic updates, where I lose the order

      Actually, restoring the order after a reboot is even less straightforward. That’s because all of the windows are re-created, and there’s no definite way to re-identify them. I could try and use properties such as the window title, the window position, etc., but none of these are reliable.

      Regardless, I don’t plan to work on such a functionality, but if you’re into programming, you can use the source code of my Virtuoz tool (as mentioned in the comment link) to create a tool that fits your needs.

  12. JackR says:


    Do you know a way to disable the volume OSD in Windows 10 or modify how it looks and it’s placement?

    I found this

    But I don’t think it is working or has been updated in a few years.

    • Hi JackR,
      I’m not familiar with the volume OSD, sorry.

    • Actually, playing with it for a couple of minutes, I came up with a winapiexec command to hide the volume OSD:

      winapiexec.exe u@MoveWindow ( u@FindWindowW NativeHWNDHost "" ) 0 0 0 0 0

      Note that it can hide the wrong window if there’s another top-level window with the class “NativeHWNDHost” (I checked and I don’t have any). Also the volume OSD can come back at some point, e.g. on a resolution change. But you can always execute the command again.

  13. Stamimail says:

    I’m looking for a solution to:
    Save And Restore Windows/Desktop Session

    You work on a huge project with lots of programs and windows open, and you want to take a break and play a game or switch to another huge project, that require a lot of memory.
    You want to preserve the state of the first Desktop, and clean up the memeory (to have it like in Windows Startup), and switch to the game/other project. Save the second Desktop state, and switch back to the first Desktop state.

    I don’t know if a solution is possible and how it should be:
    maybe the solution should save RAM and Pagefile
    the solution should be a program that knows how to make multiple hiberfil.sys files and switch between them.

    Do you know a solution? Your perspective please.

    • I’m not familiar with a solution that allows you to do something like this on a single OS. I have the following options in mind which might work:

      • Dual boot and hibernation – have an OS for work and an OS for gaming (or just two OSes). Hibernate the first one to pause your work, restart and boot to the other one. Didn’t try that, but I think it should work.

      • Have a lightweight host OS (maybe some lightweight Linux distro), and use it to run a VM with your actual work OS. Use snapshots, or two VMs, to switch between projects.

  14. Allen says:

    Hi, I’m trying to download the latest 7+ Taskbar Tweaker after I downloaded the new November Windows 10 update, but now both versions fail to download because it is blocked by Windows Defender… is this a problem on my end and it is a false positive?

    Thank you.

  15. Nils says:

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.8 isn´t working with Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709. I must use the portable installation. Error message “Library initialization failed, perhaps your Windows version is not supported.” 7+TT 5.6.1 worked fine. What can I do?

  16. Jeff says:

    Really like the feature so you can right click on taskbar windows and drag them to reorder. Would it be possible to add a function to sort by window name live or a check box in the 7+taskbartweaker to always sort the multi window groups by name? I find that everytime I open an app I have to go back and reorder.

    • Would it be possible to add a function to sort by window name live or a check box in the 7+taskbartweaker to always sort the multi window groups by name?

      It’s possible with Taskbar Inspector – right click on the group and choose “Sort”. You can also use the advanced options to configure a hotkey for sorting – refer to the help file for more information.

  17. Allan says:

    do you have a fix to Disable Start Menu Auto Expand On Mouse Over in Windows 10

  18. Tony Booth says:

    Hi, I have been using 7+TT for some time to increase the size of icons in the Taskbar. I recently had to reinstall Windows and most of my apps including 7+TT.

    Now when I start an app it places a second icon to the right of the pinned ones. The second icon is the “active” one and it disappears when I close the app. This only happens if 7+TT is loaded but I hate those small icons in the standard taskbar.

    Is there any setting in 7+TT that will resolve this?


  19. Pat says:


    Let’s define Taskbar’s main parts, Left Part (with Start Button), Middle Part (with User Program Icons) and Right Part (with System Icons).

    I have 25 Icons in Middle Part, which can be shown within 1 row of the bottom taskbar.

    But to faciliate the use of 16:9 wide screen, I actually want to move Taskbar from bottom to right side, even though it may take 2 columns (cf. 1 row). However, since Windows’ Tasbar hasn’t been tweaked properly, it will only show all icons in 2 columns for original Right Part, but only show icons in 1 column for original Left & Middle Part, no matter how many width I increase.

    Could you help tweak this problem? 🙂

  20. Mike says:

    Hi there! Thanks for providing such a wonderful and useful tool. I’m a Windows 10 user, and noticed something when using multiple workspaces. If I switch from one workspace to another, the order I set in 7 Taskbar Tweaker gets reset.

    I tend to keep some tasks in the 1st, 2nd spaces and so on, but then I lose their position when I switch back and forth.

    Any tips on how to preserve the order between workspaces?

  21. Aymeric says:

    Hi! I’ve been a user for some months now, I love 7+ taskbar tweaker. I’ve got a feature request:

    I’d like to assign a keyboard shortcut to the gesture “Scroll down on empty taskbar”. I believe your code is close to perform such action, but unfortunately it can’t be built out of the advanced options (only mouse clicks can perform on the empty taskbar).

    I tried to implement it on Autohotkey but it does not work at all with a naive approach, and I lack experience to code it properly.

    By any chance, if you think the feature is interesting.

    • Hi Aymeric,

      “Scroll down on empty taskbar”

      What do you mean by that? Are you talking about the functionality the “multipage_wheel_scroll” advanced option forwards? If so, why is it not good enough?

      • Aymeric says:

        From what I get, “multipage_wheel_scroll” is related to the taskbar overflow navigation.

        But what I’m looking for is not to navigate with the wheel scroll, but to simulate a mouse click / a keyboard shorcut when I use the wheel scroll on the empty taskbar.

        For comparison : on the general user interface settings of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, there is a feature in the “Mouse wheel” section, “Minimize/restore when mouse is over” : when the box “Taskbar buttons” is ticked, the soft then features a great functionality in my opinion : the actions “wheel down” and “wheel up” will minimize/restore windows. It’s particularly smooth when using a touchpad, I wish Windows 10 would feature it natively…

        Back to my comment now : I’m looking for a similar feature, i.e. “wheel down” or “wheel up” simulates an action when done on the empty taskbar. I’d like to simulate the Windows key (or any keyboard shortcut actually) to access the Start menu (setted in fullscreen) the same way I minimize/restore windows with the general UI feature.

        As I said, on Autohotkey it’s not that easy to code because the wheel is a ponctual action repeated many times in a short amount of time, whereas a key press is a two-states action (on or off). It means creating scripts to control the volume is easy, but way harder to simulate a specific keyboard combination. Somehow, you managed to achieve it in C++ to simulate click on the taskbar buttons and I wish I could do the same.

        I looked on your Github repo but it seems all the code isn’t there.

        Awesome that you replied so fast! Thanks! Please don’t spend too much time on my silly request ^^

  22. thomas p says:

    Hi, I made a donation of $15 on May 31, 2020. How do I get the experimental code ?

  23. Yakeen says:

    Hey there,

    The beta link doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas as to why?

    Thank you for this lovely tweaking tool!

  24. Pansa Andelish says:


    Just so you know, the main version of 7TT is broken with the May 2020 Windows 10 update:

    “7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Could not load library (109)”.

    Sorry if there is a better place for bug reporting, I could not find one.

  25. Esco says:

    Hey, could you add support for 7+tt to WinGet?
    A version number would be required in the download link. (For now)

    • Good idea, thanks. Here’s my attempt, let’s see how it goes.

      A version number would be required in the download link. (For now)

      Where is it said that a version number is required? I can add a suffix which does nothing, like, but it won’t change anything. Currently I don’t keep old versions on the website.

  26. Frederic says:

    Hi, so I got a new PC today with windows 10 pro 64 bit and it says the taskbar tweaker doesn’t support my windows version. Is it because the tweaker isn’t updated to that version yet ?

    Also I dont really understand the beta where I have to make a donation, can I get an explanation on that ?

  27. Can Saraç says:

    Donated via bitcoin, as paypal is blocked in my country, not a big amount but I hope it’s enough for the beta access code :3

  28. Joao says:

    I’ve donated all I had on my bitcoin wallet to you. It’s not a lot but it’s what I can currently help with.

    Hopefully I can get a beta key

    thank you for your work

  29. Mos says:

    Thanks for your good work!
    You are making Win 10 tolerable, what a mess it is, getting worse with each update…

  30. Alex says:

    Thanks, hide labels for some apps is great feature!

  31. Eric says:

    Thank you for writing this program and the continued efforts to update it. I really appreciate it!

  32. Dave Staffod says:


    I’m having some recurring trouble with the program, which has been going on for a very long time.

    When I press ‘Windows+D’, in order to create a new virtual desktop and close it soon after, it messes up the position of all the taskbar icons, which for me, takes quite a while to rearrange, since my taskbar is always maxed out with icons. Either way, it’s super annoying, since I often use the virtual desktop feature, and so this issue basically becomes really nightmarish

    • Examples

    Here, the taskbar icons are arranged properly:

    After I create virtual desktop, they all get really messed up…:

    Kind regards,
    (My current version of the program is v5.9)

    • Hi Dave,

      You imply that the issue is caused by the tweaker, but in fact, that’s the behavior of Windows, with or without third party apps. And in fact, I was also annoyed by that behavior, annoyed enough that I’ve implemented a fix for this in the tweaker 🙂 enable the virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option by right clicking the tray icon, selecting Advanced Options, and setting it to 1.

      • Dave Staffod says:

        Oh wow, thanks!

        And I apologize for the assumption 👍

        Kind regards,

        • David says:


          I’ve tried setting it to 1, and it seems like the issue is still sort of present, even after restarting the program 🤔

          Kind regards,

          • The tweaker should be running since system startup for the option to be effective. What the option actually does is reordering the internal list of items when you reorder buttons on the taskbar. If you reorder buttons on the taskbar while the tweaker is not running, and only then run the tweaker, the option won’t have any effect.

            • David says:

              Thanks for the feedback Michael,

              It was running when I set the option, however, when it seemingly didn’t ‘work’ when I accidentally created a new virtual desktop, I decided to restart the tweaker, and then try creating a virtual desktop on purpose. When I did, the issue persisted… maybe I need to restart the PC itself 🤔

              Kind regards,

              • It’s best to restart the PC or sign out, or at least restart all apps, yes.

                • David says:


                  I’ve restarted multiple times since the last message, but it seems that the issue still persists…

                  Kind regards,

                  • Try to repeat the steps in the video that I recorded here when introducing the option:

                    Do you see the problematic behavior as in the video? With the virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option the order should be preserved.

                    Note also that the tweaker has to be running for the option to apply.

                    • David says:


                      Yep, the exact same behavior is present, the tweaker is indeed running, but yeah… my taskbar is maxed out however, perhaps that could have something to do with the order not being restored properly?

                      Kind regards,

                    • Why do you mean by “maxed out”?
                      Can you record a video in which you enable the virtual_desktop_order_fix advanced option and repeat the steps as in the video I mentioned? Perhaps I’ll be able to spot the problem.

                    • Dave says:


                      Can’t seem to reply on the latest comment (probably forgot to check ‘Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment’ last time… would be kinda nice if it was checked by default each time, but I digress).

                      By maxed out, I mean that the taskbar is fully ‘occupied’. But yeah, I’ve sent a brief demonstration of the whole thing through email 🙂

                      Kind regards,

    • Can’t seem to reply on the latest comment

      That’s because WordPress has a nesting limit. Makes sense, the comment can be only so much narrow 🙂
      Let’s re-start from your first comment.

      would be kinda nice if it was checked by default each time, but I digress

      Also a WordPress thing, I guess they did it due to GDPR. In previous versions the checkbox didn’t even exist, the browser just remembered the details. Perhaps I can change that, and hopefully not get fined doing that.

      By maxed out, I mean that the taskbar is fully ‘occupied’. But yeah, I’ve sent a brief demonstration of the whole thing through email 🙂

      Great. Didn’t get it yet, perhaps it takes time because it’s a large file or something. For now, I can only say that if you have many pinned items, it might be part of the issue since the option doesn’t handle those very well. See my comment here.

    • would be kinda nice if it was checked by default each time, but I digress

      Changed it to be checked by default. Thanks for the suggestion.

  33. Alfonso says:

    First of all, thank you for such amazing products.
    I really like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and I would love to see it grow and become THE MUST HAVE TOOL in your computer.

    I am reaching out with a few ideas about potential new features for future releases.
    Currently, I am using ‘Preme for Windows’ for additional features and I was wondering if you could potentially include them in future releases of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.
    Also, it would be great if you could develop and add windows management features such as rolling up or pinning windows at-the-top (always visible).

    Once again, thank you for such great products! Stay safe !

  34. Peter says:

    Hey! There is an old piece of software called ShyBar that hides the 1-pixel horizontal line of the taskbar even when you have the taskbar hidden. It would be great if that functionality was included in the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker software.

  35. Ryan says:


    Apologies if this has already been asked, but is there a way to customize the size of taskbar icons? w10_large_icons is great, but I’d like to set a size that’s not quite that large.

    Thank you!

  36. Will says:

    After latest windows updates or maybe after I update manually drivers using auslogics driver updater
    your program is now not working anymore. I mean It runs but says an error (check the link here to image)

    I tried everything after windows updated, like uninstall your app, remove all folders related to it and settings, then installed the latest version from your website

    Tried also to run as admin or in compatibility mode with 7/8, not succeeded

    I really liked this program : (
    Can you please fix it

  37. Stuart says:

    I used to use the beta of this on an insider copy of win10, it was free back then. Returning to win from linux for work purposes and it’s no longer free to use the beta version? People have to pay for the privilege of bug testing Your software? It’s usually the other way around, beta tests being free because of the potential problems rather than the other way around, this sucks man.

    • Hi Stuart,

      The beta itself is free to use, but the support for insider builds is available only to supporters. Before that, I didn’t maintain support for insider builds at all (except at the very beginning of Windows 10).

      You can see my comment here for a more elaborate comment about the rational to this.

      Nevertheless, a donation should be voluntary, and the idea is to encourage support to the project, not force it. If you’re not feeling like donating, please email me and I’ll just send you an access code.

  38. Larry Bennett says:


    I received the usual update notification for 7+TaskbarTweaker when I started my computer this morning. However, when I chose the update option, my “Security Suite” virus protection quarantined the downloaded exe file. The same thing happens when I attempt to download/save the exe file from your web page.

    “Security Suite”:

    Having used 7+TaskbarTweaker for SEVERAL years (starting with Win-7), I have never had an issue with 7+TaskbarTweaker before.


    • Hi Larry,

      It’s a false positive detection. False positives are unfortunately common for new versions of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. Please see the FAQ above and this blog post.

      Please contact Security Suite and ask them to remove the false positive detection. Alternatively, please add the tweaker to the exclusion list of the program if there’s such an option.

  39. Mate says:

    Hello there!
    Thank you very much for 7+ taskbar tweaker, it really helps me in my everyday work 🙂

    I guess you are probably not interested, but I’m using dual monitor setup and I really, really lack one thing – the second ‘show desktop’ button in right bottom. Do you think you could implement option for that in some future version of 7+TT?


  40. Leonel Chavez says:

    I have donated, but I ahave not received my code for Windows 10 experimental. I have requested it many times. Is there a minimum amount I should donate to get it?

  41. ACMiller says:

    Hello hello,
    I have enjoyed & relied on your Taskbar Tweaker for 5 yrs now. I’ve had a couple of down times when Windows updates temporarily outpaced the Tweaker updates… but no complaints there, as you provide this product for free (!!) and do regularly update it. I am on/at my screen 8+ hrs per day and small tweaks have a big impact on my experience! I just sent a donation of $25 and will try and do so again in the future – thank you so much for your work on this product, and your commitment to making it accessible. It is worth paying for – I will happily set up a recurring donation.\

  42. Fehmi says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have come across 7+ Taskbar Tweaker on MSFN board pretty recently and it has quickly proved to be an invaluable tool – it is a shame I hadn’t known about it for years!

    I made a donation yesterday – I know it is not much (have a tight budget nowadays) but just something small to thank you for your hard work. Can you please let me know if there is anything I need to do to receive the code?

    Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  43. David Rosenthal says:

    Good afternoon I am a senior and I love the 7+ taskbar tweaker and now I wanted to do the taskbar numbering app. I have downloaded and there are no numbers on my taskbar (which is vertical on the right side) regardless of which option I choose. My background color is a light gray and one of the user questions suggested switching to black mode but I don’t know where that is. I am running on a Windows 10 64 bit and my updates are current.

    I am not a tech expert and would love to use this program but I cannot figure out how to make it work or run properly or too easily put it into the startup section if we could ever get it to run properly. Thank you in advance for your assistance I really hope we can figure this out.

    • Hi David,

      Light theme is poorly supported by default, since the default text color is white, but you can configure the color by modifying the config.ini file. Open the file, and replace the foreground_color section with:

      r = 0
      g = 0
      b = 0

      This will set the color to black.

      Regarding setting it to run at startup, you can follow this guide:

      Just make sure to set the corresponding command line option just before clicking Next on stage 8. For example, use:
      "C:\path\7+ Taskbar Numberer.exe" -v3

      Let me know if you need more help.

  44. cys says:

    First of all I thank you much for this great tool that I use for years already! Great work!

    I am contacting you because I would like to ask you for some feature. The thing is this will not be a simple tweak in registry as a result but a program that is running I am afraid… But what would you say if I ask to be able to see week number near the taskbar clock?


  45. Sergei says:


    I make the taskbar auto-hide for extra screen room.

    When a program wants my attention, its taskbar button starts flashing red and the taskbar unhides/sticks out until you click that program. This is very annoying.

    Would it be possible to add a function to suppress task alerts. I.e., so that the taskbar buttons can still glow red, but the taskbar does not un-hide.

  46. Pete says:

    Task Bar Tweeker — hands down the BEST Windows utility of all time…

  47. Snuupy says:

    seems virtual_desktop_order_fix is broken on 20H2.

  48. Tarek says:

    Great tool for the Taskbar Tweaker. Can you consider adding the Analog Clock with the “seconds hand”? Same as the old analog clock of Windows 7. That will be great.

    • Hi Tarek,
      If you’re talking about an analog clock on the taskbar, maybe one day. For now, you might want to try some of the apps which are designed for date/time customization on the taskbar, such as T-Clock (haven’t tried it myself).
      If you’re talking about an analog clock on the desktop, that’s probably not going to be added to the tweaker as it’s out of scope, which is taskbar customization.

  49. Clau says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL,
    Could you add tooltip support for command buttons?
    I’m picturing something along the lines of adding a tooltip property to the [web_button_*] sections of the textify.ini file and modifying the command window to display them.
    It seems to me that tooltips could be very useful in understanding complex actions triggered by pressing a button when the icon by itself is not enough to do so.
    Thank you very much for making Textify available to us.

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