Resource Hacker FX: Unicode support

The new version of Resource Hacker FX partially supports Unicode.

What’s supported:

  • Decompilation and compilation of: string table, message table, accelerators, menu, version info.
  • Menu and dialog preview.

What’s not supported:
Everything else, including:

  • Dialog’s control editor.
  • Search.
  • Export to .rc file.
  • Unicode file names.

Technical details: how did I do that?

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Resource Hacker FX: the improved Resource Hacker

Note: The most recent version of Resource Hacker incorporates most of the changes that this patch offers. Therefore, Resource Hacker FX is considered obsolete, and the post is here mostly for historical reasons.

Remember the good ol’ Resource Hacker?
It’s a popular Resource viewer/editor, I use it to quickly view and edit resources. I tried to find an alternative, but I did not find any that I liked, so I decided to just improve Resource Hacker.

Here is a patcher that needs to be used on the original Resource Hacker v3.6.0.92:
zip Resource Hacker (117.97 kB, changelog)

Here is how it looks:

What does the patcher change:
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