Icy Tower Trainer

Works for Icy Tower v1.3.1 only.

F2 – Freeze the clock, the combo meter, and the automatic screen movement [Toggle]
F3 – Make all the floor length same as the screen width [Toggle]
F4 – Unlock any start floor
F5 – Set a score
F6 – Increase the score
F7 – Create a combo
F8 – Change the gravity, default is 0.8 [Toggle]

Source code:

rar Icy_Tower_Trainer.rar (111.11 KB)

Posted in Releases, Software by Michael (Ramen Software) on June 27th, 2006.

83 Responses to “Icy Tower Trainer”

  1. will says:

    when i open the .rar it says unexpected end of archive??? i cannot open the trainer.

    Could you please repost this trainer

    P.S i have windows 7 ultimate 32bit

  2. JP.S says:

    When i run the trainer it says my computer is missing alleg40.dll is missing from my computer and it says CRC32 does not match….any way to fix it?

  3. brittany says:

    it all works for me thanks. there is NOTHING wrong with it some people just dont know how to work a pc

  4. Siomar says:

    i love it i beat the whole game:D

  5. shaik says:

    where is the download button

  6. Ash says:

    hey..do you have trainer for ver 1.4?

  7. bryan says:

    i’ve downloaded all the things that is required to perform the said thing…but it did’t work! pls help me.

  8. Flavius says:

    i can open the trainer..
    butwheni start the game F1 F2 … doesnt work

  9. Flaaak666 says:

    Very good trainer!

  10. Meda says:

    what’s the password ?? plz

  11. Lachlan says:

    When I downloaded the icy tower trainer it goes to a website

  12. LiNDA says:

    peeerfect (: thx ^^
    PS : it would be best if you post the youtube link for your ‘How to hack Icy Tower – For Noobies’ video^^

  13. tony says:

    It say when i click on the link it has a problem with associative or soomething do i hav to hav the icy tower runnin while i dowload it

  14. someone says:

    cool program but can’t stop the change gravity effect

  15. unknown says:

    when i go to download the trainer it goes to the internet then it exes out and asks again open save or ancel what do i do???????????

  16. UnKnown says:

    the same things happen to me it gos to the internet and then closes and has open save or cancel plz help

  17. Matt says:

    i have a question about the gravity hack. once u use negative gravity, how do u get it back to normal gravity again? it doesnt work for me…. thanks

  18. this dosent work thums down says:

    Dosent work dosent work cause i open it when it downloads but it brings up a wordpad document 🙁 HELP

  19. ari says:

    i dont know how to do this!! -.-

  20. mohaiminj says:

    how to ue it

  21. abed says:

    i downloaded it but it didn’t work, neither with the wobzip, whats should i do?!?!

  22. Dan says:

    Tnx. it really works 🙂

  23. KRIS says:

    when i click “open” it will go to the internet explorer and go back to when it said “open”.

  24. gangster says:

    hey when i unzip the file it said theres a virus inside

  25. kxjlkd says:

    can you teach me how to use icy tower trainer

  26. ajiohruhgiuaerhgsligheihtui says:

    Is it possible to do this on a mac?

  27. fat says:

    did u make 1 for v1.5?

  28. Kemal says:

    Im Thankful 🙂 thank youu

  29. Jordan says:

    it doesnt pick up the program, it asks me to choose a program from a list or use the internet to pick a program

  30. Strong says:

    Mano Eu baixei o Icy Tower 1.3.1 só pra baixar o trainer Mas não vai quando eu clico em baixar ele baixa e abre no Word Pad E aparece umas 57 páginas cheia de simbolos! Poderia me explicar como fazer certinho pra baixar? E qual é o problema do meu pc

  31. jim says:

    the trianer dosn’t working!!! what to do?!

  32. Questionare says:

    Boss Do U Have A Hack For V 1.5.1

  33. Nnamaliuqet says:

    Works! Nice Trainer! Very good job! 🙂

  34. jamitch is now jabitch says:

    boooooooooo!!!! it doest work i use icy tower version 1.3.1 but nothing happen

  35. postal 2 says:

    woooooooooooooooooow is great trainer plese make trainer for icy tower v 1.4

  36. mido says:

    Michael can you make a 1.5 trainer(or atleast tell me a link to one)because 1.3.1 is very boring and has bad graphics compared to 1.4/1.5

  37. nyuyt says:

    When I click the trainer to open it it just downloads it again everytime I click it . Help plzz ..

  38. justme says:

    do you hawe trainer for v 1.5 if you do plese link

  39. daphne says:

    hey how to create own cheat

  40. leandro says:

    where is the download sign

  41. mohammed says:

    how i can download icy tower 1.3.1

  42. Goblin says:

    “Boss” yeah hey is there like a version for 1.5.1? Somehow I didn’t notice the fifteen times you’ve already said that it doesn’t exist, and won’t. Please teach me how to, like, code! and hack things! ’cause I can’t even read forum posts and I want you to be like pluggin’ that shit into my brain, like neo, so that I can know assembly in fifteen minutes. Plus it’s SUUUUUPER IMPORTANT that I can win this game! And I deserve for you to give me winnings! Hey since you are like sooo smart and such a freakin’ prolific developer of software please use your glowy big brain and make me a new toy. And if you don’t I’ll be mad, and I’ll tell everyone on the internet about it! Yeah! So there! PLUS OMGS ALL THE VIRUS PEOPLE SAY THERES VIRUSES! R U TRYIN TO FUCK UP MY PUTER?

  43. Jack Newton says:

    I know this post is ancient, but I really just want to know what the music is and where to find it. There is not a single place on the internet that could tell me!!!

  44. w0rm says:

    Hello RamMicHaeL, I have a small project that requires me to edit my highscore in Icy Tower v1.3.1 and I’m having a hard time understanding what’s going on. It’s a very serious matter for me to understand the mechanics of the game, and I’ll be glad if you would explain it to me.

    Thank you very much, w0rmh013

  45. Bob Malob says:

    i know im a few years late but if anyone still sees this, how do i launch the program? do i have to unpack the .rar file or put it in the game files or something

  46. bater says:

    Its a virus Microsoft defender and virustotal.com both says its a virus.
    I know this is very old.

    • Microsoft Defender detects it as “PUA:Win32/Keygen” according to VirusTotal. PUA means Potentially Unwanted Applications, i.e. not malicious. It’s detected as a keygen (a tool for generating pirated software licenses), which Icy Tower Trainer obviously isn’t, so it’s clearly a mistake.

      Regarding the other detections, all of them are false positives. Many are heuristic detections (like malicious_confidence_60% or Anomalous.100%). This means that they are not specific to this file, they are some guesses based on some patterns.

      See also the following blog post which discusses the problem of false positives:
      Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers.

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